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Term 6

We have been working as budding mathematicians this week and problem solving. We have been brave enough to challenge peoples ideas and finding good was to work things out.

We have also been agreeing and deciding what are useful top tips when completing our work.

We work together as talk partners to discuss ideas and find the answers afficiantly. 

We love our messy maths tables, they really help us learn!

We have been working like artists this week and creating pictures and art using stencils. First we used pencil crayons. We found challenges such as trying not to move the stencil, but we loved the effect it made.

We then used paint and this was harder, we had to make sure we had dry brushes so the paint didn't smudge, but this also made a great pattern!

This week Olivia brought cherries in from home for our 'try it' and everyone loved finding the seed. Some people even took it home to plant.

We were learning about senses and so we saw what it was like to walk around without our sight, we found this really hard! Luckily we had a friend to help us.

Healthy eating has been our focus this week as scientists and we looked at the food groups. We were shocked to see that sugar and salt are not part of a balanced diet and even though we do eat some, we actually don't need them! We looked at how much food we need and as what food groups.

We also discussed parts of a map, and created our own island using symbols and a key. We then said what parts were in the different compass directions. We made our own compass and labelled each area. 

Each day we write sentences in phonics and some children think of their own ideas. It looks like someone is after extra credit! 

Each week we have a 'TRY IT' and today was avocado, it had mixed reviews. 

As scientists this week we have been looking at organs within the body. Considering what they do to keep us alive and how we can help them.

We discussed what a healthy heart is and how we can keep our lungs healthy. We then sorted our needs with our wants and considered what nice things are not good for our bodies and how they make us unhealthy. 


We also became street artists this week and sketched our own TAG as a graffiti artists. We debated if we thought graffiti was good or bad and how sometimes people disagree with it. 

We have been busy focusing on phonics as we've had our screening, so we have been doing lots of alien word reading and adding sound buttons to words.


Community Heroes

We have begun our new focus topic by learning about our bodies. We have been exploring what body parts we have and discussing why each one is important.

We have been reading some books about superheroes and talking about heroes and villains and describing them. 

We have been scientists and curiously labelling parts of our bodies and discussing what we all need to survive.