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Otter Class

Week beginning Monday 7th February to Thursday 10th February 2022

This week was Children's Mental Health week, we celebrated this throughout the whole school. On Monday we had our PE time in Otter class, the children chose to dance, use sports equipment and play their favourite game of football. During Tuesday we looked at what makes us happy, the children came up with ideas like crafting, listening to music, dancing, playing football, being outside, fishing and being in Otter class. As it was Safer Internet Day on Monday, the children came up with a recipe for being kind online. They created a scroll with their recipe on for our school e-safety board. Some of our ingredients included fun and friendly emojis, kind words and being caring. The theme of Children's Mental Health week is Growing Together, so one Thursday we created our own Otter flower pot. We cut a plant pot out of brown sugar paper and stuck this on to black paper. Using a green crayon the children drew on delicate shoots and leaves. We each made a hand print using neon paint, cut the out carefully and stuck these on to our plant to represent flowers and us growing together. 

Week beginning Monday 31st January - Thursday 3rd February 2022

What a terrific week we've had in Otter class this week. To kick start our week we got the wall apparatus out in the school hall for our PE session. We climbed as high as we felt comfortable, spun around the poles and walked across the horizontal ladders. As the year 4 children are learning about Rainforests they were able to tell us about all the amazing animals that live in them, their favourite rainforest animal is the sloth. We have also been creating our very own rainforest in a shoe box using whatever we could get our hands on, paint, coloured paint, glitter, tissue paper and much more. In one of our mindfulness sessions we listened to the rainforest sounds, we felt calm and ready. 

Week beginning Monday 24th January - Thursday 27th January 2022

We have had a great week in Otter class this week. During our PE session on Monday we carried on working through the Real PE unit 2. We worked on working together as a team to get across the 'river' using only a couple of hoops and rubber dots, we managed to get everyone across without falling in. Also this week we recapped the zones of regulation, focussing on what the different emotions we feel can look like. The children were given different characters and they had to talk about what emotion the character was showing and what zone they would be in. We had a drama session where the children got in to groups, wrote and performed their own little sketch. The children were given an emotion that they had to use in their role play, one group was given anger and the other was given sadness. They all showed such brilliant team effort and support to each other. We've also been in school hall using different apparatus to create assault courses, we pushed ourselves and conquered our fears when jump off the boxes. 

Week beginning Monday 17th January - Thursday 20th January 2022

Another brilliant week in Otter building up our positive relationships. We have continued working through the social skills section in Real PE on Monday for our PE session. As year 5 are learning about Earth and Space, we learnt fun facts from our year 5 children. One of our favourite fact was that even though Mercury is the closest to the sun it is not the hottest planet, Venus is! To celebrate Earth we made Earth cookies. We made sugar cookie dough, divided it in to two parts adding blue food colouring to one part and green to another. We then mixed the two colours together to make it look like little Earths and baked them. They were yum! We have also been thinking about what our feelings look like on the outside because we can feel something on the inside and may not show that. Each child and adult pulled a different feeling face and the rest of Otter had to guess what this was. Using air dry clay, we each picked an emotion and made a face showing this. In Otter class we love getting outside and having a a good game of football. 

Week beginning Monday 10th January - Thursday 13th January 2022

Happy New Year! This is our first week back together after a well earned Christmas break. The first thing we did was celebrate one of our Otter class children's birthday that was during the holidays. We had birthday cake and balloons. We started our week with a very muddy PE session, come rain or shine we love getting outside. We've been working really hard to build our positive relationships and work together as a team, we had fun playing team building games. The 3 legged race and pass the hoop around the circle without breaking it were our favourite. We did what we love to do and made some golden syrup biscuits, we worked together following a recipe. They were delicious! we made so many that we could offer a biscuit to every teacher in school.