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Hawk Class (Y5)


Welcome to Hawk class page!

I love being the teacher for Hawk class!  We will be learning in many different ways in year five, including lots of physical and creative activities so that our learning is fun and always engaging.  We have lots of other adults who help us in Hawk Class at different times over the week they are - Mrs Saddler, Miss Davies, Miss Cervera, Mrs Maloney, Mrs Davidson and Mrs Hughes.  PE is on a Monday and Wednesday and you will need to wear PE kit into school.  PPA in year 5 is on a Monday afternoon so Hawk class are taught by Sports coaches and another adult in school.

On a Tuesday morning and all day Friday, Hawk class are taught by Mrs Chapman - one of our HLTAs.


Knowledge Organiser - The Ancient Maya

Knowledge Organiser Earth and Space

Knowledge Organiser - Animals in War

Knowledge Organiser World War One

Term 6

Monday 27th June - Friday 1st July 2022

To end our week in Hawk class we had the most amazing on our year 5 camp out! Even though it rained it did not dampen our spirits. With the help of 2 of our parents we set up our tents, this was an interesting experience for most of us. Once our beds were ready we got together in our tent teams and completed a quiz, the Quad Squad were the winners. Whilst our dinner was being cooked, we played a big game of hide and seek using the whole school, Mrs Hudson and Miss Rogers were the seekers. For dinner we had BBQ burgers an hotdogs, these were expertly cooked by Mrs Lawerence. We settled down to a film before we had some tent time. Using the forest school fire pit, we got to make smores! We placed 2 marshmallows on a skewer and cooked the over the heat before sandwiching them between 2 rich teas biscuits, yum! After we demolished our smores we got ready for bed and tucked ourselves in for a good night sleep. We were up with the larks in the morning, ready for our breakfast of toast, cereal and tea. Even though we have had a sleepy Friday, we will cheerish our memories of the year 5 camp.


"I really like that we got to make our own smores!" - Olivia

"I had great fun." - Ted

"I loved camping out on the school field." - Ruby R

"I enjoyed everything!" - Teller

Week beginning Monday 20th - Friday 24th June 2022

To start our week we, in Hawk class, have been trying our hardest to completed Maths and English assessments, showing off all the skills we have learned throughout Year 5.

We have also been practicing the production songs with year 6 because we are singing with them during their play. We've enjoyed watching them practice and we know it will be amazing!

During our English lessons, we have been writing our own adventure story based off a picture of a girl and a tiger. We are including complex sentences, embedded clauses and expanded noun phrases to spice up our story and to add extra detail. We have a special formula for writing these stories which is; Introduction, Build up, Adventure, Resolution and finally Ending.

In P.E, we are learning how to play tennis with the sport coaches. We are also training for sports day, which is  next week on Friday, with the Year 6's helping us! 

Term 5 

Week beginning Monday 16th May - Friday 20th May 2022

We have definitely missed Mrs Hudson this week, as she has been off enjoying her adventure in France with the year 6's on their residential to Normandy. 

In English this week we have focused on poetry, in particular reverse poetry. Reverse poems are poems that when you read from top to bottom it will be really negative and reading from bottom top, in reverse, it will be a really positive poem. We wrote our poems on WW1 and refugees. 

During Maths this week we have been broadening our decimal knowledge, by completing decimal sequences in ascending and descending order. 

For our Maya topic we looked at some of their artwork including weaving. We had a go at making our own weaving art. To start with we planned our pattern in our sketch books, then using paper plates and wool we weaved in and our around the plate. 


Week beginning Tuesday 3rd May 2022

We've had another fantastic week in Hawk class. During our Maths lessons we have been learning about decimals, percentages and fractions. We are now able to convert a decimal to a fraction, a fraction to a percentage and a fraction to a decimal. On Friday we had a problem solving Maths lesson using our new skills. In English we have been reading our class book called Wisp by Zana Fraillon and Grahame Baker-Smith. The story is about a refugee boy called Idris, who discovers a wisp that shows people happy memories and dreams. We have been writing very powerful Henry Moore, he made sculptures out of marble. We have planned to make our own mini sculptures. We had a practice with some clay to learn some techniques. In RE, we have been learning about different religions and where they pray. For example, we learnt that the Jews worship in a synagogue. 

Our first week back has been very busy continuing to learn about the Ancient Maya.  We have found out how they used the land for farming and the crops that they grew.  Using fresh ingredients, we made our own guacamole, salsa and tortillas.  We were very careful when frying the tortillas on the cooking trolley.  We also made hot chocolate which included using chilli and cinnamon so not many people enjoyed it as it was spicy.  In English, we have been reading a new picture book called 'Wisp' and have been enjoying the message in the story and the beautiful illustrations.  In order to improve the structure of our work we have been practising using complex sentences.  

Term 4

Week beginning Monday 7th March - Friday 11th March 2022

We have had another brilliant week in Hawk class. To start with in Maths we have been continuing with our fractions unit. We have added fractions with different denominators and also subtracted fractions with different denominators, we achieved by converting them. In English we have been writing a newspaper report on the return of Alice to wonderland. Within our news report we have been using our direct and reported speech skills. During our science lessons we have been exploring solids, liquids and gases, for example water is a liquid, ice is a solid and steam is a gas. We have started our exciting new topic about the Ancient Mayans, did you know they invented chocolate? They lived in central America and built giant temples to worship their gods. As the weather wasn't on our side for PE we stayed inside a took part in a yoga session. 

Week beginning Monday 14th February - Thursday 18th February 2022

During Maths this week in Hawk class we have been working on our fractions knowledge. We have been superstars in finding equivalent fractions and converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. We love fractions! In English this week we have finished our out of this world non-chronological reports on space. This was one of our favourite topics, we found out so much about space and our solar system, did you know it takes Neptune 164 years to orbit the Sun? Our new topic for next term is the Mayans. On Tuesday we looked at a variety of different Mayan masks and when they would have been wore for, like war masks and masks for the dead. We then designed our own Mayan masks and using bright pastels we bought our masks to life. Later in the week we used our designs and turned these in to masks using mosaics. 

Our winning enterprise team, Love Dogs, took a trip to Jollyes on Monday. During our 10 week enterprise project, Jollyes donated dog brushes, treats and toys to keep all of our fluffy visitors happy. On our visit to Jollyes we met the store manager Mike and replenished our stock as we are hoping to continue on our business adventure. But first we need to write a letter to Mrs Harris putting our ideas forward on how we plan to grow our business and work as a team. 

Week beginning Monday 31st January - Friday 4th February 2022

What a lovely week we have had in Hawk class. We had a very exciting afternoon on Wednesday during our enterprise day, the dragons arrived and we held our very own Dragons Den. After much deliberation the dragons awarded second place to Sugar Rush and first place to Love Dogs. We have all loved our 10 weeks of enterprise but sadly it has come to an end. In Maths this week we have moved on to short division, we used our determination to solve problem questions. During our English lessons we have been writing a non-chronological report using the information we researched on Space. One amazing fun fact is the Mars' sunset is blue! We also learnt about the astronaut Neil Armstrong, he was the first man on the moon. 

Week beginning Monday 24th January - Friday 28th January 2022

We have had a busy week in Hawk class. This week during our topic lessons, Earth and Space, we have been learning about the Nicolaus Copernicus the astronomer. His theory was that the sun was in the middle of our universe.

During Music we watch watched a video called Cymatics, it was all about Science v Music. We saw lots of science experiments using music, it was really exciting. 

In English this week, we have continued to study our class book, Phoenix, it is definitely a Hawk class favourite. Using our knowledge of the book and new skill of embedded clauses, we continued to write a diary entry from Lucky's point of view. 

We persevered with our multiplication knowledge this week in Maths. We solved 3 digit by 2 digit problems as well as moving on to 4 digit by 2 digits. We are super proud of ourselves. 

To end our week, in PE we had a class match of bench ball. 

Week beginning Monday 17th January - Friday 21st January 2022

This week during our Earth and Space topic we looked at how the Earth orbits the Sun and what position the Earth is in for each season. Did you know the Sun is 15 million degrees centigrade! 

In Maths we have been continuing to focus on our multiplication knowledge. We have been multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits and have been very successful in solving our word problems. 

During English we have been learning how to use embedded clauses in our writing. Using the steps to success we planned and wrote a diary entry from the view of Lucky the boy in our class book. 

On Wednesday, Enterprise day, we started to plan our presentations for The Dragons and practised in front of the class. We also counted up how much profit we made as a group. Star Boom made £62.92p, MCJAMS made £105.72, Love Dogs made £56, Smooth Fruits made £60.25 and Sugar Rush made £84.92. What a great result!

Week beginning 10th - 14th January 2022

This week in Maths we have continued to use our multiplication knowledge. We have been multiplying 2 digits by 2 digits, using expanded column method and grid method. 

In English we have been comparing reported and direct speech. We have practised these skills in our writing. Phoenix is our class book, we are thoroughly enjoying it. On Friday we made predictions about what we think might happen in the next instalment. 

Wednesday was our last selling day for our enterprise stalls, we got to count up how much profit we made. 

We have also been busy learning in our new Science topic Earth and Space. Using marshmallows we created the different star constellations such as Scorpio. 

Week beginning Wednesday 5th January - Friday 7th January 2022

We all looked forward to starting school on Wednesday, we are ready for 2022!

We started our new Earth and Space topic. To kick start this topic we discussed our prior knowledge of planets and looked at how each planet has their own unique features. For example on Jupiter there is a storm that is more powerful than any storm on Earth called the Red spot, it has lasted for 200 years! 

For our class book we have started to read Phoenix, it is about a boy called Lucky. We are really enjoying it so far and cannot wait to read more. 

During our English lessons we have been using direct speech to rewrite what we have read of our class book. We used direct speech when Lucky and his mother are having a conversation. 

In Maths this week we have been learning different written methods to solve 2 digit by 1 digit multiplication problems. 


Week beginning: Monday 11th December - Friday 17th December 2021

Wow!  We made it to the Christmas holidays but have had a lovely week.  The adults who work in our class brought in ingredients for us to make and decorate some Christmas tree brownies which were delicious.  We had our first enterprise selling day and it was a roaring success...we made £192 profit altogether and it was only the first selling day!  We also practised working with saws and drills as we made Christmas tree decorations out of wood.  On Friday we made hot chocolate and had a party.  Merry Christmas everyone!

Week beginning: Monday 29th November - Friday 3rd December 2021

We have had another busy week in Hawk Class!  We have finished our non-chronological reports on Animals in War and have worked hard to include complex sentences.  In maths, we have recapped some multiplication knowledge ready to move onto harder tasks next week. 


On Monday we were lucky enough to get to hold the new member of the Cadbury Heath family - Wispa and Buttons.  We think they enjoyed our cuddles.  As well as new Guinea Pigs, Mrs Hudson brought Clark, her 7 month old black Labrador, in to visit us for the day on Friday and some of us got to help look after him by giving him treats, walking him and fetching him clean water to drink.  


On Thursday, we were very excited to be able to perform a Christmas carol concert to Warmley Residential Home.  We dressed up in festive jumpers and accessories  and sang our hearts out.

We continued with our musical themed Thursday by performing jazz improvisations on glockenspiels and xylophones. 

Week beginning: Monday 15th November - Friday 19th November 2021

We had another exciting week in Hawk class, we had a special visitor from The Drama Hut to give us a WW2 drama workshop. She was dressed in clothes from this period in history and was in character as soon as we stepped in to the hall. We played games about WW2, one class favourite was the code cracking. Suddenly, air raid sirens were going off in the back ground and when given the instruction we all had to get to the air raid shelter. Jacob was given the role of the air raid warden and he had the task of checking to make sure the air raids had stopped before we could leave the shelter. 

In English this week we have been looking at how to write a non-chronological report. Using the information we collected last week about animals during WW1, we have been creating our own double page non-chronological report. We have really enjoyed finding out about what animals were used in the war, one that particularly shocked us was the slug!

On Wednesday we had our class enterprise day. This week we got in to our groups and started to plan our businesses, gathering ideas of what we could make. All the ideas are top secret! Next week we will be coming up with our wish lists for the materials we need for our projects.

Our new science topic this term is air resistance. We have started to plan an experiment, the aim is to find out if the size of a parachute affects the speed that it will fall. 


Week beginning: Monday 8th November - Friday 12th November 2021

This week was the start of our very exciting enterprise project. Jonathan and Jodie are from South Glos Enterprise and they are helping us run our year 5 project. We played team building games such as 'deadly virus' and we also go to try circus skills like spinning plates and juggling. We are looking forward to starting our businesses and watching them grow. Every Wednesday Jonathan and Jodie will be visiting us for our enterprise day, it will last 10 weeks. 

Thursday was Remembrance Day. To remember the fallen soldiers, we painted poppies on to pebbles and they were placed outside in the shape of a cross. We also created poppies using cardboard and red and black wool. The cardboard was cut out in to small circles, using PVA glue we swirled the wool around the cardboard shape. These were all stuck together to create our remembrance wreath which we have displayed in school. To show our respect to the soldiers that came from Warmley, we walked to the Warmley Memorial Park. We took a moment to read the soldiers names and had a moments silence to remember them. We each had to remember a soldiers name so we could research them once back at school. On the memorial we left some of our painted poppy pebbles. 

During English this week we have been looking at complex sentences. In the IT suite we researched different animal roles during the war, we used this information to come up with our complex sentences. A complex sentence must have a main clause, subordinating conjunction and finished off with a subordinate clause. 

In Maths this week we learnt about common factors. Common factors pairs are shared by more than one multiple. We finished off the week by getting our mathematical brains on and solving word problems. 



Week 7: Monday 18th October - Friday 22nd October 2021

This week in Maths we have been solving multi step word problems using addition and subtraction, we also used the inverse to check our answers. 

During our English lessons this week we were given a picture from WW1, using this picture we wrote a setting description using our senses to describe what we could see. 

In R.E we looked at the 5 pillars of Islam and Muslim prayer, we learnt how Muslim's prayed, where they prayed and when. 

We created a comic strip about e-safety in our ICT session. We know how to stay safe when using the internet and feel confident when something is not right. 

Week 6: Monday 11th October - Friday 15th October 2021

During English this week we have been writing a diary entry from the perspective of Sidney, a boy in the World War. To complete our diary entries we used our steps to success, this included using complex sentences, fronted adverbials and homophones. We also looked at a poem from WW1 by John McCrae called 'In Flanders Field', we created art work for the poem and even performed it in groups to the class. 

In Maths we have been solving addition and subtraction calculations, we even had a go at word problems.

Also this week we have used the IT suite to research facts about the WW1 trenches and what life would be like in them, using our new information we created posters.

We learnt all about air resistance in Science and how it works together with gravity. 

Week 5: Monday 4th October - Friday 8th October 2021

This week we made our very own WW1 trenches. We were split in to 2 teams, working as a team we gathered natural resources and the playground tyres to build our trenches. Once they were complete we had a friendly battle. 

Continuing our WW1 topic, we wrote instructions on how to make apple jam and had fun making it. On Friday, we learnt that Huntley & Palmer (the cake factory) were given orders from the war office to manufacture army biscuits. These biscuits had to last long periods of time in the trenches. We made our very own army biscuits using flour, sugar, water and butter. Along with our apple jam we got to try our biscuits, there were mixed reviews during the taste test.

During our English lessons this week we learnt how to use complex sentences which adds more information to our writing. We wrote our own using a picture from our class book called 'One Boy's War'. 

In RE this week we were looking at the 5 pillars of Islam and what they each represent. We learnt that Muslims go to Mecca to pray. 

This month is Black History Month. We have been celebrating the influential artists of the 50s and 60s, we even learned the dance to 'Proud Mary'!

Week 4: Monday 27th September - Friday 1st October 2021

This week during our English lessons we watched the cavalry charge practise clip from War Horse, and rewrote this scene using direct speech. During these lessons we learnt how to use split speech and we also looked at alternatives that we could use instead of the word 'said'. 

In our PE lessons this week we enjoyed improving our ball skills by learning different throwing techniques and we worked together in mini team ball games. We also had a session of gymnastics in which we concentrated on jumping on and off the different apparatus.

During our Art lesson this week we looked at an artist called Paul Nash. He was hired by the government to paint WW1 scenes whilst they were happening. We studio a piece of his artwork, we magnified a section of it and copied this in to our sketch using a variety of shading techniques. 

Week 3: Monday 20th September - Friday 24th September 2021

This week we have been watching clips from the film 'War Horse' as inspiration for our writing.  Using fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases to add description, we have rewritten the part where Joey is led off to war.  We have watched videos and read about how soldiers enlisted in 1914 and how that changed with the introduction of conscription in 1916. In art, we have explored the use of tone using art pencils.  In order to keep our minds and bodies fresh and healthy, we have been completing the Cadbury Heath challenge everyday.  We have loved learning our rock anthem (Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi) for the term and this week started to use tuned percussion to play the correct notes.  


Week 2: Monday 13th September - Friday 17th September 2021

This week we have been continuing to learn more about our topic WWI.  We now know how and when young men joined up to go to war and that Conscription was introduced in 1916 and why.  We also learnt about the kit that soldiers were expected to carry.  Joey the horse has just been sold to the army in our core text 'War Horse' and we are excited to find out what happens next.  In maths we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 - ensuring that we are all attempting to problem solve using this knowledge!  In RE we have started to explore the 5 pillars of Islam.  In art we explored how to create texture using pencils.

Week 1: Monday 6th September - Friday 10th September 2021

Wow!  What an amazing start to year 5.  We have already learnt so much and excited about our new topic 'World War One'.  This week we have investigated historical and current maps of Europe and looked at the differences between them - finding out about how much the world has changed.  We have started to read our class text 'War Horse' and the picture book 'One Boy's War'.  In loving memory of Miss Woodman, we have started to create some artwork ready for a very special display.