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Term 2



Happy Christmas jumper day! 

The children looked brilliant in their jumpers today! We all enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner and some even had the privilege of sitting Mrs Timms and Mrs Maloney! Our week has been jam packed with nativity practises and we are so excited to perform to our adults next week :) 



Hedgehog class had an amazing school trip this week! Mrs Timms was very proud. We went to Chepstow Castle AND Calidot Castle to revise all of our knowledge learnt from our Castles unit last term. We saw many typical castle features and even got to climb up some very steep towers! Our children's behaviour and listening skills were brilliant. Pictures to follow.... 


This week we have drawn faces onto our own pebbles, inspired by Lubna and the Pebble! We have continued retelling the story using pictures and sentences. 

Next week we will be moving on to our new story to help us with our English! 

We are in full swing of nativity rehearsals. Those who wanted a speaking part in Year 2 auditioned and have now been given their parts. I loved seeing the confidence and courage of those children to perform in front of an audience! 

Below is one of our nativity songs if you wanted to practise at home...

School Nativity Songs - 5. You will find a Baby

Learn our songs at home.



This week we have been working on our sentence structure using the book 'Lubna and Pebble'. Have a look at the YouTube video to watch the story. We planned our story maps today to be able to retell the story next week. 


We added one more nurse to our knowledge: Edith Cavell, who we found out we executed for sneaking soldiers out of the country! She cared for all people, no matter what country they were from. 


Enjoy the weekend and see you all Monday :) 

Lubna and Pebble, by Wendy Meddour and Daniel Egnéus

Uploaded by TIFFANIE BEASLEY on 2020-12-11.



This week we began practising for our nativity play! I am sure you must be hearing the songs we are learning at home by now, they are very catchy! 

We have also learnt more about nurses in war, including Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We enjoyed listening to Captain George in assembly and have been thinking about how we can pay our respects to all lives lost in war. 

Thank you for a lovely week, Hedgehogs! 



This week we began our 'We Will Remember Them' unit where we are learning about nurses during war. We looked at art work by Georgia O'Keeffe and created abstract poppy pictures using water colours and pastels. We have learnt about Florence Nightingale this week and how she improved conditions for soldiers during the war.