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Term 2

Friday 1st December 2023

We've had a great week in Deer class this week! 


In Maths, we've been learning about equivalent fractions on a number line and how to compare/order fractions. We have also been adding and subtracting simple fractions. In English we have been writing a setting description and practising figurative language. 


We have started a brand new topic in Curriculum this week, which is Victorian Christmas! We learned about what it was like to live in Victorian Britain for both rich and poor people. Did you know that only rich boys went to school? We also practised some French greetings, as well as practising gym in the hall on the apparatus! 


We hope you have an amazing weekend - see you at the Christmas fayre!

Thursday 23rd November 2023

We have had a fun week in Fox class! 


In PE, we practised making our own games using various equipment such as footballs and cones. We learned about countries that were in the British Empire during WWII. We had to label the countries on a map with a key to match. We also had to write about our trip to Kingswood Heritage Museum from last week. For English we have been polishing off our diary entries of Spinifex and marking them. In Maths, we did Mental calculations and Reason from known facts to top off our Unit 3 of maths.


We also had a talk about road safety and talked about the green code and how to cross roads safely.


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Friday 17th November 2023


This week Deer class did some fun things! In Maths we did mental calculations but also did some practice math SAT tests. For Curriculum we chose to write about 3 different people from the British Empire (Jemadar Maula Dad Khan, Ulric  Cross and Florence Violet Mckenzie.) In Art, to top off our Curriculum work we drew whoever we wrote about and then re-published it all ready to go onto display. On tuesday, children from all classes lined up outside on the scooter track and made a penny trail for the children in need project. Even more excitingly, this Friday children got to choose from spotty clothes, pyjamas/pjs or school clothes to wear in order to celebrate international children in need day! We also built Micro:bits in Computing and coded them to light up, play music and so much more!

We had two trips this week. We went to Bristol Hippodrome to watch The Christmas Carol and saw Freddie on stage! We are so proud of him. We also went to the Kingswood Heritage Museum and learned lots of exciting facts about the war. 

We hope you have an amazing Weekend.

-Deer class

Friday 10th November 2023

We've had a fun week in Deer class!


In English, we read some of the story The Last Alchemist and explored the characters of Arthur and Spinifex. We also practised writing letters. In Maths, we practised long division and brackets.


As it is Remembrance Sunday this weekend, we were lucky enough to have an assembly with soldier Captain George, as well as a presentation by him which taught us lots of facts about war. We even got to see a real rifle with a dagger attached to it! We each brought in pebbles which we painted poppy designs onto to remember the soldiers that have been lost in war. We also learned about soldiers from the British Empire and how they helped Britain to defeat Nazi Germany in WW2. Three of these troops were Florence Violet McKenzie, Jemadar Maula Dad Kahn and Ulric Cross. We wrote about one of these important people and sketched a portrait of them using art pencils, practising tone. We then critiqued each other's portraits and did a second draft.


In PSHE, we learned about what it's like to live with a disability. Also, we had the opportunity to practise planting outside on the field - even in the rain/mud we powered through!


We hope you have a lovely weekend! 🦌