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Term 5

Week 4 7th-11th May 2024


We have really enjoyed the warmer weather and have been practising hard for our Summer dance. Just a few more tweaks and then we should be good to go. We had a busy week, we finished off our narrative for the book 'The phone booth in Mr. Hirota's garden', started rounding off with decimals in maths and wrote a lot about the Olympic games of Ancient Greece.



Week 3 - 29 April - 3 May 2024

This week we kicked off with our first proper session of health squad. Rodney taught us about leading an active lifestyle and we started working through our activity book. We have been filling in the activity log in the book every day. Gus then taught us some skills, we had to play as a team, shoot the basketball through the hoop and practise dribbling. 

We all remembered to bring our wellies in and were able to try a practise with them for the summer dance. It makes a cool sound when you hit the wellie boots. 

We have been very busy in English and Miss B is super proud of the quality of writing we have been doing. In maths we are doing decimals and have found it to be really easy and a lot of us achieved success. 

Week 2: 22nd-26th April 2024

We had a busy week. On Monday we had cheerleading in the morning; we learnt how to do different formations and had to make one up ourselves. It was a lot of fun. In the afternoon we first had an online workshop with Andy from South Glos council. We spoke about different transport and how to travel to school. We also learnt about the best ways to save the environment. We can enter a poem and could win a scooter.  After the workshop we had our first session with the health squad. We missed the workbook because of our workshop but we got to participate in the practical which was basketball. We passed the ball to each other and followed our partner. We had to dribble the ball in front and the back person would try and follow us like they do in a real basketball game. 


We have been practising for our Summer dance which is the Gumboot dance. We have also been practicing sports day and were surprised by a fire drill practise during our PE lesson on Thursday. 


Our classmate Darcy, came second in her baton competition last Saturday. We are all so proud of her!

Week 1 - 16-19 April 2024

What a busy week we have had in Fox class. We started a new book in English - The phone booth in Mr. Hirota's garden and have been busy writing using regular and irregular verbs as well as creating interesting verbs using the thesaurus. We had the school disco on Thursday - we had so much fun and enjoyed dancing the conga. On Friday we had our talent show - 5 members of Fox class performed. We are all proud of them for having the courage to stand up in front of the school and share our talents. In maths we have been learning about fractions of an amount and finding the whole. We continue to look at Ancient Greece and we wrote the names of the gods using the Greek alphabet as well as designing our pots in art. We have also started practicing our Summer dance.