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If you require paper copies of any of the following information, please contact the school office.
We have designed our curriculum with our children’s needs at the very centre. This ensures that everything we learn at Cadbury Heath is purposeful, meaningful and relevant to our school community.

Our curriculum is structured using the key drivers of History, Geography and Science, which underpin the unit of study. The arts are interwoven throughout the curriculum journey in order to both support and enhance learning, whilst providing opportunities to become immersed in acquiring new knowledge, enjoy learning and to be nurtured as they grow. It is imperative for our children to be able to live and breathe our school motto to ‘reach, flourish and thrive’.


Each unit and its content has been carefully selected and tied together so that our children are provided with a learning experience from EYFS through to Year 6 which builds on prior knowledge. All learning is connected and in each area of the curriculum the children have the opportunity to revisit what they already know, embed previous learning and gain new knowledge to progress and develop.


We hold our community very close to our hearts and believe that it is important for our children to both know and understand our place within it. We encourage as many community links as possible throughout our curriculum units but the final unit of each year group is specifically planned around learning about our community. This ranges from knowing who is important in our wider community to the rich history of our school and local people.


For our children in EYFS and Key Stage 1, we follow the Letters and Sounds phonics/reading scheme.


We teach our children to become successful learners by promoting the positive learning behaviours through our 6 Rs.


Responsible – encouraging our children to be responsible for their own learning and achievements. Knowing that we are responsible for our own behaviour and the choices that we make. Being responsible for our school community and environment as well as developing a solid understanding our place and responsibilities in our local community.


Resilient – understanding that we all make mistakes, but that the key is to learn from them. Developing a strong growth mind-set to help us tackle problems with determination and become confident individuals.


Respectful – knowing that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and that how we speak and behave to others has an impact. How we treat our environment and community has an impact on everyone in and around it.


Risk-taking – being brave. Enabling our children to take a step into the unknown with their learning and understanding that this is how great things can be achieved.


Resourceful – knowing where they can go to access materials that they need to support their learning. Understanding how being resourceful in all areas of life has an impact on the wider world and the planet on which we live.


Reflective – understanding that looking back and evaluating is useful and helps us to develop and grow as learners and as citizens of our community.


It is our ambition for our children to be well-rounded citizens of the future who will ultimately make our world a better place.