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Term 3

Friday 2nd February - week 5:


This week we finished publishing our art work for our school display. We have learnt about Andy Warhol and looked at the different artwork he created. Because we learnt about rationing last term, we linked our artwork to this topic. We used Andy Warhol's 'Campbell Soup' piece to inspire us to create our own. When we published our artwork, we use oil pastels and thought really carefully about the combination of colours that we were using to ensure the artwork was bright and popped!

In curriculum, we have finished writing an earthquake survival guide. We practised using the 'Drop, cover and hold' technique to protect ourselves. This is where you calmy hide under the table and hold your neck and head. You stay in that position until the shaking from the earthquake has stopped! We have also been learning about the continents and climafe zones of the world and where Nepal is on a map! 

Friday 19th January - week 3:


This week has been very busy with lots of brilliant learning happening! 


In English, we have been learning to use conjunctions in our writing and today and yesterday, we used them to write a setting description linked to our story 'Nen and the lonely fisherman'. Miss Bennett is super impressed with how hard we have worked!

In curriculum, we learnt more about volcanoes. Did you know that the Earth's crust is broken up into tectonic plates? We learnt about the 3 different ways the plates can move and drew some geographical drawings in our curriculum book! In computing, we discussed how we can make sure that we are being safe when using devices in school and at home. A really important rule to remember is to never share our personal information and tell a trusted adult if someone is unkind or a stranger tries to talk to us online!

We hope that you have a lovely weekend!

Owls laugh

Friday 12th February - week 2:


This week week, we started our new book 'Nen and the lonely fisherman', which is all about a merman called Nen making friends with a fisherman called Ernest. We have really enjoyed listening to and learning this story and we love the illustrations and colours in the book! We have started learning about irregular verbs like - knew, heard, swam and fought and have been using them in sentences. We are going to be using this skill to write setting descriptions based on the lovely illustrations in the book.

We have also had two very exciting sporting activities this week - fencing and martial arts, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!!

Term 1 - week 1:


Despite being a short week, it has certainly been a busy one! It has been absolutely lovely seeing everyone again after the Christmas holidays and we have been very excited to see our friends again!


In English, we have been working hard to finish our story based on 'Wolf Girl' and next week, we will be starting our new book, which.... is a surprise for now! Miss Bennett has told us that it is a really wonderful and colourful book so we are very excited to find out what book it is! We finished our class story 'The Legend of Kevin', which we all really enjoyed and it is now in our class 'Reading Nook' so that we can choose to read it ourselves if we would like to!

In curriculum, we have continued with our pop art. We created a draft with the colours we would like to use and next week, we will be painting our final pieces. In computing, we looked at different types of IT and sorted them based on their purpose. This afternoon, we started writing 'Thank you' letters to everyone who donated to our Christmas shoebox appeal!

Have a lovely weekend everyone! laugh