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Most Badges Earned


Fantastic work from the classes this month battling it out for badges. This month Deer Class won the most amount of badges. Who can beat them next month? 

March - Well done to our little Hedgehogs this month, earning the most badges! Great work Hedgehogs, keep it up!


December - Top work from our Owls again this month, earning a total of 20 badges. Fantastic work Owls, who can been them next month?


November - This month, the super Owls have earned the most badges! Fantastic work earning 25 badges in November, really well done!


October - With an amazing 24 badges earned this month, Y3 have pipped everyone to the post! Great work Badgers!


September - Well done to Y2 Owl Class for earning the most badges this month with a total of 21! How fantastic!