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Owl Class (Y2)

Welcome to Owl Class


My name is Mr Bradley and I am Head Owl in our class. My favourite subject is PE because I enjoying being up and active! My other school roles include leading Maths and KS1.


In Owl Class, we are fortunate to be supported by Mrs Lewis in the mornings. 


Our PE days are a Wednesday and Friday. 
On Wednesdays, Owl Class is taught by Mrs Burch and in the afternoon our sports coach Mike. 


Term 3 - Week 2


Another action packed week in Owl Class!


In English, we created our own story map and actions so we could retell the story of ‘Lost and Found’. This will support us when we write our own version next week. We used actions and a story map to help us remember the story and orally rehearse it out loud.

We also learnt about using has and have to ensure our sentences read correctly before finishing off by writing a character description of the penguin.


In maths we continued our work on addition and subtraction. Some of use worked on crossing the next ten, using manipulatives to support our learning. We began learning the format of column method, using our place value columns to add ones and tens.


In topic, we learnt about the artists Frederic Church. We used shading to create our own landscape art work. Pressing harder to make darker areas for deeper water or thicker bushes and trees.


In computing, we learnt about searching for information on the internet. How we can use just one word and find lots of pictures and websites to give use information. Although this is really good and useful, we also thought about how it can be dangerous if we click on the wrong site or find a scary video.

Term 3 - Week 1

It has be awesome to be back and see everyone after the Christmas break. 


This week we have been recapping our addition of 2 digit add 1 digit numbers while crossing the next ten. We have used Cuisenaire Rods to support us with our learning. 


In English, we have used the conjunction 'and' to join main clauses together to make new compound sentences, developing our writing fluency. 


In our topic, we have learnt about the imaginary line around the middle of the earth called the equator. We learn that the climate nearer the equator is much hotter and gets colder as you move further away. 

Term 2 - Week 7 



Well what a final week and what a term! We done to everyone on all your hard work from performances, to festive activities as well as all the usual in class learning!


This week in English, we have read shape poems, built vocabulary before writing our own Christmas tree shape poems. Yesterday we then rehearsed and performed them to the class.


In maths we have been adding three 1-digit numbers together. We looked for number bonds to 10 to support use and used number beads to count while adding. Sometimes we even had the total and had to find the missing number we were adding!


In topic, we have been studying things that are alive, dead or never lived. A living thing has to be able to react to its environment, grow and reproduce. Some of the dead things included paper, which is made from trees and fossils. Man-made materials such as metal for ship has never been alive.


Today we had an awesome Christmas party in Owl Class. We played some games, enjoyed sharing some party food and watching a movie before rounding of the term with a celebration assembly!


Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Term 2 - Week 6 


What a week! Thank you to you all for you your hard work and involvement in the Nativity production. You were all awesome!


Around last minute rehearsals and performances this week, we have been planning and writing a non-chronological report on Arctic foxes. We organised our information of these cute creatures using sub-headings and paragraphs, making it easier for our readers.


In maths, we have tackled the dreaded word problems! We have followed our own steps to successfully to find the numbers, work out whether to add or take away and then solve the equation.


In our Polar Regions topic, we have learnt about the transfer of energy in food chains. Our food chains start with a producer, usually a plant that makes its own energy before consumers (like us) eat their energy through eating plants and animals.


Today we had a wonderful Christmas lunch in the hall, pulling crackers and enjoying the festivities. 



Have a wonderful and well earnt weekend!

Term 2 - Week 5 



Rehearsals have been in full flow this week. We have been acting and singing our hearts out ready for next week’s performance.


Around the rehearsals, we have been completing some booklets to showcase what skills we have learnt so far this year in our maths and reading.


In topic, we have learnt and described the different adaptions animals in the Arctic have developed to survive in the harsh cold climate. Who knew that a polar bear’s fur was actually see through? But it reflects the light making it white and allowing them to camouflage into the snow as they hunt for seals.


In RE, we made Sukkah. These are shelters that Jewish people build in their gardens, where they eat and sleep in during the festival of Sukkot to remember Moses leading the Jewish people to the promised land.

Term 2 - Week 4



This week in Owl Class we have pressed on with our performance rehearsals – singing and practicing our lines.


In topic, we studied the polar regions. We learnt how cold the Arctic can be and how animals need to have thick furs and / or a thick layer of blubber to stay warm and survive. This flowed into our English, where we continued to learn about the polar bear. We have used all our knowledge and information to write our own fact-files. We used our key words to ensure our information was going to teach the reader about the polar bear.


In maths, we have moved from addition to subtraction of a 1 digit number from a 2 digit number, crossing back a ten. We have used both manipulatives and drawn our workings in real story to support us in answering the questions.

Term 2 - Week 3


This week we began our new topic – The Polar Regions. We have learnt a catchy tune to help us remember the seven continents and label these on a map. Today we wrote about the biggest land carnivore the polar bear.

We used Plickers to quiz ourselves on what we could remember of our nurse topic from last week. This involved us using cards to show our answer from 4 options. It is great fun!


In maths, we finished our learning on adding 2 digit numbers to 1 digit numbers and moved onto subtraction. We used Cuisenaire Rods to make the numbers and exchange one ten for ten ones to help us take away.


At lunchtime, we have been using the play plod equipment to build dens, carts and all sorts of exciting things with our imagination and enjoyed the autumn weather.


Have a well deserved and restful weekend.

Unit 10 - We Will Remember Them: Nurses



Term 2 - Week 2 

Another action packed week in Owl Class!

Through our We Will Remember Them: Nurses topic, we have been completing lots of art work this week. We have painted our pebbles and created our own class poppy wreath from cardboard and painted paper cases. We learnt about a third nurse – Florence Nightingale. She pioneered the way hospitals were kept clean and hands were washed to help stop the spread of germs and diseases while also writing many books to help train nurses.


In English, we wrote in character from our book peace Lily. We wrote a letter home from a WW1 hospital as Lily to her family. We had to think as a nurse next to the front line and imagine how tough and rewarding her role would have been.

Addition in Owl Class this week has moved onto larger numbers – adding 2 digit and 1 digit numbers. We have used cuisenaire rods and counters to support use with our learning.

Term 2 - Week 1 


What an awesome first week back!


This week has been jammed packed. We have begun our new topic of We Will Remember them: Nurses. In Owl Class, we have learnt about both Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. They were both very brave and wonderful nurses who helped injured soldiers. We used a Venn diagram to compare both of them, thinking about who they were, where they nurses and where they were from.


KS1 and Reception have also begun rehearsals for their Christmas production, with some wonderful singing of our first song! The children in hedgehog and Owl class have auditioned wonderfully for parts in the performance.


In English, we have been using ‘and’ to join two sentences to make a compound sentence. Today we have used exclamation marks and questions marks too. 


In maths, we have been continuing our missing number work with subtraction before finding 10 more and 10 less at the end of the week.

Unit 9 - Castle and Dragons

Term 1 - Week 7 



What an action packed final week of term.


We started with our trip to Chepstow Castle on Monday. The drizzle could not dampen the excitement! We saw the magnificent castle, with a mound on one side and the River Wye on the other. We found arrow slit windows, winding stairs and a very damp and dark cellar. At Chepstow we completed a tour of the castle, a scavenger hunt, art work and we discussed different ways to attack and defend the castle walls.


We followed up our trip by completing a recount of the day, using our time conjunctions and past tense to write about what we got up to and enjoyed the most. It is fair to say, Chepstow Castle is a trip out that Owl Class would recommend!


In art, we created our cubism castles, using a mix of shapes to build up the picture. We used water colours to paint our designs before going over the lines with a fine black pen to allow them to stand out.


In maths, we have been completing missing number equations in our addition. Number beads, counters and real story have supported us with our workings.


Today we measured flour and sugar and rubbed in butter. Then we added water and an egg to and stirred our medieval biscuit dough. Using flour we then flattened them out in to cookies before baking. Some of us liked the crunch of the cookie and the taste. Some of us found them dry and lacking flavour.


Thank you for a fantastic term in Owl Class and have a wonderful half term!

Term 1 - Week 6 


What a busy week!

In topic, we looked at the artist Paul Klee and his cubism. We practiced using different shapes to develop a picture. Using a castle template, we filled it with different squares and rectangles with no two colours being net to each other. Next week we will be using watercolours to paint out cubism castles!


In English, we have written and performed our own acrostic poems. The word Dragon has gone down the side of the page and every line has begun with a letter, with each line being all about dragons. We collected words and developed expanded nouns to use in our poems.


We have applied our addition and subtraction knowledge this week in maths to the mighty word problems. Learning how to pick out the information we need and apply to a calculation.

Term 1 - Week 5 


What an awesome week! We started off on Monday using compass points to follow instructions and orienteer around the school grounds. We then made our own maps, suing a key of the school. 


In English, we have built up to this week and written our narrative, focusing on the beginning, middle and ending on separate days so we could focus on our detail. In maths, we have been adding and subtracting within 20 before using the inverse at the end of the week to check our answers. 

In our PE sessions we have been developing our side stepping movements and using the side step to dodge and weave between obstacles and others! 



Term 1 - Week 4 


It has been another busy week in Owl Class. 

In topic, we have started learning about the points of a compass, which way North is from school and following compass point directions. Using a programme called Plickers, we have quizzed our knowledge so far on our Castles and Dragons topic. 

We have been counting in 3s and 5s in maths this week and what a the multiplication sign means. We have been using the method of grouping to then count our totals. 

In English, we continued our writing around castles, finishing today with writing a setting description of a castle made form mash potato! 


Term 1 - Week 3 


What an awesome week in Owl Class. In topic, we have been learning all about St George and how he slayed the dragon to save a princess. The children created some comic strips of the event. We also continued to learn out song on Castles, which is great fun to perform!


In English, we got into character as Tuft our Twoleg friend. We wrote in first person for a diary as the character in our book The Snow Dragon. In Maths, we have compared numbers and started ordering 3 two-digit numbers, using Cuisenaire Rods and counters to help us understanding the value of each number.  

Term 1 - Week 2 


What a week! This week we have been busy learning. In our Castles and Dragons topic, we have learnt about the Motte and Bailey castle and the best places to build a castle. We searched our own Cadbury Heath grounds to find the best places for building a castle. 

In Maths, we have been partitioning numbers and comparing the different values of two numbers, using the less than and more than symbols. From our class story, The Snow Dragon, we have been describing the Fire Dragon. Focusing on both his personality as well as his appearance. We finished the week by creating wanted posters for the dragon - some rewards were worth £1 million! 

Term 1 - Week 1 

This week we have started our exciting Castles and Dragon Topic. We have studied the different defence features of a castle: portcullis door, arrow slit windows, thick walls, moat and draw bridge. Our learning has linked to the story The Snow Dragon. 


In Maths, we have been counting up in number sequences and finding the missing numbers! IN English, we reminded ourselves of the structure of a sentence and wrote sentences on ferocious dragons! In PE, we have focused on our coordination and moving a ball around our body.


It has been wonderful to be back and see everyone and begin our adventure as Owl Class. Have a well deserved and relaxing weekend.