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Owl Class (Y2)

Welcome to Owl Class


My name is Mr Bradley and I am Head Owl in our class. My favourite subject is PE because I enjoying being up and active! My other school roles include leading Maths and KS1.


In Owl Class, we are fortunate to be supported by Mrs Lewis in the mornings. 


Our PE days are a Wednesday and Friday. 
PPA is on a Wednesday afternoon, where Mrs Burch and Mike will teach Owl Class.


Unit 9 - Castle and Dragons

Term 1 - Week 2 


What a week! This week we have been busy learning. In our Castles and Dragons topic, we have learnt about the Motte and Bailey castle and the best places to build a castle. We searched our own Cadbury Heath grounds to find the best places for building a castle. 

In Maths, we have been partitioning numbers and comparing the different values of two numbers, using the less than and more than symbols. From our class story, The Snow Dragon, we have been describing the Fire Dragon. Focusing on both his personality as well as his appearance. We finished the week by creating wanted posters for the dragon - some rewards were worth £1 million! 

Term 1 - Week 1 

This week we have started our exciting Castles and Dragon Topic. We have studied the different defence features of a castle: portcullis door, arrow slit windows, thick walls, moat and draw bridge. Our learning has linked to the story The Snow Dragon. 


In Maths, we have been counting up in number sequences and finding the missing numbers! IN English, we reminded ourselves of the structure of a sentence and wrote sentences on ferocious dragons! In PE, we have focused on our coordination and moving a ball around our body.


It has been wonderful to be back and see everyone and begin our adventure as Owl Class. Have a well deserved and relaxing weekend.