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Term 1

Week 6 



In Year 6 this week, we have completed a 1st person narrative about D-Day. We made sure that we included lots of description and our skills that we have practiced (expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials). 

In maths, we have been learning about common factors, prime numbers and multiples. We have also started practicing using formal written methods to multiply numbers. We've also enjoyed playing multiplication bingo to practice our times tables!

We have also been continuing our WW2 work during the afternoons, researching about the Blitz so that we can write a report about it next week. 

Finally, we had an exciting trip to the local library to meet an author called Andy Seed. We are very grateful for the opportunity to meet and author and be inspired by him.

Week 5


This week we've had a great week! Here's why: 


We are writing a letter to Winston Churchill about ideas to make the RAF stronger than the Luftwaffe for the Battle of Britain. In Maths, we have learnt about prime numbers and common multiples. In guided reading, we read a newspaper article about the Blitz. In P.E. we played tag netball, on Wednesday we had a tag rugby taster session and on Thursday we did dance. On Friday, we had our photos taken too - we can't wait to see how they turn out!


What a action packed week! 

Week 4



This week, most of our class have been in Normandy (France) but we also had a very fun week in school! We have done lots of baking (including bread, squash soup and chocolate cake) and crafting. We have made aeroplanes out of bottles, we made a sculpture out of paper mache and D-Day landing dioramas out of shoe boxes. During art, we made propaganda posters and pictures of the London underground during WW2. 

We hope to have a fun week next week and welcome our class will be back from Normandy. 

Week 2


11th - 15th September


In Year 6 this week, we have continued with our learning about WW2. We learnt about the Operation Dynamo, the 'Dunkirk Spirit' and Germany's invasion of France. Listening to Winston Churchill's 'on the beaches' speech is so powerful. We have also been improving our WW2 sketches (inspired by Paul Nash). We gave ourselves specific feedback, using the sketching steps to success, and tried some more sketches. Our sketches all really improved and we showed that we are resilient learners. 


In Science, we have began to learn about light sources and how light travels. Did you know that light travels at 300,000 km per second? 


In P.E., we have continued practicing our ball skills and played invasion games such as 'Endball' and 'Tag Netball'. 


We also finished our Maths Place Value unit and have demonstrated some great foundations before we move on to learning about the four operations next week. 




Term 1, Week 1 


Year 6 have settled back into school despite the beautiful hot weather we've had this week! 

We have enjoyed immersing ourselves into WW2, learning about why the war started in History lessons and reading 'Letters from the Lighthouse' in English lessons. We generated some brilliant vocabulary when preparing to write setting descriptions about an air-raid during the Blitz.