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Term 1

Term 1 - Week 6:


This week we have been doing some beautiful writing about woolly mammoths. We learnt about co-ordinating conjunctions and how they can join two simple sentences. To show off our new skills, we wrote a letter to Mrs Bramwell to tell her all of our new facts!


Yesterday afternoon, we completed a very fun but disgusting activity when we made the digestive system! There were a few banana peels sliding across tables... We used a fork to crush the bananas and crackers like teeth, we then put the chewed food into a bag with some orange juice and that was the stomach and stomach acid! Once the food was digested more, we poured it into the tights, which were the intestine! This was the gross part because we had to squeeze the food down the tights ready to make poo, which made us giggle a lot!


Please enjoy looking at the photos of us making the digestive system!


Have a lovely weekend, 

Owl Class! laugh

Term 1 - Week 5:


This week, we have been learning all about The Iron Age! We have found out lots of information about Iron Age hill forts - we even found the best spot for a hill fort on the school field. We were such a lovely tribe and let Miss Bennett into our hill fort instead of shooting her down with iron arrows! Did you know they surround their hill fort with fences and huge spikes? There is also a hill fort in Leigh Woods in Bristol, if you would like to visit one!

In English, we wrote out final prove it piece, which was a character description about Lucy from the story 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'! Miss Bennett was super impressed with all of our amazing ideas, writing and presentation! Owl Class know that a character description must include appearance and personality! 


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Term 1 - Week 3:


Owls have had another brilliant week! We had Playpod equipment training, which means we can now use our creativity and imagination at lunch time to use different scrap items when playing! We can build dens and pull eachother round in crates!


In English, we finished our diaries about spending a day trying to get a woolly mammoth in the bath! We all know that the best strategy for doing this is to feed the mammoth cake! In our diaries, we had chocolate cake, strawberry cake, cheesecake AND rainbow cake! We all felt very hungry after sharing all of our ideas!


In maths, we have been flexibly partitioning 2 digit numbers and learning to plot numbers on numberlines to 1000! We have definitely been growing our brains!


In topic, we learnt about hunter-gatherers! Did you know, they used to eat the whole animal, including the brains?! We all found this very gross! We then went out onto the school field as 'hunter-gatherers' and searched the grounds for 'assests' and spoke about what we would use it for for and what it would protect us against! We found blackberries for food, pond water for fishing, bathing or drinking and lots of different areas for shelter!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Term 1 - Week 2: 


This week, we saw some very special pictures of one of our Owl children who visited all of the Leaf Trust schools! As a prize for being the first pupil to visit them all, our little owl got a badge, pen and a hand written card from Mr Newman.


In English, we have been working hard on remembering to use our capital letters and full stops when writing our sentences about the woolly mammoth. Today, we started to write our letter to mummy mammoth telling her all about the mammoth's day and his cheeky behaviour!

We finally finished making our woolly mammoth models and we used googly eyes and colourful pipe cleaners to make the tusks! Please enjoy looking at the photos of our herd of mammoths below! Owl Class have been growing their brains by learning about The Stone Age! We know that there was a 'Paleolithic era' a 'Mesolithic era' AND a 'Neolithic era'!!


We have also all been given our brand new reading books to enjoy reading at home!


Owl Class hope that you have a wonderful weekend! laugh

Term 1 - Week 1:


Wow, wow, wow we have had the BEST first week back to school as Owl Class! We have all been behaving brilliantly despite the heat and Miss Bennett is so impressed with all of us!

We started the week reading a new book called 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth' because our topic is 'The Stone Age'. In English, we have been doing lots of practical learning as well as practising our speaking and listening skills. On Thursday, we were a little bit cheeky and got our toys really mucky just like the mammoth in our story and then worked hard to wash them clean using bubbles and sponges. We were able to use words like 'scrub, rinse, lather' and 'soak'.


Today, we made our own woolly mammoths and next week we will be adding googly eyes and piper cleaner tusks! We were super careful when cutting our milk bottles and Miss Bennett and Miss Lewis were so impressed with how well we listened to instructions!


In maths, we started our Power Maths lessons and have been learning about numbers to 100 and 1000. Us owls have thought really carefully about our counting and our letter formation!


We have blown Miss Bennett away with our brilliant phonics learning too!


Have a lovely weekend everyone!