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Hedgehog Class (Y1)

Welcome to Hedgehog Class



A warm welcome to Hedgehog class page!

My name is Miss Tillson and I am very excited to teach in Cadbury Heath Primary, year 1 this year. My favourite subjects are phonics because I love reading, P.E and Music. 


When I am not helping children to learn or dancing and singing in the classroom I love to take my dog Toby for a walk or swim in the river.

In our class we are supported by Miss Lewis in the mornings who also loves her dog.


PPA afternoons are on Wednesdays when we will Mrs Burch teaching R.E and Mike teaching P.E.

We also have P.E on Fridays with me! 


Please have a look at all our learning every week! 

Term 3 - Week 2


This week has been ever so busy in Hedgehog class!

We have been so busy in DT looking at Victorian toys and how they are made. We decided to make shadow puppets. We used paper and wooden sticks and cut around shapes that we could make shadows with.


In maths we have been looking at teen numbers, and how these look using practical concrete resources. We worked in partners to make numbers up to 20 using deins. 


In our continuous provision we have been so busy at work making and creating many wonderful things. Such as mud pies using leaves, mud, sticks and ice! We have been using pallets and various lose part play to create dens and imaginative places to go on an adventure! 


In English we have been finishing off our curriculum theme and writing adventure stories. Linking them to our own ideas. We wrote amazing sentences to create a story that takes the reader on a magical journey!


Next week we start our new focus - The Great Fire of London!! 



Term 3 - Week 1

Welcome back to our wonderful Hedgehogs after a Christmas break. 

It was only a short week but we certainly got back into our amazing learning!!


We have been developing our group work in our continuous provision and been building amazing building. We have used the loose parts to create cities filled with different sized buildings and castles.

We used our phonics skills to blend and segment words using our knowledge and even challenged ourselves to write some sentences.

In English we reminded ourselves what sentences need and make a list of the things to remember when writing sentences. We then wrote in our writing area and some children wrote shopping lists and some wrote party invitations.


In maths we looked at shape and used the resources to make different shapes that we could remember. We then put the shapes into piles depending on the number of sides.


In PE we looked at balancing some more and even created a sequence within groups!


More fun next week, and 5 whole days of learning too!!


Term 2 - Week 7


Wow what a crazy last week in school!!

We really made use of our learning area and were taking photos of our creations. 

We have been writing Christmas lists, writing letters to the Elf and Father Christmas using skills we have previously learnt.


In History we have been writing a timeline to compare Christmas from 1870 to Christmas in 2021.

We looked at some of the toys people would have had, and used our oracy to say how life was different. 


In Art we made Christmas decorations from scratch and then painted them too. We also used our sketching skills to draw some of the toys from Victorian times and describe what they were made from.


For our last day we had a party and played some really fun games!!

See you next year for more fun and learning!!

Term 2 - Week 6

This week we have worked soooo hard on our Christmas nativity and everyone absolutely loved it!

In our continuous provision area we have been working very hard to consolidate our sticky knowledge and using some resources to remember previous learning in our curriculum work.


Our new key text is all about a toy museum and old toys going on an adventure. We have been looking at old toys and comparing them to the toys we have today. We looked at the style, shape, size and also the materials they are made from. 

We have been thinking about timelines and using previous knowledge considering a timeline from 1870 to 2021 and saying which toys would go in which year.


In maths we have been developing our skills with number problems and finding the easiest ways to work out different number sentences.


We also had our Christmas jumper day which was so much fun, and we can't wait for our last festive week of school before we break up for Christmas!



Term 2 - Week 5


This has been such a busy week, we have been focusing mainly on our Christmas Nativity!!


Alongside lots of singing and dancing we have been taking our own photos on the ipad of our learning in the Continuous Provision.


In maths we have been doing lots of practise on our number bonds to 10 and 20! Playing games, making number cards, writing number lines and also using resources in 'Messy Maths'


In English we have been talking about The Queen some more and writing more letters to people telling them all about London, the capital city of England.


In Geography we have been thinking more about the UK and finding our city, country and school on different maps and atlases.  

Term 2 - Week 4


We have been very busy this week getting ready for our Christmas KS1 performance so have been singing, dancing and acting everyday this week! 


This week we have been looking at a book about the Queen's hat. It travelled all around London, so we made a story map and made some actions to remember the story.


We have been spending lots of time in our continuous provision, exploring the areas and making some London sculptures using different materials.


In maths we have been finding less by taking away. We have also looked at 'the difference between' by comparing numecon. This practical maths has really helped us visualise what finding the difference means. We also found the difference between different items such as our shoes and height. 


In art we have continued our collage skills and used the outdoor leaves to make various pictures. They were so cool, we made animals and faces and even names using leaves!


In history, we learnt more about Queen Victoria and 'hot seated' her to ask questions. We used our oracy skills to ask and answer questions. 






Term 2 - Week 3


This week we have been learning about London.

We have already found it on a map, but we watched some videos, looked at some pictures and found more out about the city of London.


As we read our new text 'A walk in London' we were immersed into the capital city of England and wondered around the streets to find some local buildings.

We used our oracy skills to act-out our story and this helped us to retell the text in our recount sentences. 


In maths we have been taking away by crossing out amounts using real story maths story in our books. 


In art we learnt about collage and had a go using paper and tissue paper. We made London landmarks using this collage effect to develop our skills.


Term 2 Week 2


This week we have been busy continuing our poppy topic and looking at some poetry. 


In English We read the poem ' In Flanders fields'  and circled the words we really loved, we then coloured behind black to make these words pop out. This made black-out poems that were so effective. 


In maths we have been jumping on to find more than. We used our steps to success to remember how to complete each challenge. 


In art this week we looked at our Artist 'Georgia O'Keeffe' who was famous for flower and still life drawings.  We used these ideas to make our own art.


In phonics we made some mess by cutting out some real words and fake words, we had to read each word to see if it was real or made up.



Term 2 - Week 1

Our first week back has been so busy indeed. We have been focusing on our new book

'Where the poppies now grow' and learning about remembrance. 

We used our oracy skills to discuss what we know about poppies and how we can remember the people who helped us.

We made a stage area in our classroom and have been developing our acting skills as a class.


In maths we have been continuing our adding and number bonds, using real story maths story.

We use resources to help represent our sentences. 


In phonics we have been working hard to write sentences and build words. We have been reminding ourselves that we cannot blend (sound out) a red/tricky words and have been beating our time to say them quickly. 


In history we have talked about the symbol of the poppy and what it represents. We thought about words that make us think of the poppy such as hope, war, sadness and remember.


In English, we talked about 'hearts, minds and voices' and considered the characters feelings and thoughts in the different settings. 


Term 1 - My world

Term 1 Week 6

This week in Hedgehog class we have been developing our skills and embedding our learning. 


In English we have been looking at our lovely new key text 'The Once Upon a Time Map Book' and using our skills from Geography to explore the maps. We then wrote a list of what we could see in some of the areas. As we are so good at writing we then wrote some amazing sentences about what we could see!


We have been writing some number sentences and thinking about how we can balance the scales to show equals. 

" Both sides need to be the same" Lyla

"You can move the add like magic" Archie 

" If you put the numecon on top it can be the same" Tanner


In History we have been thinking about timelines and how we have changed in our lives.

We have been discussing what important events have happened in our lives such as baby brothers and sister being born.


In P.E we have been using our core strength for balance. We also support our partners and encourage them to try hard and improve. 


The last week of term is next week and we have so much more to fit in before the break! 


Term 1 Week 5

This week in our class we have been super busy learning new skills.


In English we have been writing invitations to parties, weddings and baby showers thinking about the features and what to include. With this we have been writing dates and places and even lists of what people should bring.


Phonics has been amazing, we have been building and reading words using ai and ee such as rain and leek and writing them into sentences. 

In maths this week we have been looking at adding, including number bonds and number families.

" If we add numbers together they get bigger" Myah

"We can use the same numbers in the family and change them around" Archie

"If we write equals we have to check its the same both sides" Phellie


In Geography we created a map of our school using a key to show symbols such as trees, slides and playgrounds. 

In Science we went out to look at the changes of Autumn and found some leaves and conkers!


Next week we are doing some History thinking about timelines as well as lots more amazing learning! 


Term 1 Week 4


This week in Hedgehog class we have been looking at a new book

'The Jolly Postman' and looking at all the letters he delivers. 

We were thinking about the features of a letter and talking about why we might send letters.

"The stamp is to send it" Iris

"The top is for the bears so it gets to them" Henry

"We can write Bristol to send a letter to us!" Leighton


In maths we have been comparing numbers and saying which number is biggest or smallest in value. We have made amounts and been writing in our books 'real story, maths story.'


The continuous provision is adapting each week and now we have ben taking our own photos of our learning to share with the class.


Next week we are looking at invitations, we can't wait!



Term 1 Week 3


Another busy week in Hedgehog class! 

We have dived deeper into our story 'What the Ladybird heard' and the children have been writing postcards as the Ladybird.


In Phonics we have been challenging ourselves to read some short stories and seek the sound. 

"I can find the ch sound in chick!' Tanner

"Fish has a sh and I'm having fishfingers for lunch." Myah


In maths we have been comparing numbers and follow on along a number line. We even challenged ourselves to count backwards as well as forwards. 


In Geography we looked some more at maps and the UK, we found England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales!


In our learning area we have been thinking outside the box to make a BBQ and cake stall. Working as a team to build as well as tidy.


Next week we are focusing on a new story book and can't wait to share all our new learning!

Term 1 Week 2

Another busy week in Hedgehog class this week. We have been diving in deep with our new topic, especially with Geography. We explored our school environment and even made some notes and sketches. 


We are excited to say that with more freedom we have been able to visit our school library and read and shared some story books and non-fiction books. 


"I love the library its so cool!" Hudson

"We made a castle in the sandpit and mixed water with sand and it was like cement!" Henry


In English we have been writing some shamazing sentences about what the Ladybird heard and will be building up to write a postcard!! See if you can spot our tricky words.

Maths this week we have been thinking about one more and one less and using all the resources under the sun to show this! We make such a mess when we learn, but that's okay because we are so good at tidying up. 


We look forward to next week when we learn and explore even more!!


Term 1  Week 1


Our first week in Year 1 has been very busy indeed! 


"We played with the mud kitchen outside" Iris

"We wrote some numbers and did counting and our new maths books!" Archie 

"I love the P.E in the hall running around and racing and jumping" Yamman 



As you can see, we have been exploring our new classroom area. We also met the Phonics Fairy who comes and helps us with our reading! 


We have loved our first week and  look forward to all the learning next week.