Cadbury Heath Primary

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Welcome to Cadbury Heath Primary School

A warm welcome to Cadbury Heath Primary School!


Our values this term are: The Cadbury Heath Code

 At Cadbury Heath Primary we are committed to providing high quality education for all our pupils, ensuring that all our children reach their potential. We encourage them to take ownership of their learning and aspirations. We believe in giving pupils the confidence to constantly challenge themselves and question the world around them.

Cadbury Heath Primary is situated in the suburb of Cadbury Heath, on the outskirts of Bristol. We currently have 191 pupils on roll, organised into seven classes. We are privileged to have fantastic grounds, which the school makes good use of. We are constantly seeking ways to develop our learning and curriculum so that children are supported to become passionate, engaged ‘learners for life’. We are a school who prides itself on knowing our children and families and ensuring that we develop partnerships where the child is always central. The happy, safe and enriching environment which we have established, empowers children to try new things and become key school citizens.

Mrs Tanya Haigh


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  • Ofsted Report October 2018

  • “The school sets high expectations of what pupils can achieve and how they should behave."

    Ofsted Report OCtober 2018 

  • “There is a clear vision for the school and determination that all pupils receive the best possible education.”

    Ofsted Report OCTOBER 2018