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Term 1

Week 7 

Today we rescued dinosaurs from being frozen in ice! We experimented with using different materials and equipment to free them. We also went on a materials hunt this week and sorted objects into categories. In English, we worked hard on our diary entries. 

Have a restful half term everyone and we shall see you for Term 2! 

Week 6 

We were a little nervous beginning the day on Friday 13th!! However, Mrs Timms had nothing to fear as we had a brilliant day with super listening. 

We loved reading a story that showed lots of different types of castles, from 'Cold Potato Mountain Castle' to 'The Music Castle'. We were inspired by these and designed our own. 

This week we have also been learning the 4 countries that make up the UK and their capital cities. Test us at home and see if we can remember them! 

Enjoy the weekend smiley

Week 5 

We practised our listening skills today and working on making sure our bodies looked like their were listening too! 

Year 2 children wrote some brilliant character descriptions about the girl in the book Wild. I've attached the link below so you can read it at home too! 

Our pictures show Hedgehog class spending time in the Discovery area. 


This wonderful story time read aloud is a perfect book for key stage 1 children! Wild by the amazing Emily Hughes is a great book for primary school children to watch, read and listen. The spectacular illustrations in this story are beautiful so sit back and enjoy this fun read aloud story for kids (and adults)!

Week 4 


This week we began looking at our new book 'Wild'. On Monday we went out in our forest area collecting things that would help us imagine what life would be like in the forest. We wrote sentences about what we found, focusing on what they looked like and how they felt. 

Today we used water colour paints to finish our castles that have been designed in the style of Paul Klee. We are looking forward to sharing our work with you when it has dried! 


Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday for week 5! 

Week 3 

Our week started with a workshop on how to use our play pod equipment. We had such a great time playing with everything and used our imaginations brilliantly. We are excited to use the play pod shed at lunchtimes. 

We have been retelling our story of 'How to Catch a dragon' in our English sessions. We have all written great sentences and are working on remembering our finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. 

In Maths we have been using the vocabulary 'fewer' and 'more' to describe amounts. Some of us have also been partitioning numbers and using number lines. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Week 2


We have been working on being respectful and safe in our new classroom.

We have been writing stories and sentences about dragon eggs! In our discovery area we were able to design our own.

We have started learning a new song called 'Hey You!' 

This morning we had an exciting time learning how to be a ninja! Enjoy looking at our photos below. 

Week 1 


Children settled in well to their new class and have begun to discuss their new topic theme : Castles.

We looked at different books and discussed who might live in a castle and where they might be located.

We wrote some sentences about castles and focused on capital letters and adjectives.

We also discovered our new Continuous Provision area and used the resources to make links to our learning.