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Fox Class (Y4)

Welcome to Fox Class! 


Class Teacher: Miss Bennett


I have the pleasure of teaching Fox Class this year and I am looking forward to all the amazing and exciting learning that is going to be happening throughout the year! I also lead science in our school, where I work hard to make sure that lots of practical and engaging science lessons are happening!


PPA day: Tuesday afternoon. The children will PE coach Mike and another school adult during this time.


PE days: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please send your children into school with their kits on ready. 

Friday 14th January 2022 - week 2:


This week we continued out rainforest learning and located the countries in the world that have rainforests. To do this, we used atlases and globes to help us label the different countries on our maps. We worked really well as a team to help each other out! We then zoomed in on The Amazon rainforest in South America and learnt some facts about both of these places - please ask us about our learning at home!

In English, we wrote our setting descriptions about the rainforest when it is looking beautiful and tropical. The vocabulary we used was very creative and we used brilliant fronted adverbials! Today, we looked at contrasting pictures, which showed the devastation that deforestation causes. We used our fronted adverbial skills to write descriptive sentences about these pictures ready to use in another setting description on Monday!


We hope that you all have a lovely, safe weekend! laugh

Friday 7th January 2022 - week 1:


It has been lovely welcoming everyone back after the Christmas break and Fox Class have settled back into their learning!

This week, we started our new topic 'Rainforests' and already we are all very excited about our learning to come! In English, we looked at our new book 'The Great Kapok Tree' and made predictions about what the book may be about and then used pictures of rainforests to write some lovely descriptive sentences using fronted adverbials. We are going to use these to write a setting description next week!


In our afternoon lessons, we have been finishing our learning on forces and magnets. We worked as a class to plan an investigation to test how different types of surfaces affect the movement of a car and today we carried out the investigation and recorded our findings! We then completed a Plickers quiz to see how much scientific knowledge we remembered! 


Fox Class hope that you all have a lovely, safe weekend! laugh

Friday 17th December 2021 - week 7:


We have made it to the Christmas holidays!! 

Fox Class had a lovely last week of term. We finished our writing, which was a setting description about Normandy at Christmas time and we used lots of lovely, creative similes in our writing as well. In maths, we continued our learning on 4 digit subtraction with exchanges and used our knowledge to answer a range of problem solving questions! In topic, we created holiday brochures encouraging people to spend Christmas in Normandy, where they would be able to visit Christmas markets, meet Santa and attend a Christmas carnival!

On Wednesday, we visited the Year 5's enterprise stalls and enjoyed spending our pennies on a range of things from decorated mugs to delicious fruit smoothies - Miss Bennett may have enjoyed one too!


On Friday, we enjoyed our class party, where we ate yummy party food thanks to parents' kind donations and enjoyed a Christmas film or two. Some of us enjoyed some Christmas mindful colouring and others continued their Top Trumps games!

Fox Class hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! I am so proud of how hard you have all worked these last two terms my Fabulous Foxes and you all deserve a lovely break! smiley

Friday 10th December - week 6:


Well what a festive end to the week! Today, Fox Class enjoyed their delicious Christmas dinner whilst listening to some well known Christmas songs. We enjoyed turkey, pigs in blankets, veg, parsnips, gravy and some wonderful cakes and shortbread biscuits for dessert! We were even able to share a Christmas cracker with our friends and got some funky festive glasses as cracker gift. Lots of us enjoyed sharing the jokes from our crackers and Miss Bennett has now learnt the answers to the jokes so she can impress people with any future jokes that may be the same!! Before enjoying our meal, we made some festive hats to wear whilst eating!


In English this week, we finished our stories of 'The Lion and the Unicorn' and Miss Bennett was very impressed with how hard we worked to include lots of the skills we have been learning so far this year! In topic, we finished learning about light by carrying out a small investigation to support our learning about shadows and then we moved onto our new Science topic about forces and magnets - please ask us all about this at home!

1 more week to go before the festivities fully begin but we are all looking forward to a lovely last week of term (especially our Christmas class party!).


Have a lovely weekend laugh



Friday 3rd December 2021 - Week 5:


This week we continued our learning about our new Science topic - Light!  We used our knowledge of how light travels and reflective surfaces to create posters to encourage KS1 children to be safe when out in the dark. We then learnt about the sun and how we can protect ourselves when we are out in the sunshine. We worked really hard to complete some lovely, informative posters! 

Some of us have enjoyed completing jigsaw puzzles during the first and last 10 minutes of the day and we have been working collaboratively using problem solving and respectful language to help one another. On Tuesday, we were able to meet our two brand new and very cute family members Wispa and Buttons. The baby guinea pigs enjoyed our cuddles very much and even had a bit of a chit chat with us squeaking away on our laps!


Today, we continued re-writing the story of 'The Lion and the Unicorn' and we hope to have these finished next week!  


(photos to be uploaded Monday)
We hope that you have a wonderful, festive weekend! laugh

Friday 27th November - Week 3:


This week has been very exciting as we have finally made our WW2 gasmasks! We used our milk bottles to carefully cut out the gasmask shape, created a mixture of blank paint and PVA glue to paint with so that the colour stuck to the plastic, added our string and finally wore them to take some amazing photos!

In English, we applied our skills of expanded noun phrases to a character description that we wrote about Lenny Levi (the main character of out story) and on Thursday we started writing our own stories to re-tell the tale of Lenny being evacuated from London to the countryside. Our stories so far sound brilliant and I am very excited to read the finished pieces that will be completed next week!

We also started our Science topic about light and learnt about the different sources of light and what this meant along with what 'dark' means. We then learnt about reflective materials and how light travels - please ask us about this at home!

We all hope that you have a lovely weekend! smiley

Friday 19th November 2021 - Week 3:


We have had a very exciting week in Fox Class as we were lucky enough to be visited by Laura, who is an actress for the Drama Hut in London. On Thursday, she came into school in the character of Polly from WW2 and took us all on an adventure back in time, where we pretended that we were evacuees!

We listened to the sound of sirens and ran to safety! One of us had to wear the air raid warden's hat and do a lap of the hall to check that everything was safe! In groups, we used our bodies to represent images of The Blitz from spitfires, to Anderson shelters to gasmasks! As a class, we made a train and pretended that we were travelling to the countryside and discussed what we might do on the train to pass the time and thought carefully about how the children would have felt leaving their parents. Again in groups, we did some training for Bletchley Park by working together to crack the code, which eventually read 'If you can read this, tap your nose'.


Fox Class thoroughly enjoyed their visit from Polly and have come away with even more knowledge of evacuees during WW2! Please ask us at home to tell you all about it!

Have a lovely weekend laugh

Friday 12th November - Week 2:


We have had a lovely week in Fox Class with some brilliant learning happening in all areas of our curriculum! 


On Monday, we carefully made poppies using different pieces of coloured card to create mosaic style poppies. We had lots of fun doing this! We also painted poppies on our pebbles ready for Year 5 and 6 to place them in the shape of a cross to remember those that fought in WW1 and WW2.


We had amazing fun on Thursday morning, where we learnt about the importance of blackouts during the war and their purpose.  We then had the challenge of blacking out our classroom so that no light escaped to the outside. All of us worked together brilliantly and came up with some creative ways to hang blankets across our windows. We then listened to sound effects from the Blitz and shared how this made us feel and we empathised with those that had to experience this during the war. 


Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay safe! laugh

Friday 5th November -  Week 1:


We have had a great first week back of Term 2 and we are already very excited about our new topic 'Children at War'. In class, we have been looking at why WW2 started (please ask us about this at home!), the countries that the German army gained control of, the leader of the German troops and we have started to look at children being evacuated! Today, we made our own gas mask boxes with identification tags, which we wore to assembly to get a feel for how children felt during WW2. Next week, we are hoping to make gas masks so please save and bring in any empty milk bottles!

In English, we have started our new book 'The Lion and the Unicorn' and have already gathered some brilliant vocabulary to include in our writing. We have worked hard to write diary entries as Lenny (the main character) using adverbs of time throughout!

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fireworks! Please remember to stay super safe around fireworks and never return to a firework that has been lit but gone out! laugh

Unit 26 - Normandy

Friday 22nd October - week 7:


What an absolutely brilliant last week of term we have had! This evening was of course our Halloween Disco and I must say the Fabulous Foxes wore some amazing costumes and enjoyed a boogie!

This week in maths, we have continued learning about 3 digit addition. We have learnt to exchange in the ones and the tens and even do double exchanges! Everyone then used their knowledge to help them solve a range of problem solving questions and it was lovely to hear learning partners discussing how they were going to solve the problems and why some numbers would work but others wouldn't! In English, we used our adverb skills to write a letter as Philippe to his mother in France and then we wrote a letter back to reply to Philippe. We included amazing adverbs of manner such as: foolishly, dangerously, excitedly, patiently and furiously!

In topic, we learnt facts about the main rivers in Normandy along with the names of the 5 beaches involved in the D-Day landings - please ask us about this at home! We also studied a French artist called Georges Seurat who created an art technique called 'Pointillism' and we used this skill to create our own paintings of French landmarks!


Have a lovely half term and remember to stay safe and be polite when out trick or treating! 

Friday 15th October - week 7:


The end of term is drawing closer but Fox Class have been keeping up the motivation and brilliant work in all aspects of their learning!

In English, we learnt about adverbs and applied them to sentences writing in the 1st person as Philippe and then on Wednesday we looked at the difference between formal and informal letters. We picked out the key phrases within these types of letters and next week we will be having a go at writing our own informal letters!

In maths, we have been continuing to learn about addition and this week started the challenge of exchanging! On Wednesday we worked in groups on the carpet with counters and giant place value charts to help us and we showed great teamwork when reminding our friends to exchange or to not forget to add the (sneaky) ten! 


In topic, we learnt about the biome of Normandy, please ask us to tell you what this biome is at home! As the biome is similar to that of the UK, we used our school grounds to collect natural resources to help us make biomes in a box! The end results look fabulous! Luckily Miss Bennett was able to get some photos before the miniature trees started to topple over.. We also learnt about the lines of latitude and longitude along with the different hemispheres that the world is divided into. In groups, we used chalk to demonstrate our learning on the playground!


We hope that you have a lovely weekend and we look forward to a 'Halloweeny' week next week - start practising your dance moves ready for Friday! laugh

Friday 8th October 2021 - Week 5:



We have had a very busy week in Fox Class this week!


In Maths we have been doing adding 3 and 4 digit numbers. We used place value counters to help! Mrs Harris visited us for one of our maths lessons and was very impressed with everyone's hard work!


In English we have been continuing to practise our skills of using compound sentences by writing diary entries as Philippe Petit on the day he first saw the Twin Towers and on the evening of the day he walked between them!


In music we have been learning the song 'Mamma Mia' by ABBA! We enjoyed finding the pulse in the song and clapping along with it and we also played a game where we had to dance in time to the music!


We have been looking at learning powers in Fox Class and this week we focused on 'Resourcefulness'. We discussed what this meant and decided that we would draw superheroes for the power of being resourceful! Mrs Harris is going to collect them in and put them to a school vote to decide on the winning hero to share throughout the school!


Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 1st October - week 4:


We have had a wonderful week in Fox Class full of great learning! We have continued working on our 'Being Respectful Rules' and lots of us made it onto the recognition star for being really respectful in class!


In maths, we continued our place value learning and have started rounding to the nearest 10 and then using our rounding rule to support us with problem solving! Asking us at home to tell you our rounding song that we sing to remember the rule. In English, we have been learning to write compound sentences. We can explain what a simple sentence/main clause must have and the steps for writing compound sentences - ask us about this at home too! Today, we used our skills to begin writing a diary extract as Philippe on the day that he saw the Twin Towers for the first time! We will finish writing these next week. In PE, we focused on team building skills and had to try and get all of our team mates from one end of the bench to the other without falling off. We focused on being calm and using our speaking and listening skills. Finally, in art this week we developed our texture skills and created our own 'Texture Monsters', which were made up of a range of textures!

We hope that you have a lovely weekend! smiley

Friday 24th September 2021 - Week 3:

This week, we have had a big focus on what being respectful looks and feels like in our classroom! We all worked really hard to create a set of 'respectful rules' that we can follow in class ensure that we are creating the best learning environment possible! 

We also worked hard to write a second setting description using our expanded noun phrases about another scene in our book 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers'. In today's lesson we worked brilliantly in our editing partners to check and improve our writing. 


Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 17th September 2021 - Week 2:


This week has been full of lots of hard work and determination! In maths, we have been carrying on our place value learning but have now moved onto 4 digit numbers, learning to recognise the Thousands, Hundreds, Tens and Ones. In English, we practised including prepositions in our sentences and then used our skills to write a setting description about a picture in our class book. We worked really hard and used some lovely, creative vocabulary!

This morning, we had a 'topic morning' and used atlases to help us name and locate the countries of Europe. We worked brilliantly in teams and made sure that everyone knew what they were doing. The finished results look brilliant and we can now name a variety of countries that make up Europe! We also practised our drawing skills to try and create different textures with our pencil.


We hope you all have a lovely weekend! laugh

Friday 10th September - week 1:


We have had a good first week back at school! It has been great to see our friends again, play football on the field, visit the school library and start Year 4 as 'The Fabulous Foxes!'. 


In maths, we have been recapping our Year 3 place value to get us ready for our Year 4 maths next week! We have been recognising and writing hundreds numbers and comparing 3 digit numbers.


In English, we read our new English book 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers'. This is the book that we are going to be basing lots of our writing on this term. Fox Class have started to learn about expanded noun phrases, which we will be using to write a setting description next week!


In topic, we recapped the countries that make up the UK and have learned the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world! Next week, we will begin exploring France and Normandy! In PSHE, Jigsaw Jack (David) joined us for our lesson and we had the challenge of passing him around the class without using our hands!!

We hope that you all have a lovely weekend! smiley