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Meet the Governors

If you require paper copies of any of the following information, please contact the school office.

The Role of the Governing Body 


The role of the Governing Body is to conduct the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement. We do this by:

• Providing a strategic direction for the work and improvement of the school
• Supporting, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of the school (the ‘critical friend’ role)
• Ensuring accountability for the standards achieved and the quality of education.


All governors have skills which are utilised by the governing body.  Mervyn George is the Chair of Governors.  Isabel Geerlings is the Vice Chair. 


Mervyn George 


Welcome to the Governors section of the Cadbury Heath Primary school website. My name is Mervyn George and I am the current Chair of Governors.


I used to live in the nearby golf course estate on the other side of Tower road. My association with the school began around 1994, when I started teaching Chess at the school; which I still do today.


I became a governor a couple of years later, when Marilyn, the then School Secretary and Clerk to the Governing Body, rang me up and asked if I would join the governing body, which I accepted.


I see this as a progression, teaching the pupils and working with the Head, the Senior Leadership Team and Governors to challenge staff to provide the best education possible for our pupils.


I used to work as an Internal Auditor for Kingswood Borough Council at the Civic Centre in Kingswood, which enabled me to teach chess at lunchtime. In April 1996 Kingswood became part of South Gloucestershire Council, where I continued to work in the Finance department before I retired in 2017.

Annie Harris 

(Head Teacher)

My name is Annie Harris, and as Headteacher I am a member of the Governing Body because of my role.  

I joined Cadbury Heath in January 2020, and have really enjoyed working with the governing body on developing our school and planning to make it the best it can be for our community.  I have worked in education for many years, and one of the things I appreciate most about being on the governing body is that I get to work with people from a wide range of professions and walks of life. I recognise that my world view is very education focussed and it is really useful to look at our strategy from different perspectives.  The role of the governing body is vital in this.  The governors act as a critical friend – they keep me accountable for what is happening in school and our progress against our strategic plan, as well as provide brilliant support in our whole school development.  Being on the governing body is so rewarding and really does support the community feel we have worked hard to develop at Cadbury Heath.

Isabel Geerlings

(Vice Chair)

My name is Isabel Geerlings and I’m the Finance Governor at Cadbury Heath Primary School.


I live locally, in Oldland Common, and when I learned about a governor vacancy at the school in April 2019, I jumped at the chance to join the board. Although I currently work as a financial auditor, I’ve always enjoyed working with children and I volunteered for three years as a teaching assistant at a local primary school while I was at University. As an auditor of colleges and universities, I’m used to looking at education finances from the outside; as the Finance Governor, I enjoy being able to help out on the inside, looking regularly at the school budget and discussing future plans with the Headteacher and the School Business Manager. 

James Quine

My name is James Quine and I am  currently the governor responsible for the Curriculum

My association with Cadbury Heath began through an organisation called Governors for Schools; a program that is set up to help recruit new people who are interested in becoming school governors.


I became a governor in 2019 after meeting with the Chair and the Head Teacher. I was Co-Opted onto the board and initially became the executive member for buildings and health and safety.


As a governor, I see this as an opportunity to develop my support across the whole school, working with the Head Teacher, the Senior Leadership Team and other Governors to challenge staff to provide the best education possible for our pupils.


As part of the Governors, a key part of the role is to ask questions and challenge; I enjoy my specific responsibilities.

Sarah Bennett

Choosing to send our son to Cadbury Heath was a very easy decision to make.  The personalised learning environment, together with the emphasis on family and inclusion makes this school one where any parent would be proud to send their child.


Having taught in secondary education for over 25 years I felt I wanted to dedicate time in supporting the development of children at a younger age.  I enjoy watching their learning journey and I love seeing the enthusiasm of the younger curious mind.


I am the link governor for both Safeguarding and Teaching and Learning. I see my role as one of supporting Cadbury Heath whilst at the same time holding the school to account for the growth, wellbeing and safety of every single child. 

Karen Roskilly 


I have been a part of the Cadbury Heath family since September 2016. My role involves providing admin support to the Governing Body and its committees, as well as providing advice to the governing body on governance, constitutional and procedure matters.


Standards of Governance 


Governors are fully aware of the obligations and responsibilities that their roles bring, and are constantly looking to improve the quality, standards, efficiency and effectiveness with which they fulfil these responsibilities.

The constantly changing nature, law and requirements of school governance are recognised to place an obligation on school governors to be adequately trained and kept up to date. If you become a governor at Cadbury Heath we will work with you to train you so that you are able to develop your knowledge and understanding of the role.
Please enquire at the school office if you are interested in becoming a governor or how you can make a contribution.

Further information regarding our Governors is shown on the attached Register.