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British Values

If you require paper copies of any of the following information, please contact the school office.


British Values Statement

At Cadbury Heath School we promote British Values through all areas of learning. 

The fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, mutual respect, tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs are interwoven into our curriculum and everyday life.

Our core school values, encapsulated by our 6R's underpin what we expect from our children as future citizens.


Democracy and fairness is promoted and learnt about through our weekly PSHE lessons, where the children can discuss issues and find resolutions.  We have a School Council who regularly meet to discuss key issues and represent the children’s views.  The democratic process begins from EYFS where the children learn the fairness of taking turns and having their say. We believe that it is important that everyone has a voice and the opportunity to be heard. CHP also has a house system which encourages children to think about leadership, empathy and teamwork.


Rules and their importance in life are consistently promoted and reinforced through our behaviour system, celebration assemblies and following our ‘Cadbury Heath Code’.  Visits from the Fire Brigade and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), and other community figures, help our children to understand rules for life.


Mutual respect for others is a key part of everyday life and learning.  Through assemblies and class discussions our children understand the importance and value of everyone and their rights and opinions.  We hold an annual Friendship week when the children celebrate differences and similarities between individuals – promoting pride in themselves and appreciating everyone.


Tolerance and acceptance of different faiths and beliefs is taught through many areas of the curriculum, including RE lessons based on the SACRE recommended teaching program, where the children learn about various religions and ways of living.  We have ‘Faith’ days, e.g. Islam Day, which allows the children to deepen their understanding of cultures other than their own.  Our children also learn about cultural diversity through our global curriculum, reflecting on our own cultural heritage as well as those of other civilisations around the world.