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Deer Class (Y6)

Welcome to Deer Class

My name is Mrs Lawrence and I am so lucky to be the Deer Class teacher this year.  As well as being a class teacher, I am also leading English, PE and PSHE across the school. I have lots of exciting ideas to try and make the last year of primary school exciting and memorable for everyone. 


Our PE days this year are Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

PPA will be on a Monday afternoon. This will be covered by Mike and another member of staff. 

Library books will be changed on a Monday. 

Pig Heart Boy 

Week 1

This week, we began to learn about our new topic 'Pig Heart Boy' which we are really excited about. We have started to read the book ‘Pig Heart Boy’ written by Malorie Blackman and had a discussion about transplants and illnesses. We also thought of some questions we would like to find out during this topic. In our English lessons, we have been using the book to inspire us and have begun to write a letter in the role of Cameron. As part of our science lesson, we made a blood smoothie to help us understand the different components of blood. We used raspberries to represent red blood cells, marshmallows for the white blood cells, sprinkles for platelets and orange squash for plasma.

Week 7

In Deer class this week, we are feeling proud of our finished non-chronological reports about the Bristol Blitz.  We thought that it must have been a worrying time for families living in Bristol.  We have published our reports about the different types of air shelters that people used during to stay safe during the Second World War.  We applied our knowledge of how to punctuate direct speech when we retold an argument between Esther and Olive from Letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll.  We are delighted to be able to use long multiplication to solve tricky maths problems.


Week 6

This week we have continued learning about the Blitz. We had to research the Bristol Blitz and we have begun to write non-chronological reports using the information we found. In forest school, we enjoyed making Anderson shelters using sticks, leaves, grass and pallets with Mrs Harris. We have almost finished making our WWII planes which we have painted in camouflage by mixing different shades of green and brown. In maths, we have begun learning about multiplication and have practised using long multiplication. During our PE lesson, we used lacrosse sticks to play Endball which was incredibly challenging but we persevered! 

Week 5

We have continued learning about the Battle of Britain and are having lots of fun modrocking our planes and painting them. We are really pleased with how they are looking. We have also been applying our skills of addition and subtraction to multi-step word problems. These have been challenging but we have used our Growth Mindset to overcome them. We have also begun writing our lighthouse stories using a range of figurative devices and we look forward to sharing them. As part of our WW2 learning, we have begun to compare the different types of air-raid shelters thinking about the positives and negatives of each one. 

Week 4

We have had a very busy week in Deer Class which included a trip to the Lifeskills Centre. All us had fun learning about being safe in all the different scenarios and even had a go at making a 999 call so we would know what to do in an emergency. During forest school, we made some cakes using a WW2 recipe which replaced some of the sugar with carrots. We all thought they tasted delicious. We also go to use steel and flints to make sparks in preparation for lighting fires and had a go at learning different knots. In DT, we have begun to make our Battle of Britain planes. We found this a little challenging at first but they are beginning to take shape and look like the designs we have chosen. 

Week 3

This week we had lots of fun during Forest School where we practised our peeling and chopping skills to make vegetable soup. Some of us thought it was delcious whereas others had a taste but decided it was not for them. We also practised our lashing skills and created planes out of sticks. We then launched them from the top of the slide- some of them flew quite well! We also had to use our independent learning skills to research the Battle of Britain. In history, we learnt more about the job roles people had during this. We then acted out the different roles. 
In English, using inspiration from our class book, we wrote missing posters to help Olive find her sister Sukie. We also thought about how to use fronted adverbials to our sentences. 


Week 2

This week, we have been learning about the Battle of Britain so in forest school we created aeroplanes using natural resources such as sticks, grass, leaves and pine cones. We enjoyed working as a team and had to use our resilience when things didn't quite go to plan. We have worked hard in English this week writing diaries and narratives about an air-raid. We are really proud of our artwork where we drew a spitfire which was a plane used during the Battle of Britain. 


On Friday, we had a special treat! Mrs Hudson kindly came into our class and made pizzas with us. This is because she promised to make them last term but unfortunately we had to isolate. They were delicious and we enjoyed making them. 

Week 1

This week we have been introduced to our new topic which is WW2. We have read some of 'Machine Gunners' and 'Letters from a lighthouse' which are both set duing WW2. In music, we learnt how to sing the song 'Happy' and we sang it in two groups where the boys sang the main melody and the girls sang backing vocals. As well as this, we learnt about cyber bully and how to respond to different scenarios online. We have also practised how to respond to a fire drill. Mrs Harris said we walked really sensibly out of the building and lined up.