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Term 3

Week 4:


This week in English we have started looking at the second piece of writing around Sulwe. We are writing a persuasive letter to Mrs Hudson about why Day and Night should be treated equally. 

We have created our toolkit this week for persuasive writing looking at lots of examples and loved sharing our pronouns skills lesson with so many family members. 


In Maths we have been working on inverse operations (3 x 4 = 12 which will mean that 12 ÷ 3 = 4). We have also started dividing 1 digit numbers by 1 digit (9 ÷ 3) using a partitioning method (grouping into 3's). 


Our science learning has largely focussed on human and natural impacts on environments (i.e. wildfires vs pollution) and how that then affects the surrounding habitats. In geography we have started to bring our unit to a close looking at erosion and deposition. 


In RE we have been looking at another parable, this time focussing on 'The Unforgiving Servant' and what it means to show mercy, and the idea of fairness. We took part in some group hot seating asking a range of well thought out questions to the King, Servant and Servant's friend. 


Well done Badgers! Keep going with the times table practice, it's great to see so many more certificates coming our way with TTRS records.  Very proud!!

Week 3:


What an incredible week we have had for writing. Badger Class have written some brilliant fables about Sun and Moon, sharing them proudly on Friday with Fox Class (who were also very impressed). What stars!!


In Maths we have started looking at division means and how to multiply and divide numbers by 10 and 100, looking at inverse sequences. 


In geography we have learnt about different river structures and famous rivers in Bristol. Did you know the River Avon is 83 miles long? We found this fascinating!!


When looking at habitats we have looked at classification and how big animal groups get broken down into their more specific species (i.e. vertebrates into animals with and without fur into groups that lay eggs etc).


Our RE learning this week has been focused on deciphering potential teachings and moral messages from parables. This week it was The Good Samaritan. We developed our understanding of this parable by acting our in small groups the different character roles. We presented to the rest of the class which was great fun. 


Another busy week, well done team!

Week 2:


In English this week we have been learning about fables and practicing using speech. We have looked at some famous fables such as Lion and Mouse and Hare and Tortoise, looking at the key features. To challenge ourselves we have changed our characters names from Day and Night into Sun and Moon. We are really looking forward to sharing these with Fox Class next week!


In maths we have been looking at factors this week. An example being that factors of 18 are 1, 18, 2, 9, 3 and 6 because these numbers when multiplied together make 18. 


In Art this week have explored the artists Hokusai who created artwork like the Great Wave which we will try and attempt in the last week of term. 


In RE we are exploring Christianity and this week specifically we have focussed on inspiring role models to us like how Jesus is inspiring to Christians. 


Excitingly, we have also started out new geography and science units (rivers and habitats). We have looked at what a habitat is and some examples, along with what a species is and in geography we have looked at the parts of a river. 



Another fab week, please can we keep practicing times tables at home and reading as much as you can (ideally once a day). This is helping all our brilliant badgers to make progress :) 

Week 1:


Wow! It has been so lovely having our Badger class family back together, and its been lush to hear what we have all been getting up in the holidays. 


We have got going into our learning this week with some book talk in English. Our new text is Sulwe and we've loved getting involved in some hot seating tasks, pretending to be out key characters (Sulwe, Day and Night). 


In maths, the children in my class have finished this week our first textbook!! We are rocking guys! Now to upskill using all our multiplication knowledge to help us with more complicated 3 and 4 digit calculations and division methods. 


In science this week we have studied lots about electricity - and even made out own circuits!! We have learnt about conductors, insulators, what makes a circuit work and the difference between appliances that are mains and battery operated. The circuits we made involved using a battery and wires to make a lightbulb work. We found that the more batteries we added to our circuit the brighter the light glowed, and if we didn't connect the wires to the metal then the light would not work either (needed a conductor). 


Overall, we have had a great start back to school and packed a lot into 3 days :)