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Term 3

Week 6


In English this week we have finished our learning with the Gingerbread Man. We have been challenging ourselves to write sentences about things from the story independently. 


In Maths we have begun a unit of work on measure looking at length this week.

The children have been able to order things by length and talk about items using the words: shorter, shortest, longer, longest.


Have a wonderful half term break.

The Reception Team

Week 5


This week we have been learning the story "The Gingerbread Man". The children have used masks to help retell the story and drawn maps to show which way the Gingerbread Man went. We also discuss if anything could change in the story. The children decided that there wouldn't have been all the trouble if the Little Old Lady had shut the door!


In Maths we have been using a part whole model to support our addition within 10. They have been able to identify the different parts and are beginning to understand how they combine to make the whole.


Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team.

Week 4


This week started with a wonderful celebration of learning with our families joining us. We carried out different activities linked to our class story "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." The children were very excited to share this time in the classroom.


We have been busy practising our artist skills by learning how to make colours lighter. This helped us to create some brilliant winter themed artwork.


In Maths we have been comparing groups of numbers up to 10. The children needed to count, recognise and the compare the numbers.


Have a wonderful weekend.

The Reception Team

Week 3


This week in Dormouse Class we have been using the book "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" to help us with our learning. We have made and tasted porridge, drawn a story map and used it to retell the story. 

We had a new challenge today and started our careers as authors. Some children told their very own story to a grown up, we wrote it down and then the children acted them out together. We are making our own book of Dormouse stories which will be available for you to see.


In Maths we have been consolidating our learning in number 5-10. We have used 10 frames, cubes and counters to show how much we know.


Have a fabulous weekend.

The Reception Team 

Week 2


This week has been rather mixed. We have been learning about safely walking when near roads. The children talked abut 5 key people who can hold their hand to cross the road and why it's important to stay safe.

We also began some learning about Winter and what it looks like. We will be exploring this further.


In Maths we have been looking at numbers 5-10 exploring by counting, matching and making them using a 10 frame to support us.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Week 1


We have certainly packed a lot into the 3 days!

The children have returned to school full of wonderful stories about their Christmas break, caught up with their friends, shared their experiences and managed to only sing "Jingle Bells" once.


In Maths we have been working on the composition of 5 using a part whole model. They children have been fantastic at identifying different ways of adding together to make 5.


We have begun learning the phase 3 phonic sounds now. The children are fantastic at reading these new words. Be prepared to hear all about digraphs and trigraphs!


Happy New Year and welcome back.

The Reception Team