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Term 2

Week 5 - Friday 1st December 2023


Wow, wow, wow! Can you believe it is the first of December!? We came into school today and noticed a special little visitor sat up high on the door frame... We have been joined by Elfie the elf who is going to be watching us every day and reporting back to Santa on our brilliant behaviour! Lots of us have been working hard to earn a place on our values wheel knowing that Elfie will be reporting back! We have all been wondering what mischief he might get up to in the coming days!

We have made a great start on our stories today about Sophy (Wolf Girl) and how she became brave enough to make new friends. In curriculum, we have been learning about the northern and southern hemispheres that the world is split into and can tell you that Europe and the UK is in the northern hemisphere - please ask us about this at home!

We hope you have a very festive weekend! laugh

Week 4 - Thursday 23rd November:


This week we have continued to learn our nativity songs and some of us have been given our main parts. We have shown the value of courage by speaking our lines loudly and clearly in front of everyone! 

In English, we have been learning about the co-ordinating conjunctions 'but' and 'so'. We have had a go at using them to join ideas together when writing sentences and then to write a story opening about 'Wolf Girl'.


In curriculum, we have used our report writing knowledge to complete a non-chronological report all about rationing in WW2. We are hoping to publish these ready to put on display in school!

We hope you have a lovely weekend - Owls!

Week 3 - Friday 17th November:


This week we have been completing some very special question booklets to show off how much we have learnt so far this term! Miss Bennett has been very impressed and proud of how hard we have persevered!

Lots of us have been enjoying our new 'Reading Nook' in class this week. We have enjoyed the colour changing mood lighting, the comfy seat and bean bag to sit on, the fluffy toy monkey and of course our exciting and colourful new books! In our guided reading lessons, we have been showing our value of courage by standing at the front of the class and recommending books to our classmates. Miss Bennett writes our recommendations up and displays them in our Reading Nook. We are loving encouraging others to read our favourite books!

We hope you have a lovely weekend - Owls!

Week 2 - Friday 10th November:


This week has been very exciting as we have started our nativity rehearsals! We have been learning our songs to the piano and are already sounding beautiful! Some of us showed our school value of courage as we audition Thursday lunch time to hopefully get a main part in our performance!

In English, we have been using our expanded noun phrase skill by using lots of adjectives to describe 'Sophy' the main character in our story! In curriculum, we have been learning all about rationing and why it began. We can tell everyone a list of supplies that were rationed, the name of the campaign the government started and even what rationing means!

We hope you have a lovely weekend - Owls!