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Dormouse Class (EYFS)

Welcome to Dormouse Class

My name is Mrs Bramwell and I will be teaching in Reception. We are called Dormouse Class.  I will be with you every day except Wednesday afternoons; this is the time I use to plan all the wonderful activities we do in Dormouse class. We have two teaching assistants who help us with our learning. Mrs McDonough who works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Mrs Dillon who works Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.


I am also the Computing lead so I am responsible for ensuring the curriculum is up to date and relevant for all of our children.

Term 1 - Week 2


This week in Dormouse Class we joined together as a full cohort. This means there was double the number of children! You have already shown us what a fantastic bunch you are-taking time changes and a busy classroom in your stride. We have also ventured out onto the field at playtime to give us a chance to practice what lunch time will be like next week.


This we we have focused our learning on the "Zones of Regulation." This is a system whereby colours are assigned to different feelings to give the children a way to explain how they feel. We learnt all about the different feelings, how its not wrong to feel a certain way and that there maybe times we need help to change them to help us feel better. With each colour the children have been able to make links between the emotions associated with the zones and their personal experiences which has been wonderful to hear.


We're all excited to have you for lunch next week. Enjoy your weekend.


Mrs Bramwell

Term 1- Week 1


What a fantastic start to term! I am so proud of our newest members of the Cadbury Heath family they have settled in brilliantly.


This week we have learnt our 3 school rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe and how we can make sure to follow them. We have also been learning how to use our classroom space both inside and outside.


Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Bramwell