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Dormouse Class (EYFS)

Welcome to Dormouse Class

My name is Mrs Bramwell and I will be teaching in Reception. We are called Dormouse Class.  I will be with you every day except Wednesday afternoons; this is the time I use to plan all the wonderful activities we do in Dormouse class. We have two teaching assistants who help us with our learning. Mrs McDonough who works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning and Mrs Dillon who works Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.


I am also the Computing lead so I am responsible for ensuring the curriculum is up to date and relevant for all of our children.

Term 3 - Week 1


Welcome back to school! It has been lovely to see you all back.

We jumped straight back in to our learning this week recapping all the sounds we have learnt so far in phonics, reading sentences and writing captions.

We spent some time talking about how we celebrated Christmas - the children shared what gift they got, who they spent time with and what food they ate. It is safe to say the children are very lucky and we all like chocolate cake!


Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Term 2- Week 7


What a fantastic ending to this term. We had a wonderful time at our Christmas party playing pass the parcel and dancing to music.

We learnt about the Christmas story this week. We made links to our nativity performance, retold the story using figures and talked about why it is an important celebration for Christians.


We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

See you in January.

The Reception Team.

Term 2- Week 6


What an action packed week! We really hope you enjoyed out nativity performance with Key Stage 1; the children were fantastic and I am incredibly proud of them all.


We used the book 'Dear Father Christmas' to inspire our letters to Santa. The children worked very hard to use their phonic knowledge to write the letters. Some children then used the Argos catalogues to write extra lists- I have demonstrated copying the words from the book so I apologise if the lists are longer than expected this year!

Many thanks to the kind parent helpers who supported us walking round to the post box to post our letters today we needed to make sure Santa definitely knows what we asked for!


Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Term 2 - Week 5


This week we have been practicing reading and writing with all the sounds we have learnt so far. The children are being encouraged to say the words in slow motion to hear each sound- just in case they have been practising at home we're not completely crazy!


We have been having our first go are using a story map to retell the story of Goldilocks and the three Bears. The children enjoy using these to help them remember and they are viatl tools we use to support writing throughout school.


Enjoy the weekend.

Mrs Bramwell


Term 2 - Week 4


We have started a new topic this week - Traditional Tales in which we will look at lots of well know books to support our story telling language. We have used Goldilocks and the Three bears to begin. The children have been listening to different versions of the story and spotting the differences and retelling the story in the role play area. 


In maths we have been focusing on numbers 4 and 5, looking at the composition, the numerals and of course our favourite Numberblocks characters have helped us out!.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Mrs Bramwell

Term 2- Week 3


In English this week we talked about who is in our family. We shared family photos with each other and talked about when and where the photos were taken. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their photos and information about their families. 


In Maths we looked a positional language and used it to build obstacle courses and draw maps.


We are working very hard on our Christmas performance songs as well I'm sure you're hearing them at home!

Mrs Bramwell

Term 2- Week 2


This week we have been following the whole school topic -We Will Remember Them. We used the story 'Where the Poppies Now Grow' to introduce the idea of remembrance and why this is an important time for lots of people. We painted pebbles with poppies, used egg cartons to create a wreath and sketched poppies into our sketch books.


In Maths we have been linking shapes to the numbers 1, 2 & 3. The children have been learning and using the correct mathematical vocabulary to describe the properties of shapes, for example "a triangle has 3 corners and 3 straight sides."


We hope you have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Bramwell

Term 2- Week 1


Welcome back to Dormouse class, we hope you enjoyed the half term break.

This week has been a busy one. In English we have looked at 2 special occasions: Diwali and Bonfire night.

The children learnt the story of Rama and Sita which helps us understand why Diwali is celebrated. We made diya lamps, painted rangoli patterns and made footprints to show the Goddess Lakshmi the way to our classroom. We found out some of the ways Diwali is celebrated and compared it to special occasions we have attended. 

We learned about the Gunpowder plot as the reason for celebrating Bonfire night. We talked about displays we had seen, how to care for pets and how to look after ourselves. 

In Maths we have been consolidating our understanding of 1, 2, and 3. We are practising subitising - recognising what the amount is without counting and recording the numerals.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Term 1- Week 7


What a week! We finished learning about the human body this week by finding out what's inside and talking about our senses. The children were fantastic at remembering what some of the different organs were called and the job they do.  We finished the week looking at Autumn. We went for a walk around the grounds looking for different signs of Autumn and collected some leaves, pinecones and acorns to investigate further in our classroom. On Friday we had a bit of Halloween fun carving pumpkins.


Un Maths we have explored the numbers 1, 2 & 3 looking at different ways to represent them, practicing our counting and number recognition.


Have a wonderful half term.

Mrs Bramwell

Knowledge Organiser- Marvellous Me

Term 1- Week 6


In English this week we have continued learning about the body. We worked with a partner to build a body talking about which bits go where. We had another go at being authors and acting out our stories with our friends- this week we had lots of comedy shows!


In Maths we have been comparing groups of objects; first sorting objects, then counting them which helped us decide whether there was more, fewer or and equal amount of items.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Term 1- Week 5


In English this week, we have compared our life to that of Cidina who lives in a village in Brazil. We talked about our bedrooms, houses, families and aspirations for the future. We also began looking at the human body and spent some time labelling the different parts we knew.

We also became storytellers for the first time. Most of us told a story to an adult and then we acted it out each one on stage. The children absolutely loved this- the adults did too! We can’t wait to hear your stories next time.

In Maths, we have been looking at sorting items into categories. We have been carrying this out both in whole class activities and during our independent learning time.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

Mrs Bramwell

Term 1 - Week 4


We have had an extremely busy week in Dormouse class. Our first week staying for the whole day has certainly been tiring for the children and staff! We took part in our first house meeting; listening to the candidates pitch there ideas and asking them questions. Then we exercised our right to vote at the polling station.

In English we have used the book 'My World Your World' to begin to explore the similarities and differences between ourselves and others. The children talked carefully with a partner to find things they both liked, activities they take part in or how they travel to school and also something different. 


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Term 1- Week 3


Another action packed week in Dormouse Class! This week we have stayed for lunch - we learned how to walk sensibly down to the hall, how to carry our food tray safely and played outside with the older children. 


The children have enjoyed exploring the outdoor area further this week. We have been building dens in the trees, making obstacle courses and practicing hula hooping.


Inside we have been making strange insects and robots using the playdoh, having a go at colour mixing and showing off our counting skills. 


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Term 1 - Week 2


This week in Dormouse Class we joined together as a full cohort. This means there was double the number of children! You have already shown us what a fantastic bunch you are-taking time changes and a busy classroom in your stride. We have also ventured out onto the field at playtime to give us a chance to practice what lunch time will be like next week.


This we we have focused our learning on the "Zones of Regulation." This is a system whereby colours are assigned to different feelings to give the children a way to explain how they feel. We learnt all about the different feelings, how its not wrong to feel a certain way and that there maybe times we need help to change them to help us feel better. With each colour the children have been able to make links between the emotions associated with the zones and their personal experiences which has been wonderful to hear.


We're all excited to have you for lunch next week. Enjoy your weekend.


Mrs Bramwell

Term 1- Week 1


What a fantastic start to term! I am so proud of our newest members of the Cadbury Heath family they have settled in brilliantly.


This week we have learnt our 3 school rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe and how we can make sure to follow them. We have also been learning how to use our classroom space both inside and outside.


Enjoy your weekend.

Mrs Bramwell