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Badger Class (Y3)

Welcome to Badger Class! 


Class Teacher: Miss Russell

I teach Badger Class every day except for Tuesday afternoons when Mrs Elliott and our PE coach Mike take the class. This is so that I can have some time to plan exciting activities for us to do each week! I am also head of ‘The Arts’ as I absolutely love getting creative and teaching music. I lead whole school singing assemblies where I’m often taking requests, so please let me know your favourite songs!

Knowledge Organiser

Friday 16th July

Wow what a week we have had!

We started the week with using scales to find the mass of different objects, then Miss Nicholls gave us an amount that we had to weigh – for example 900g of baked beans! We had lots of fun using the scales and it really helped us to understand mass.

In English we began writing a story, using the book ‘belonging’ to inspire us. We have been practising using complex sentences, speech and expanded noun phrases.

We even managed to squeeze a local walk in before we had to go home and isolate! On Wednesday afternoon we took a stroll to see the two sites where Cadbury Heath Primary School used to be. It was interesting to think about how the local area has changed with the change in location.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, stay safe and enjoy the sunshine J


Friday 9th July

In English this week we have been practising writing direct speech and complex sentences, which will help us to write our stories next week!

In Maths we have been learning about mass, using balance scales to help our understanding and reading scales.

During computing we have been learning how to copy and paste pictures onto a PowerPoint.

We have started a new topic, learning about our school. We learned a lot about the history of the school – it has been on two different sites before this one and it used to have toilets outside.

On Friday we were allowed to wear England tops/white/red to get into the football spirit! We are keeping our fingers crossed that England will win the Euros on Sunday and it will be coming home (at last!).

Friday 2nd July



This week had lots of fun getting creative making biomes using shoeboxes, take a look at our pictures!

We had sports day on Wednesday and participated in lots of different activities, including sack races, egg and spoon races and relay races. We also practised our dribbling, balancing and throwing skills.

We got to have delicious ice lollies to cool us down at the end of the afternoon.

We wrote lovely poems about plants using all of the skills that we learned last week.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 25th June


This week in Badger class we have been using Angie Lewin’s artwork to inspire our flower art project.

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and had lots of fun making our own 3D shapes using straws and blue tac – take a look at our pictures!

In English we have been learning about similes, expanded noun phrases, metaphors and alliteration to help us write amazing poems next week.

We’ve also been practising some activities ready for Sports Day next week – we can’t wait!

Friday 18th June


We are so proud of our explanation texts where we have written about the parts of a plant and their functions. We illustrated our texts with water colours and took inspiration from 'The Big Book of Blooms' by Yuval Zommer. 


We have started our cress experiment to see what different conditions do to the growth of a plant and we will be updating our findings each week. We have already been surprised by the cress growing in the dark! 

Friday 11th June 


Today we had our CSET coaches in and we leant how to play archery and lacrosse! We had an amazing time and Miss Russell was so impressed with how respectful we were to the coaches and how well we all joined in. Have a look at our pictures below! 


We have started our new topic all about plants and have started growing plants! Miss Russell showed us how to make spider plant babies and we have covered the class with them. We are learning about what plants need to survive and about different wild flowers. 


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine! :) 

Friday 21st May 


This week we made cartouches, which were plaques for the names of Pharaohs. We used salt dough and carved our hieroglyphics. When they are dry will wait paint them and show you! 

We made pulley systems which were used in Ancient Egypt to build pyramids. Pyramid blocks were as heavy as 10 elephants! 

Our new book 'Marcy and the riddle of the sphinx' starts with a picture of a star map so we used the one sunny day this week to make constellations out of daisies! 

Stay safe :) 


Friday 14th May


What an amazing bunch of writers we have! Badger class have written amazing non-chronological reports about Ancient Egypt. Have a read below! We have also learnt about the River Nile and the number system that the Ancient Egyptians created. 

Friday 7th May


This week we have loved learning about hieroglyphics and creating our names and words out of the signs. We turned ourselves into Egyptians and have also started writing our own class rap! We are so excited to share our non-chronological reports about Ancient Egypt with you next week. After a windy start to the week, we were thankful to have some sun today :) 

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Friday 30th April 


That's another month done! Where is the time going? 

This week we have been learning about fractions in Maths and made our own fraction wall to help us understand equivalents. We have been using our topic of Ancient Egypt to help develop our writing skills. We have practised using suffixes and plurals this week. We are enjoying learning all of the weird and gruesome facts about Ancient Egypt! 



Friday 23rd April 


We have started learning our new topic which is all about Ancient Egypt! On Monday we mummified oranges! It was very fun/messy and our oranges are now preserved. It would have taken the Ancient Egyptians 70 days to mummify a body. We did it in one morning! 


We also made the most of the weather and went outside to learn about society and the roles the Ancient Egyptians had. We chose what job we would have enjoyed. 


Have a look at our knowledge organiser to find out what else we will be learning this term. 


Enjoy the sunshine this weekend! 

Knowledge Organiser

Thursday 1st April


Happy Easter everybody! 


We've had a fab last couple of weeks. We have made and finished our model worlds which show the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. We worked brilliantly with our partner. 

We have now finished our Natural Disasters topic and Miss Russell is sending off our letters to Prince Charles that thank him for his work to help battle climate change, tell him about what we've been learning and ask questions. Hopefully we will get a reply! 

Have a lovely, restful break and I am looking forward to starting a brand new topic next term! :) 

Miss Russell x 

Friday 19th March 


We have had another busy week! We got back to learning and recapping skills in our English and Maths lessons. In Maths we have been learning about fractions; finding halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. In English we are practising skills to use in our letters that we will be writing to Prince Charles! We were inspired by Greta Thunberg's book and as Prince Charles is very involved in environmental research and charities we thought he might like to hear about what we've been up to and listen to our ideas! 


In the afternoons we have started to create world sculptures to help us with understanding the different rock types that make up the layers of the earth. Next week we will be painting them to show the inner core, outer core, mantle and crust. 

Friday 12th March


Wow what a week! We have done everything from singing to protesting! Our Art Week was inspired by climate change. Below is just a glance into the fun that we had. It's been so brilliant to have everyone back in this week. Enjoy the weekend!

Friday 5th March


We have made it to the end of our lockdown learning whether we are in school or at home! Everyone has persevered and been amazing throughout this period of school - you should all be very proud of yourselves!

This week, we have been focusing on fairy tales as this was our theme for Book Week. Fox and Badger class listened to the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs and then The True Story of The Three Little Pigs, which tells the story from the wolf's point of view! We had a go at creating story maps and then either writing, drawing or speaking our fractured fairy tales, where we changed characters or told the story from another perspective! At the end of the week, we wrote a character description about the wolf! We even made the three houses from the story and tested which ones would stand strong against the huffing and puffing from Mr Wolf!


Lots of us dressed up for World Book Day and we looked fabulous! We were even part of a live video with an author! To celebrate World Book Day, we completed a range of activities from reading to our pets, to making book marks, to completing a World Book Day quiz!


We are all looking forward to being back together on Monday 8th March for our amazing Arts Week! 

Friday 26th February 


The school is buzzing with the excitement of hearing everyone will be returning on the 8th March! We can't wait to have everyone back with us 


Even with this exciting news, we have all managed to concentrate and learn some new and wonderful things! 


This week we looked at the recent trip to Mars! We watched the video of the rover driving on Mars' surface and thought about whether there would be life somewhere else in the universe! 


We were also amazed to have replies from our link school in Nepal! Last term we wrote letters and the children there replied! Have a look at the pictures to see what they said.....

Friday 12th February


What another brilliant week of learning we have had both in school and at home! We have reached the last day of the term and everyone has worked so, so hard over the last few weeks! We are super proud of you all!

In English this week, we have been pulling all of our skills together to write instructions on how to build a den and a treehouse! Some of our treehouse designs are amazing! In maths, we have been doing lots of measuring both in class and at home. We have learnt about cm, mm and m and today we had a go at comparing lengths! Topic learning this week has been very exciting, we created sediment jars to see how the layers of the earth form. Today, we learnt about and celebrated Chinese New Year by making some lanterns!

We wish you all the lovely half term break that you deserve! 

Friday 5th February 


Miss Bennett and I have been amazed with all the creativity that has taken place this week! As part of Children's Mental Health Week we have seen dancing, art work, models, fantastic outfits, baking and more! I hope everyone managed to take a moment to chill and have a moment of calm this week amongst all the busyness. I know lots of you enjoyed our zen den and yoga activities. 


As part of our topic we set the challenge of creating a volcano! Attached are some pictures from school and home. They are amazing! Well done everyone :) 

Friday 29th January


We have had yet another week of brilliant learning both in school and at home! Miss Russell and Miss Bennett are so proud of everyone for all of their hard work! 


In English, we have been writing setting descriptions to describe a picture of the wilderness. In topic, we did some outdoor learning where we collected sticks, pine cones and leaves to play noughts and crosses, make a stick man and build a twig tower. Our tallest tower was 178cm! We also made bird feeders to feed all of the lovely birds that come to visit our school grounds! In maths, we have been using our money and times table knowledge to answer lots of problem solving questions!

Friday 22nd January 


What a busy week learning at home for all of us! We've been practising our skills using money in Maths sessions and planning to write the ending to our story 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter'. Over the weekend we have been set a rock cake baking challenge as we are learning about rocks and soils in Science! I am looking forward to seeing your creations and I'm sure you'll have a great time eating them! 


Have a look through some of the fantastic work completed in home learning books this week. 


Well done for all of your resilience and concentration this week. Be kind to yourselves and enjoy your weekend everyone! 

Friday 15th January 


Everyone has been working so hard at home and in school. We are all so proud of you. We have started our new topic 'Natural Disasters' and learnt about earthquakes and tornados. This week we designed and built structures to withstand an earthquake! We also used our sketching skills to create tornado art. Have a look at some brilliant examples from school and from home. Well done everyone! 

Friday 13th November 


We finished writing our non-chronological reports about rationing during WW2. We have been learning about the 'Digging for Victory' campaign, the Black Market and the Women's Land Army. 


We were inspired by the Pop Artist Andy Warhol and created our own artwork using rationed food cans and bright coloured paint. Watch this space for the finished piece! 


We had a great time making our self-portraits to raise money for our school. The PTA will be turning them into calendars! If you'd like to purchase your child's calendar please send the slip back. The portraits are below so you can see what you're buying. We think they're amazing and look just like us!


Have a lovely, restful weekend x 

Friday 6th November 


We started our new topic about WW2 and rationing! Britain couldn't import food because ships were being bombed so the government had to make sure everyone had a fair share. We tasted foods that were around during the war and that needed rationing. We tried Spam, jam, crackers, tinned peach and oranges. 


We learnt about the countries around the world that were involved in the war. The countries that fought with Britain were called allies and those that fought for Germany were axis. 


We learnt that there were 3.5 million allotments being used during wartime. People would use parks, rubbish dumps, school playgrounds and golf courses to grow vegetables. The campaign was called 'Dig for Victory!' Everyone was encouraged to grow what they could to make sure no one went hungry. Today we designed our own allotments and yesterday we made 'Dig for Victory' posters. 

Friday 23rd October 


Happy half term! 


We had a fab day today! We loved coming into school in our fancy dress costumes and loved making hand puppet monsters and cobweb pastel art. We even managed to concentrate enough to write our river poems. 


We completed spooky Halloween maths and made board games that travel down haunted streets and stop off at maths problems to solve. 


We brought home our Christmas art to be turned into Christmas cards today. Adults at home - please make sure to follow the instructions sent out this week on how to order the Christmas cards - they need to be sent back in when you've done this. 


Have a lovely, restful break everyone and Happy Halloween! 

Friday 16th October


We wrote our final piece of descriptive writing about rivers this week as well as making our own river models. 


We are still enjoying being in Badger class and spending time together. 


We have been adding using column addition and learning about exchanging. 


We have practised our sketching techniques and used Hokusai's 'The Great Wave' as inspiration. Watch this space! 

Friday 9th October 


This week we have been making 3D river models with our talk partner. Our models show a river starting at its source at the top of an icy mountain. They show the journey from the mountain down to the ocean. We used modrock, paint and tissue paper. 


As it is mental health week, Miss Russell gave us 'cookie time'! She told us cookies (and spending time chatting with our friends) help our mental health!  We learnt a dance too as exercising and learning something new helps our minds. 


We've been drawing bar models in maths and practicing our adding and subtracting. 

Friday 2nd October 


At the start of the week we held the guinea pigs! They were super cuddly. Their names are Oreo, Caramel and Fudge. Have a look at our pictures! 


We learnt a song about the water cycle. Ask us to sing it at home for you:


Water travels in a cycle, yes it does!

Water travels in a cycle, yes it does!

It goes up as evaporation,

Forms clouds as condensation, 

Then comes down as precipitation,

Yes it does! 


(to the tune of 'if you're happy and you know it clap your hands')


In maths we have been concentrating on drawing our bar models in our books. We used them to add multiples of 100. In English we read a book called 'River Story' and it has been helping us to use noun phrases. 

Friday 25th September 


This afternoon we learnt all about the water cycle. We made mini water cycles in a bag. Miss Russell has asked us to tape these up on a sunny window and fill with a bit of water. Hopefully we will see an example of evaporation, condensation and precipitation. 


We finished our writing using 'A River' as our inspiration. We wrote descriptive recounts and practised our skills; writing lists, using expanded noun phrases and compound sentences. In our Maths session we have been learning how to count to 100 and 1000. Today we added 100, 10 and 1 to numbers. 


We loved spending the afternoon on Thursday learning netball skills. We practised our chest passing. 


One afternoon some of us also learnt how to play chess at lunchtime! 


Have a lovely, sunny weekend! 

Friday 18th September 


Happy Friday everyone! It was a lovely sunny week for us and we had lots of opportunities to play outside on our school field, build dens, explore and play with our friends in the sun 


This week we enjoyed reading the story 'A River' and learnt about using expanded noun phrases to make our writing exciting for the reader. We are mastering place value in our Maths sessions and will be starting to look at numbers to 1000 next week! 


We enjoyed developing our ball skills in our PE session. We will be learning the skills used in Netball this term! 

Friday 11th September


We have had a fab first week back! We are loving being part of Badger class and made our own badgers out of our hand prints. We have also loved seeing our friends again and being able to spend play times together. Having the best shiny, new classroom has made coming back to school even better! Thank you to our adults at home for sending us in with boxes to make our happy boxes 


We have got straight back into to being mathematicians and writers. We have been challenged to use SeeSaw and TT rockstars every week for our homework. 


We have been busy making boats as part of our 'Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion' topic. We learnt about how boats have changed through the ages. This afternoon we asked Miss Russell if we could test our boats on water!