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Term 1

Week 7


Wow- what an action packed week!

We have been learning about the seasons this week specifically Autumn.  The children have created Autumn trees, learned how to do leaf rubbing and been on an Autumn walk around our wonderful grounds.


In Maths we continued to explore groups of items. We looked at groups which contain different items and used the words "more" and "fewer" to describe them.


It was lovely to have some parents join us for our family learning event. We hoped you enjoyed sharing in our learning about Autumn. 


We went on a walk through school today to show off our fantastic writing! Everyone we showed gave us a round of applause - the children were so proud of themselves.


Have a wonderful and well deserved half term break.

The Reception Team

Week 6


This week in Dormouse Class we have been using the book Rosie's Walk to support our learning. We have been sequencing the story by thinking about what happens next.  We used the positional language in the book to build and navigate obstacle courses.


In Maths we have been looking at groups of objects and comparing them using language such are more and fewer. The children have also been explaining how they know it is more for example, "she has more because 5 apples is more than 4 apples."


Have a wonderful weekend.

The Reception Team

Week 5


What a busy week in Dormouse class!

We have been learning about Harvest and why it is important, we had a go at sketching some vegetables in our brand new sketch books and we designed our own scarecrows.


In Maths we have been working on the number 5. The children had a maths challenge afternoon where they had to find different numbers of items- they were absolutely fantastic at this!


We had a tag rugby taster session where we learnt about dodging tackles!


Have a wonderful weekend.

The Reception Team




Week 4


This week we have our first talk partner. This is the person who we can talk to if we're stuck with our learning or would like to share ideas.  We sit in our talk partner spaces for our carpet learning times.


In Maths this week we have been looking at number 4. We have started using resources to help us with our learning including counters, 5 frames and even had a go on the interactive whiteboard!


We have shared circle times about being proud of our work and have started to fill our proud wall up in the classroom.


Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception Team

Week 3


What a busy week with lots of new thigs to do.


We have had some training with the new PlayPod items. This is a fantastic resource from the Scrap Store which the children can use for all sorts of creative fun at lunch time.


We started our Maths learning by looking at counting a 1, 2 and 3 items and recognising the numerals.


We have continued with our phonics learning and are starting to read some words!


Have a lovely weekend.

The Reception team

Week 2


This week we have started learning the phonic sounds which will help us to read. The sounds we have learnt have been added to the Home Learning Tab (there is no "hand in" work just something to look at). The children have been amazing at this remembering both the sound and the picture to support them. 


We have continued exploring our classroom environment this week using different resources, making relationships as a whole class and sharing the space safely. 

I have received many compliments from the lunch staff for our fantastic manners, kind behaviours and listening skills which is brilliant for our first week having dinner in school.


Have a wonderful weekend.

The Reception Team.

Week 1


What a fantastic first week we have had in Dormouse class. The children have settled in brilliantly by making new friendships, learning our 3 school rules and waiting very patiently to be officially introduced to Audrey!


We have explored all areas of our classroom both inside and out. The children have shown a flair for construction, role play and cooking - we were even asked if we had any basil!


Have a wonderful weekend. 

The Reception Team