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School Values


Learning and Growing Together




Cadbury Heath Primary is an inclusive family school at the heart of our community. We provide the support and guidance that our children need to flourish, both academically and personally.


We feel privileged to serve our community, knowing that we are teaching our pupils to grow and develop into curious, kind and resilient individuals who will make a positive contribution to society, having achieved their personal and academic best before they leave us.


OUR VALUES – Everyone in our school family…


  • Is committed to serving our community so that everyone feels a sense of belonging and shows kindness to others
  • Is committed to developing resilience
  • Is passionate about our curriculum that enables a child to achieve their full potential as a rounded, curious individual
  • Will strive to ensure that, when it is time for our children to leave us, they will have been given the building blocks to make a positive difference to the world as they continue to grow and develop.