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Term 6

Friday 7th July - week 6: 


This week in maths, we have been exploring quadrilaterals and polygons. Did you know that there are regular and iregular quadrilaterals and polygons? Today we have been taught rounders by year 6 children. It was fun! We have beginning to write our job applications for a dragon trainer or carer in English using complex sentences, similes and the present progressive tense. For art this week, we have been looking at fabric and drawing the patterns we saw on a piece of fabric. On Thursday, Jaiden, Harry, Poppy, Fletcher and Ellie went up to the front of the hall and performed while some of our class mates performed at Saint George's chior!

Friday 30th June 2023 - week 4:


This week,we have been exploring more of the Vikings! Did you know that the Viking ships are called longships? In PE we have been taught bench ball by year 6 girls and had so much fun by learning this type of skill. In topic,we have wrote all about Vikings saying who were they, where they came from and why they came and last of all how they arrived. One afternoon,we got out the glockenspiels and tried to play a song with them called Blackbird and just to have fun, we listened to a song called Yellow Submarine and we had a blast!

Friday 23rd June - Week


On Thursday, we were planning for our big piece of writing which is a job application to become a dragon trainer. In maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract money as well as estimating money to the nearest amount. This week we have been learning about the Vikings and writing a paragraph about them. Did you know the word Viking means pirate raid in old Norse! In science, we have been learning all about the ear and so we have conducted experiments using paper cup telephones. Our music subject has seen us learning the song Blackbird by the Beatles. Next Friday, we are going to have a multiplication timestables check picnic! In PE, we've been learning about how important exercise is so we did an Indian train in three groups with Miss Temple and Mrs Harris the headteacher.




Friday 16th June - week 3:


This week we have been drawing and creating our very own dragon eyes by following a step-by-step guide tutorial (above)! This has linked to our English writing on 'How To Train Your Dragon' - please enjoy the pictures of our artwork!


On Thursday, we saw the return of Nigel for our singing assembly! We loved singing along to his piano playing and even learnt some new songs!

Friday 9th June 2023 - Week 1:


What a jammed pack first week back we have had!! On Tuesday morning, we were joined by Alex and Dean - two CSET coaches and they taught us all about frisbee!! We played a game in teams, where we had to get as many catches as we could and some of us may have had the advantage of having Miss Bennett on our team! We learnt 3 different ways to catch the frisbee and these were the clamp, the crab and the bear hug. Once we had practised our catching skills, we got into teams ready for a game of frisbee golf! We had to throw our frisbee towards a hoop somewhere on the field in as least amount of goes as possible - some of us did it in 4 throws!!

On Wednesday, we were joined by Mrs Todd, who taught us all about how to save our money to be able to buy the things that we would like in life! We were lucky enough to be gifted a special 'Santander' pen!

Friday of course saw the return on the CHPS Summer Dance and what a brilliant afternoon it was. Miss Bennett was so incredibly proud of how well we performed our dance to 'What do you mean?' by Justin Bieber. We remembered all of our moves, all went the correct way, all stayed in time with each other and then all finished with an excellent group finish! Us Foxes of course looked super stylish the whole way through, with our funky t-shirts, backwards cap and sun glasses - GO TEAM FOX!!