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Term 6

We had a fun last week of term! We have done lots of exciting things including cooking. We cut rhubarb up and stewed it before turning it into a crumble. We also made chocolate crackles using cocoa powder and cereal flakes - they were delicious! After that, we combined flour, oil and yeast to made a dough and kneaded it. We then rolled it into a pizza base and put tomato puree and cheese on top before cooking it in the oven - it was yummy. We made pop-up cards by cutting card up into different shapes.


In P.E., we played bulldog using basketballs, a basketball game and red light, green light. We also did a recount of our Year 5 camp out, and learned about negative temperatures in Maths. We worked together to sort out the classroom ready for next year and then had a fun board games day on the last day.


We hope you have a lovely summer holidays and we are looking forward to going into Year 6! smiley

Friday 14th July 2023

Sadly, it's one of our last weeks in school and year 5 until the 6 week holidays. The most exciting thing is that year 5 had a camp out! Other than the yearly rainshower when everyone camps, we had a nice time (children may be tired today) and even got to play rounders and dodgeball. Now now don't worry your children were fed and for dinner they had a slection of burgers or hotdogs and then delicious smores. For breakfast, they had the choice of cereal or toast and to drink tea, squash, water or hot chocolate. Also, we played three rounds of whole school -not outside- hide and seek and Finley won 2 rounds and Ollie won one. For Math, we have been learning about negative numbers but thats not all Year 5 have wrote a 3-5 paragraph explanation on how a life cycle of an animal or plant works. For the last day of this week, everyone mostly chilled as they were quite tired from the camp out. We did math and made some beautiful posters of how to survive a Year 5 camp out!


Have a nice weekend everyone! :) 


This week was a very busy week in Hawk class! We learned about translation and reflection of shapes in maths. We also used our plans to write an introduction for our persuasive pieces about the marvellous M-Shed in Bristol. We also did lots of assessments to see what we remember from our learning for this year, including Maths, spelling and grammar. Finally, we enjoyed a fun Science lesson learning about how plants reproduce. We even went outside to look at the parts of a flower we'd learned about and then drew a diagram. We also practised our basketball skills and even played a basketball game! Then, we learned about the importance of happiness and how to improve our wellbeing. As well as this, we had dance for P.E. 

We showed the entire school our beautiful singing by doing a dress rehearsal for the Year 6's show called The Keymaster. Considering it was our first time performing it to an audience, we did such a good job! 

We look forward to another exciting week at CHPS!

Friday 23rd June 2023

This week, we have been learning about many interesting things like a start on a persuasive letter about the magnificent M-shed (you should check it out because it is fun and free)! We also wrote a review. In maths, Hawk class have been learning about translating shapes and plotting graphs. Remember: x is first and y is last. We also practised more basketball which was fun.

Whilst a few people from our class went for swimming last week, year 5 and 6 started projects on either Charles Darwin or the Windrush. The Empire Windrush is about people, mainly from the Caribbean, going aboard the Windrush boat because men from the war had been wounded and jobs were left and had to be occupied. They travelled to Britain thinking that it would be nice and they would be welcomed. Sadly, they were not treated kindly and faced racism so we made projects on the events and what happened. Did you know that the woman mainly slept in hammocks and people on board mainly ate thin soup?


Year 6 have been rehearsing for their leaver's show along with year 5 doing the chorus and being the backing singers to their performane. We are learning the Keymaster and rehearsing everyday so that we know all of our lines. The show is coming together! 


Have a lovely weekend!

Monday 12th June - Friday 16th June 2023

Another busy week in year 5!  This week, we started our sessions with the Health Squad who are teaching us about keeping fit and healthy and how to play basketball. We started to learn about the Windrush generation and why they came to Britain.  Some of us went swimming everyday in the afternoons to improve our ability to be stronger and more successful swimmers. 

Monday 5th June - Friday 9th June 2023

We had a fun week this week. On Tuesday, we went to Bristol to visit the M-Shed. We looked at exhibits about slavery, saw an old-fashioned green bus and went into an Anderson shelter! It was really interesting to explore the historic exhibits. We walked to College Green and had a class picnic! We then went into Bristol Cathedral to look around and we were lucky enough to hear a beautiful piano recital. 

In Maths, we had a visitor who worked at Santander bank. They taught us about spending and saving money and how to budget your money sensibly. We also learned about how to read and interpret tables. In English, we talked about our trip and wrote descriptive words we can use in a persuasive piece. In Curriculum, we learned about Edward Colston who lived in Bristol and was a leader in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.


We had the Summer dance on friday afternoon where every class performed a song in front of the parents. Our class chose Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and we spent lots of time perfecting it before showing our best moves with an audience! 

We had a great week and look forward to seeing you next week! 🦅