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Term 5

We have been working as geographers this week to discuss weather in each season. We pretended to be weather reporters and explain what the temperature is. We looked at different cities in the UK and compared the weather.

We became authors this week and published our first book. We used a well known book 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and recreated our own.


We have been growing our very own plants from seeds. We used soil and labelled ours, we will then measure them and water them every week.

We also wrote using 'The Tadpole's promise' and described how the characters felt. We then 'purple polished' and edited our work to make it even better and find marvellous mistakes. 

We have been working hard as mathematicians and to check our work we have been using resources and working with a partner. 

We have been busy as writers this week retelling the story of the 'Tadpole's promise' and creating our own story maps. We then wrote each part of the story and discussed it with our partners using oracy. 

We also sketched images of the new King's crown, using skills we had previously taught. 

We looked at the images and even used shading. 

This week as scientists we have been learning about different habitats and our environment. 

We made season wheels and showed how environments change each year and made this into a process. This means every year we change and then continue this process, we showed this with photos including plants, animals and weather.

We discussed how weather effects animals and plants and different weather in the UK compared to different parts of the world. 


We made different habitats for woodland animals and found green, cold and dark places as this is where they like to live. 

As authors, we made reports on the forest and gave ideas and information about how to look after them and not disrespect them - DONT OUR BOOKS LOOK EPIC!!



This week we have been very creative! Using art to create a masterpiece.

Our focus was the ocean, with a specific theme of saving the planet. 


We used a book we had previously read about a puffin who got caught in plastic balloons from a shop opening. We are making a large canvas to show what happens when people release balloons and what effects this has on wildlife and sea creatures.

We have been making a collage for a beach scene, making cardboard animals and people and even paper mache balloons. 

We have also been learning some new songs and refining our dance for the dance show after half term.