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Term 5

Week 6 - Friday 26th May:


Hooray, this week is art week! Our topic is plastic pollution in the sea and we are representing this problem using colourful crafts. We have been learning a song about this crisis. We have created a bottle-top mosaic mural showing animals that are in danger because of thousands of rubbish dumped in the ocean every year. We finished off the week by learning about an artist who used his skills to draw brilliant pictures depicting now and after the tipping point of climate change. Earlier on in the week, we have cut out carboard turtles and layered up the shells to create amazing works of art and now we are getting ready for the half term.


Enjoy the sunny week ahead!


Week 5: Friday 19th May


This week saw the annual CHPS Sports Day and Summer picnic. Fox class thoroughly enjoyed both and loved that the sun stayed out to join us! We all enjoyed a delicious picnic on the field with our families and some of us LOVED Miss Bennett's Harry Potter blanket! During Sports Day, we have everything 100% and showed great sportsmanship. In the end of day races, we all tried our very best and had some very happy winners!

In our maths lessons this week, we have been learning to find tenths and hundredths and have been dividing by 10 and 100! It's been tricky learning but we all persevered and were able to apply our maths skills to some tricky challenges and problem solving! In English, we have started our writing basd in How To Train Your Dragon, which we are all vey excited about! We have been creating similes and learning about the present progressive tense!

Week 4: Friday 12th May


Our Summer dance is fast approaching so we have been rehearsing lots so that we can put on the best performance possible! We ar learning a dance to the song 'What do you mean?' by Justin Beiber and whilst it has been a little tricky to start with, we are gradually starting to pick it up and make sure we are all going the same way and in time with one another! Miss Bennett has been working us and herself hard and even her Fit-bit automatically picked up how much exercise she was doing!!

We hope you have a lovely weekend!!

Week 3 - Friday 5th May 2023:


This week Fox Class did Cadbury Heath proud at Ashton Gate Stadium as part of a celebration of sport with lots of other schools. They were absolutely brilliant from start to finish and showed respect, kindness and manners. Our Foxes also remembered to stay safe all day! We took part in a range of sports games and each of us gave them all 100% effort even if we found them a little tricky. We did gymnastics, cricket, handball, tag rugby, basketball and dodgeball! Despite using up so much energy on the pitch, we were still awake enough to enjoy a sing song on the coach when driving back to school! All the adults are incredibly proud of all of the children and it really was such a wonderful day!


Enjoy the Bank Holiday!! laugh

Week 2: Friday 28th April


We had a very exciting start to our week this week as we were joined by a Martial Arts instructor who is going to be leading sessionsnat Cadbury Heath on a Thursday evening. To get a feel for these classes, we were all lucky enough to have a taster sessions - even Miss Bennett joined in! It ws very important that we all showed respect, courage and listening during our session so that we could keep ourselves and others safe!

We learnt how to strike with our arms and kick with our feet. Those of us that were feeling brave, came up to the front to show off our martial arts moves to the whole class!


Foxes are very excitied to join the classes on Thursday and hopefully work towards earning their diffierent coloured belts!!

Week 1: Friday 21st April


We have had a brilliant first week back to Term 4 and can't believe how fast the year is going! Fox Class have continued their new learning in maths using our Power Maths lessons. Miss Bennett has been so impressed with the amount of discussion, explaining and debating (agreeing, building on and respectfully disagreeing). 


In English, we continued writing our stories based on 'Escape from Pompeii' and hope to soon be publishing them ready to feature on our new display including a huge volcano! In our stories we included: fronted adverbials, speech and the past progressive tense - very impressive!

In curriculum, we continued learning about the Romans and learnt about the history of Julius Caesar and created our own story boards to explain how and why he first invaded Britain. We also learnt about Roman cities and roads and discussed how important they were for the Romans. This was because they needed to send messages, trade goods and march to defend other cities if they needed help!

We hope you have a lovely weekend! laugh