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Term 5

Week 6


This week has been art week. The whole school focus was "There is no planet B." The children have been thinking about recycling and taking care of our world. They have been incredibly thoughtful considering many different ways in which they could help. 


Our brief was to create a 3D piece of art using recycled materials which spreads the message of our impact on the oceans. We have used recycled plastic bottles to make fish. Our 3D piece shows them all trapped in a fishing net and it is hanging from the ceiling of the arts and crafts area. I'm sure you'll be ale to see it through the windows!


Have a wonderful half term break.

Mrs Bramwell

Week 5


Dormouse Class certainly have had an actioned packed week! We started out using google earth to find our houses. The children were fantastic at navigating using the online tool as well as using their knowledge of the local area to find their way home. We then created maps using our own ideas lots of sweet shops were added as well as mountains, rivers and volcanoes!

On Wednesday we went for a walk around the local area labelling local features such as bridges, shops and sports fields- many thanks to the parents who supported us. 

We had our first try at directing Beebots around on our maps which was challenging! 


In Maths we have been focusing on halving this week and the children have been incredible. They have really grasped the concept of equal groups, sharing and fairness. 

It was lovely to see so many of you at the family picnic and sports day. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Have a restful weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Week 4

This week in Dormouse Class we have been working on learning double facts in Maths. The children have learnt a rhyme to help them to remember, used their finger, counters and playdoh to explore them. We used the words equal groups and the same to help us describe.


In English we have been reading the book "Me on the Map" to help us begin to understand how maps are used. We have used google earth to begin to explore where we live. The children showed fantastic understanding of our planet, we looked at the continent of Europe and identified some of the countries we have visited or our family currently live. We looked at Great Britain and talked about holiday's we have been on. The children knew we live in Bristol- we could even recognise our school on an aerial map!


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Week 3


Another busy week in Dormouse class!

In Maths we have been working on number between 11 and 20 identifying the pattern when counting and working out 1 more or 1 less. 


This week we finalised our learning using the Gingerbread Man. We began by orally describing the characters to each other and then wrote a description.  Our week ended by completing a play project with some of our grown ups to help us. We tried to complete as many activities as we could choosing from:

- Create: design a gingerbread man. Can you label it?

- Draw: draw a map. Which way did the Gingerbread man go?

- Build: build a safe way for the Gingerbread man to cross the river.

- Write: write some character speech.

The children had a brilliant time and were able to show case their learning and many different ways.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Bramwell


Week 2


What an action packed week!  We stared Monday with a martial arts session which the children absolutely loved they all said how much they enjoyed it and many told me they wanted to join the club.

We have continued our learning using the Gingerbread Man in English and became authors making changes to the story. We had some fantastic ideas ranging from the Gingerbread man risking getting soggy in the river to the old lady being put in the oven instead. We used masks to reinforce telling the story independently.


In maths we focused on counting backwards within 10. They used a number track and counters to support their understanding.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Bramwell

Week 1


What a busy first week back!

In English we have been using "The Gingerbread Man" to support our learning. We have created a story map to help us retell the story and have made up actions to help us. The children have been drawing and labelling the characters.

In Maths we have been looking at addition within 10 using a number track to help us. We used "first, then, now" stories to help us identify the parts e.g. first there were 2 children, then 4 more children came, now there are 6 children.


Have a great weekend.

Mrs Bramwell