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Term 4

Bristol Museum and Clifton Suspension Bridge

We were so lucky to go to the museum this week, it was amazing looking at all the animals, fossils, dinosaur bones and more. We went around the museum and had some challenges to find and answer and we even found some things from Bristol. We found some dinosaurs that were first discovered in England by Mary Anning - our significant person!


Then for our picnic we went to the Clifton Viewpoint where we saw the river Avon and Clifton Suspension Bridge. Even though it rained on us we still had the best time and saw the amazing view!

This week as mathematicians we counted money and played games adding money like working in a shop. We used different coins and even counted in 2s and 10s to help us with bigger numbers.

We designed and they made our dinosaur kingdoms and used various resources to make them look realistic and life-like! We made a mess but we had a lot of fun!

This week the dinosaur project came in for a visit and showed us some amazing fossils and dinosaur bones. They talked to us about how people find fossils and how dinosaurs were discovered. They then challenged us to draw our own dinosaurs using features from dinosaurs we know. 

In science we looked at different animals and how we could sort and classify them. We started with mammals and not mammals and then as we discussed some more we were able to sort them in different ways such as legs and no legs and 4 legs or less. 


We were so lucky that we had some lovely snow settle, so we decided to be in the moment and get out in it. We then wrote about what we could see and used some descriptive language to describe our environment. 

World Book Week


This week we have been focusing on the book 'The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse' 

We looked at the story and began to unpick some of the themes.

We created responses to 'What will you do to show kindness to the world?' and gathered ideas in our books. We then developed our art through line and tried to recreate the work of Charlie Macksey. 

We then created our own images with the question and response, similar to those in the book.


On Friday we dressed up as our favourite character, and at various times throughout the day we shared stories with our friends and teachers.

We were plunged right into our new topic of dinosaurs and discussed through various books how they lived. We discussed how their bodies formed moulds that we call fossils and we had a go at creating them using playdough.


As historians this week we plotted events on a time-line discussing when dinosaurs were alive and how the first animals became recognisable. We discovered that dinosaurs were reptiles but some were descendants of birds. 


We used a number line as mathematicians to jump forward and find more. We also used tens frames to check our answers as well as the steps to sucess.