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Term 4

Friday 10th March - week 4:


On Monday, we continued our celebration for World Book Day with The Boy, The Mole, The Fox And The Horse. We looked at some brilliant artwork from it and tried to make our own masterpieces. After everyone finished, we watercoloured over and topped it off by re-tracing with marker pen. Westarted continued our topic of the Romans by learning what Britain was like when the Celts ruled before the Romans invadedd. We planned out a battle plan to hold off pillaging raiders and drew our own shields to defend ourselves. 

Friday 3rd March - week 2:


What a brilliant day week we have had! Friday in particular was an exciting day as we celebrated World Book Day! Fox Class wore a wonderful array of costumes from Matilda, to Harry Potter to very powerful Power Rangers! 


We have spent the week looking at the book 'The Boy The Mole The Fox and The Horse'. Fox Class used the wonderful artwork to help them learn about inverted commas. We thought carefully about what each of the characters might have said to one another and then used these ideas to begin writing a narrative that includes speech. Fox Class enjoyed writing about this so much that we are going to continue our learning on this next week!

The book's artwork also inspired us to create out own drawings. Next week we are going to add our own positive and empowering quotes and use water colours to add a pop of colour!

We hope that you have a lovely weekend!