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Term 3

Friday 31st March  

Our climate change posters! This afternoon we marched the school in protest!!! We spread the message SAVE OUR WORLD. This finishes off our Natural Disasters unit for the term. Thank you to the adults who came in to help us! 

Have a lovely Easter break smiley

Friday 3rd March 


As well as celebrating world book day, we also had our family learning day! Thank you to all the adults who came in and we hope you enjoyed your morning! Our task was to design and build a structure that would withstand an earthquake. There were some very creative designs with some still standing after a level 10 rating on the richter scale! Enjoy looking at our pictures and have a lovely weekend. 

Friday 3rd February 


We have been learning about natural disasters and climate change. We have used expanded noun phrases in our descriptive writing about volcanos. We loved watching the clip of 'Lava' and used it to inspire our writing. 


We are so happy that Eric has come to join Badger class! 

Friday 27th January 


We were inspired by the mystery of Stonehenge to create our own interpretations!....Yummy and educational! Have a look at our pictures....

Friday 20th January 


This week we continued our Stone Age to Iron Age unit by writing instructions on how to wash a woolly mammoth! We are excited to start learning about natural disasters next. We’ve already been in the computer suite to research different types of natural disasters. 

In maths we have been working hard developing our addition and subtraction skills. We’ve been using columns to add and subtract, paying close attention to calculate answers accurately. 

Enjoy the weekend! 

Friday 6th January 


Today we have been making Stone Age cave art. Jasmine came up with the brilliant idea of using tea bags to make the paper brown and bumpy so that it would resemble drawing on a cave. We used charcoal, which is what Stone Age people might have used! 


In Maths, we have been learning about time and in English we have been writing about woolly mammoths. They are notoriously difficult to wash, especially when you're trying to get them into a bath tub!