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Term 3

Week 5

This week, in Deer class, it has been wonderful. In maths, we have been learning how to convert between fractions, decimals and percentages- it is tricky but we have all persevered. In our favourite lesson, art, we have been watching clips of how to draw a pigs heart they are so cool and we have all taken pride in our work. We have also been writing balanced argument about whether or not xenotransplants should be used. On top of this, we have been publishing our writing which has been really beautiful and we have all tried our best. We are all excited for the Valentines dance next Friday. Well that is all for this week. 

Week 4

This week, Deer Class have been focusing on a writing the story of 'Pig Heart Boy' -which is the book we have been focusing on. On Friday, in maths, we were practising arithmetic papers to prepare for our SATS. Mrs Lawrence is very proud of everyone and their scores! In curriculum, we drew and labelled a picture of the lungs with special details such as, the bronchioles and the alveoli. Year 6 are looking forward to next week!

Week 2


In the past 5 days,have you heard what exciting things we have been doing? Well, on Friday we dissected a REAL pig's heart. We know it is a bit disgusting but Deer Class all said it was the most intresting thing they had ever done.In R.E we talked about a place that is special to us in our own way! Also in maths we have been  rounding decimals and we have been finding a whole from a fraction. During English, we have been writing a diary entry from the 

perspective of Cameron (the boy who needs a pig heart). We have been on our best behaviours' lately because curriculum was very tough learning all about different elements of blood and the heart. Deer Class are looking forward to next week! 

Week 1

This week Deer Class have been focusing on a new topic called, 'Pig Heart Boy'.

Also, in a couple of weeks Deer class will be dissecting a pigs'heart- we are very excited! We have all been working very hard on creating our own version of the chapter set in the swimming pool that we are learning about. In maths, everyone has been learning step by step on how to divide fractions and even solving tricky question on fractions of an amount! The teachers are very proud of our studies and how hard we are working. In English, we are practising comma usage incomplex sentences which are going to help us in our writing. We all our trying our most finest knowledge to improve our times tables using step counting. At the moment, we are learning about how the body works which will give us an idea of how to handle a heart! This first week back has been very exiting. Looking forward to next week.