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Term 3

Friday 3rd February 2022 - Week 5:


This week has been another brilliant week! In English, we finished our persuasive adverts to convince people to help protect and save the rainforest and Miss Bennett was very impressed with how persuasive we could be in our writing! In maths, we have taken our knowledge of times table facts to the next level by using them to help us multiply 2 digit by 1 digit numbers! 


During our curriculum lessons, we started learning about the artist 'Henri Rousseau'. We all chose a picture of his and wrote how it made us feel and why and then we created a fact file all about the famous artist. We also looked more closely at his famous painting 'Surprised' and each of analysed his picture carefully looking at the shapes, lines, colours and composition. 

On Thursday afternoon, we took part in a CHPS dodgeball competition! We were all determined to do our houses proud and tried our very best! A big well done to Ash House who were the winners!

Have a lovely weekend everyone laugh

Friday 27th January 2023 - week 4:


This week, we applied our learning of the layers of the rainforest to making our very own rainforests in a jar! Miss Bennett was so impressed with how well they turned out! We recapped the 4 layers of the rainforest - the forest floor, understory, canopy and emergent layer and then discussed how we could show each layer in our jar! We then went outside to explore our wonderful grounds and made our rainforests as we went. For the forest floor, we used bark, mud and bits of grass, for the understory we found little parts of bushes and small plants and for the understory and canopy we used twigs and branches to make our own tiny trees! 


We hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Fox Class laugh

Week 1 - Friday 20th January:


This week, we continued our learning about the 'Amazon Rainforest'! Already, we have learnt so much already! We can tell you where the Amazon Rainforest is found and that the Amazon river is the 2nd largest river in the world! In our curriculum lessons in the afternoon, we have been finding out about the 4 different layers of the rainforest and the plants and animals that live in each layer. We then created some brilliant information pages in our books. At the end of the week, we started learning about the people that live in the Amazon Rainforest - did you know there are over 400 tribes there?


In maths, we have been using our place value knowledge to help us round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000! We then used our learning to help us solve a range of problems too! Please ask us at home to tell you how we can round our numbers! In English, we have been writing setting descriptions about the rainforest using our fronted adverbial skills! In music, we have been learning to play along to different tunes using the Glockenspiels!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!