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Term 3

We had a real fire in school this week so we knew what it was like being close to real flames, smoke and ash. It helped up be immersed into the setting of London in 1666.

We were then able to write sentences to describe the fire and smoke using our senses. 

We wrote diaries like Samuel Pepsy, our significant figure, and described the fire. 


Then we passed buckets along a long line just like when people collected water from The River Thames!

London's Burning

We have kickstarted our new topic focus with a bang!! We have learn an amazing song, read some texts and as historians have been recalling facts from 1666. As actors we have acted out waking up to fire in our homes to immerse us into theme and begin to unpick how people felt. 

As designers, we have looked at how boxes are formed and used a net to create our own box. As mathematicians we have been using money to show amounts and represent numbers to 50. 

This week we have been busy doing our favourite maths, messy maths!! As mathematicians we have been counting numbers up to 50 and making then using different resources. We have also begun to count in 10s.