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Term 2

Friday 4th November 


This week is the first week back to school and on Monday everyone in our school had a chance to dress up for halloween. In English, we have learned about relative clauses and are focusing on horses in war. We also wrote a paragraph about how they were used in the wartime. During Maths, we have been doing multiplication and division by 10,100 and 1000. For PE, we did cricket and seated volleyball. In Curriculum, we wrote 10 important facts we had learned about trenches and drew a diagram of the trench setup.Today we have had a talent show to show off our amazing skills such as singing, magic tricks and more.


We have had an amazing first week back and we hope you enjoy the weekend.

-Hawk class

Friday 18th November 2022

This week has been assessment week so we have tried our best in Maths, Reading and Spelling quizzes. We also carried on with work in equivalent fractions towards the end of the week in Maths. In English, we did some research into the role of animals in World War One for a non-chronological report and began to write an introduction for our reports. We then edited this and did a second draft to improve it. 


We had so much fun making biscuits and apple jam this week, which would be a treat for soldiers in the trenches. There were mixed reviews for the taste of it - some of us went back for more and some of us struggled to eat it! We are looking forward to trying them again next week to get a picture of what eating more stale biscuits was like for soldiers. We also did some mapwork in our Curriculum lesson, where we used 4 figure grid references to locate different areas on a map. In PE, we practised some gymnastics and did some cricket skills. We also listened to two jazz pieces, identified the musical instruments we could hear, how they made us feel and how they are similar/different. Finally, in RE we learned about the Fifth Pillar of Islam (Hajj), which is where Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in their lives. 


We look forward to another week in Hawk class! smiley

Thursday 24th November 2022


This week in English, we have been planning a non chronological report about animals in war.During Maths, we have been doing mixed numbers and improper fractions.In Curriculum, we drew on a map where the WWI battles took place.On Monday, we ate our biscuits we made last week and dipped them in tea to make them less hard.On Wednesday afternoon for Mini Police, we went to Banjo Island and planted bulbs of daffodiles and lillies to help create 'Jubilee Park'.On Thursday, we had a non school uniform day to bring bottles in to bring to the Christmas Tombola.In Jigsaw, we filled in a wheel which had different sections of different things people might like.            

We have had an amazing week this week and hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

-Hawk Class

Friday 2nd December 2022


This week in English, we have been editing and publishing our animals in war non-chronological report. During Maths, we have been comparing and ordering fractions and also used our knowledge of equivalent fractions to help us. In Curriculum, we have been designing a trench using a shoebox and labelling it, so we know what to use. For Art, we have been learning about mood and feeling to copy a piece of artwork. During PE, we were doing ball skills, cricket and bulldog dodgeball with our sports coaches. On Thursday, some children from year 5 and 6 did athletics at Mangotsfield. This included speed bounce, hop skip jump, long jump, chest pass and a four-object race. We are waiting for the results to see if we are 1st, 2nd, 3rd,4th or 5th. For Mini Police, we made 'STOP SPEEDING' posters and some children made a very long speeding poster, and everybody got to use walkie talkies and to say their favourite animal using the phonetic alphabet. A group of children went in a room and needed to guess what the other group's animal was. We also did Music, where we listened to two jazz pieces and compared them. As well as this, we did singing practise with the Year 6s ready for our Christmas carol concert.


We have had an amazing week this week and hope to enjoy our weekend.

-Hawk Classsmiley  


Friday 9th December 2022


This week in English, we have been using description, personification (to do with Christmas adverts) and also did a recount about our school trip (which you will read more about in this paragraph). In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting fractions with the same or different denominator and using our knowledge of equivalent fractions and our times tables. During Mini Police on Wednesday, we went out on Tower Lane and Craven Way and used speed guns to monitor peoples' speed. On Thursday, we went on a mini police trip to the police headquarters in Clevedon and looked at the different roles of the police force, such as road safety, divers (underwater search team), drones, dogs and finally horses. For Curriculum, we have been starting to make our trenches (out of shoeboxes) and we hope to decorate them next week. In PE on Monday, we had a game of bench ball and had a game where we could make up our 3 rules in groups. Today, it is Christmas jumper day and Christmas dinner day so we made hats to wear while having our lunch.  
We have had an amazing week this week and hope to have a good week next week.

.-Hawk Class