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Term 1

Week 5

We have had a fun and amazing week!

In maths, we have practised multiplication using coleumn method. We also did divsion and we used short division. 

In English, we've learned how to use Parenthesis and have included it in a diary entry about a person in an air raid. We also used our 5 W's (Who, What, When, Where and why) to make sure we tell the full story.

In Spelling we identified the tricky parts in words for example our tricky word today was individual and we said the tricky part was dual

In computing, we have been learning about how to be safe online we learned that you should never say your full name and say or show information about yourself like where you live, what you look like, where you go to school and never say your bank account password. You can give information about your pets you or maybe your favourite colour or a hobbie, movie or subject but nothing specific.  We recapped how to know if the website that you are on is safe: you find the green lock and if it says https the S stands for secure and at the bottom of the page you can find privacy policy click on it then you will see how the company keeps your detail safe online. In art, we have been learnt about Paul Nash and sketching scenes of WW2 (world war 2)and we been mixing colours to try and find asimilar shade (with watercolours).

Week 4


This week has been fabulous as usual! In spelling we have been identifing the tricky part in a word. Our tricky word this week is vegetable and the tricky bit was the e! In our English lessons, we have been planning and writing a news report on the D-day landings which we planned in groups. We have incuded complex sentences, reported speech and writen in past tense. We had to put the story in chronological order which means in the order as the events happen. In maths we have been learning about angles. In some of the questions there are more than two steps in the calcalation so this made them quite challenging. We are really excited about our science learning next week where we will be performing an experiment on light. In computing, we learnt all about keeping safe online by learning about how to tell if a website is safe.

Week 2


This week has been full of fun tasks and lessons!

Some of the spellings we have been practicing this week are doubt, sincerely, soldier and lamb. We have been identfing the tricky parts in some words and learning about silent letters. In our English lessons, we have written a setting description based on our class book 'Letters From The Lighthouse' where the main character Olive is chasing after her older sister through an air raid. We also have written a diary entry from Olive's perspective. In maths, we have been working on negative numbers and ordering and comparing numbers! In science, we have been learning about light sources and how it travels. We have discovered that light moves in straight lines. We also learnt about how WW2 started. 


We hope our next week is just as fun as this one. 


Deer Class


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Week 1


We have hade a very productive first week!

In maths we have been working on place value and times tables. For example, we leant our 8x and 7x by heart! We have also been working on prefixes and suffixes in spelling. Our class book is called 'Letters From the Lighthouse' which is based on WW2 (that is our topic). In Letters From The Lighthouse, a girl chases her sister, Suki, after leaving her brother in the underground tube station. Olive then finds out her sister was going to talk to a strange man until she is knocked unconcious after a bomb hit. We have acted out that part and a fake news report on how Suki is missing. In P.E. we have been working on our basketball skill and we learnt to use our fingertips instead of our palms to bounce the ball. 


This week as been very eventful and we are so exited for next week!