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Term 1

Friday 21st October 2022


We have absolutely loved Science week this week in Fox Class! Our topic was 'Forces and Magnets' and we made excellent scientists by learning new scientific vocabulary, writing scientific reports, planning and writing up an investigation and finally recording our results in a bar chart!

We definitely have some future scientists in the making!

Friday 14th October


We have been continuing our hard work in maths this week by looking at adding two 4 digit numbers using column addition. We have been paying close attention to making sure our digit are lined up correctly in the correct place value columns and reminding ourselves to always start by adding the ones! We have then applied our skills to lots of reasoning and problem solving!


In English we have continued our learning about adverbs but this week have applied the skill to writing letters from Philippe to his parents in France, telling them all about his tight rope walking in New York City!


In the afternoons, we have recapped our French instructions and have started learning different animals in French! We have also learnt lots about the climate of the UK and Normandy, which is a Temperate climate and have used all of our knowledge to write a non-chronological report!

Friday 7th October


We are working very hard on our adding and subtracting skills in Maths. We have been learning to add 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s to different numbers. This will get us ready for adding using the column method next week!


In English we have written a setting description based on a picture in our book 'The Man Who Walked Between the Towers'. We worked really hard to include adverbs such as: apprehensively, daringly and dangerously! Miss Bennett was so impressed with our writing!


In the afternoons, we have been learning lots of different French instructions for 'be quiet', 'listen', 'sit down' and 'stand up' - please ask us at home to show off our French speaking! 

Friday 30th September 2022


Firstly, us Foxes cannot believe that it is October tomorrow! Term 1 is flying by and that is definitely because we are having so much fun!


This week, we continued and then finished our diary entries about Madeline visiting Paris. We included some famous landmarks in our writing including Notre Dame Cathedral and The Eiffel Tower! We used expanded noun phrases to describe the buildings too and Miss Bennett was very impressed! This is the first big piece of Year 4 writing that we have done and we all worked so hard and remained so focussed during our English lessons. In maths, we used our place value skills to help us compare and order numbers! This also included comparing and ordering money and lengths.


In topic, we have continued to be geographers by extending our knowledge of the physical and human geography in Normandy! We looked at terrain maps, land-use maps and maps of Normandy rivers to help us understand the geography of Normandy in more detail! When looking at the human geography, we had a go at guessing how many people are currently living in our world and then we looked at population maps of Normandy! 


We hope that you all have a lovely weekend! laugh

Friday 23rd September 2022


We have been very busy in Fox Class this week and have been working really hard in all of our learning as well!

In English, we read the book 'Madeline in Paris' and used this to help us plan our diary entry focusing on the skill 'Expanded noun phrases'. We made sure to include excellent verbs and adjectives in our plan and today we began our writing. Miss Bennett was incredibly impressed with our presentation and the whole class earned a space on the 'I can take pride in my work' jigsaw piece!


In maths, we continued using our place value skills to solve a range of problems and to help us place numbers up to 10,000 on a numberline! We have been amazing mathematicians all week!

Finally, in curriculum we learnt part of the song 'Mamma Mia' by ABBA and listened carefully to the different instruments we could hear and shared how the song made us feel. Lots of us said how it made us feel happy and made us want to dance! We have also learnt about physical and human geography and looked at pictures of Bristol and Normandy to identify and compare their geographical features!

We hope that you all have a lovely, safe weekend! laugh

Friday 9th September 2022 

This was our first week in Year 4 and we have done lots of exciting activities. Miss Bennett has been very impressed with how well we have settled in and followed class expectations.


In maths we have been focusing on problems solving and have done lots of exploring with different numbers. Our topic this term is Normandy but to get our brains ready to think as a geographer, we used maps to look at the United Kingdom. We used an atlas to help us create a map of the UK using triangles. We then labelled the four countries, their capital cities and the seas and oceans surrounding them. 


As a class, we went over the zones of regulation and how to deal with our emotions when we are struggling. We also looked at how we can be safe and kind online as part of our computing lesson. During Friday's assembly, we took part in a whole school quiz which had a History, Science and General Knowledge round. We also paid our respects to the Queen after hearing the sad news of her passing away by drawing pictures that reminded us of her. These are now proudly on show in our floor book!


It has been a great week and we are really enjoying Year 4 so far!