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Reading records

We will be giving out a new, phonics linked reading, book every Thursday. The children will have read the book 3 times with an adult in school prior to it coming home.  We expect the children to read the texts with 90% fluency only getting stuck on odd words. If you forget to bring it back you will get a reminder text. Only once the old book is returned can a new book be issued. You will be charged for replacement books if they are not returned. High-fives are counted on Thursday. 

We will visit the Library on Thursday each week and the return rules also apply. 



Our P.E day  is Friday.

Please bring your PE kit into school in a named bag. 


Mrs Bramwell's Time out of Class

On Tuesday morning, until 11 am,  Miss Rogers will cove the class for Mrs Bramwell's Early Reading Leadership time. On Wednesdays Mrs Bramwell will have planning time. During this time Mrs McDonough and Mrs Dillon will cover to provide continuity for the children.


Bike and Scooter track

Reception have access to the track on Fridays, providing you have a helmet to wear they will be able to ride.


Home Learning

Each week we will post some phonics worked linked to our learning in class.

Please aim to read 5X a week and go onto Numberbots. 


Useful Links


Little Wandle Phonics for Parents