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Mervyn George (Chair)

My name is Mervyn George and I am the current Chair of Governors.

My association with the school began around 1994, when I started teaching Chess at the school; which I still do today.

I used to live in the nearby golf course estate on the other side of Tower Road. I also used to work locally as an Internal Auditor for Kingswood Borough Council at the Civic Centre in Kingswood, which enabled me to teach chess at lunchtime. In April 1996, Kingswood became part of South Gloucestershire Council, where I continued to work in the Finance department before I retired in 2017.

I became a governor in 1994 when Marilyn, the then School Secretary and Clerk to the Governing Body, rang me up and asked if I would join the governing body, which I accepted.

I see this as an opportunity to develop my support across the whole school, teaching the pupils and working with the Head Teacher, the Senior Leadership Team and other Governors to challenge staff to provide the best education possible for our pupils.

As part of the Governors a key part of the role is to ask questions and challenge; I enjoy my specific responsibilities as Chair of the Governing Body, the Maths Link Governor and Chair of the Leadership, Management and Effectiveness Committee.