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James Quine

My name is James Quine and I am  currently the governor responsible for the buildings and health and safety.

My association with Cadbury Heath began through an organisation called Governors for Schools; a program that is set up to help recruit new people who are interested in becoming school governors.

I became a governor in 2019 after meeting with the Chair and the Head Teacher. I was Co-Opted onto the board and became the executive member for buildings and health and safety.

As a governor, I see this as an opportunity to develop my support across the whole school, working with the Head Teacher, the Senior Leadership Team and other Governors to challenge staff to provide the best education possible for our pupils.

As part of the Governors, a key part of the role is to ask questions and challenge; I enjoy my specific responsibilities including the buildings and health safety but I am also as a  member of the  Leadership, Management and Effectiveness Committee.