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Hedgehog Class - Y1

Welcome to Hedgehog Class! 


Class teachers:

Miss Smith (Supply)  – Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

Miss Wright – Thursday/Friday


Our PE days are Wednesday and Friday!

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Term 4 - Week 2 - 5th March 2021

This week has been incredibly exciting, it has been BOOK WEEK! We have learnt all about Jack and the Beanstalk, when we came into school on Monday something very suspiciuos had happened, there were beans all over our classroom floor. We used 'Talk for Writing' actions to help us with our storytelling skills. Today we became Authors and wrote our own stories. We have also learnt about the life cycle of a bean and we created mixed media pictures of gigantic beanstalks up in the clouds.


Today we have been getting our classroom all ready for all of our class mates to return on Monday. We are so excited to have our class back together!

London's Burning - Unit 5

Week 1 - Friday 26th February 


What a wonderful week of learning both at home and in school. In English this week, we have been focusing on our handwriting and letter formation, seeing some fantastic size and whooshes on our letters. In maths, some children have been working on pictograms while some on ordering larger numbers and counting in 2s.

In science, we have begun to look at the creatures and animals under the sea, sharing our knowledge of what we know already!


Have a wonderful weekend and remember next week is book week!

Week 6 - Friday 12th February


In school we have had a great week to top off a brilliant (yet challenging) term. On Tuesday it was Internet Safety day, we played true or false games on the internet to test our understanding of the risks of using the internet, it is a wonderful resource when used safely. In English we have written our own recipes on ‘How to make bread’ we looked carefully at the layout of this type of writing. In maths Year One have been thinking about place value and the order of numbers and Year Two have been looking at tally charts and pictograms to collect data from their surroundings.


Our home learners have also had a fantastic week of learning! This week we have been comparing numbers up to 50 in maths while also creating and tally charts and pictograms. In English we have been writing recipes, using imperative verbs to start each instruction. These recipes have been shared with pictures and videos of you all making these recipes. To round of our Great Fire of London topic, everyone has been sharing their knowledge. This has been shown in facts, pictures, videos and expression dances!


It has been a fantastic term of learning and I hope everyone has a great half term.  All the KS1 team are very proud of how well we have adapted to the situation this term and think we deserve a well good rest!


Week 5 - Friday 5th February 


This week has been very busy! We have been working hard in English, finishing the week by writing a report on The Great Fire of London. Putting all of our amazing knowledge into our writing. The week ended with us baking bread rolls this morning before enjoying them this afternoon!


Home learning has continued to be wonderful.  Everyone has continued to produce superb work and share wonderful photos and videos on Seesaw of this. With our Children’s Mental Health Week focus, Year 1 and 2 have made a great effort in trying new skills, contacting others and sharing positivity.

Week 4 - 29th January


Wow! We had an exciting day on Monday and built snowmen with the remainders of the snow from the weekend, this encouraged us to explore the concept of ‘melting’. We have had a busy week this week and have been really enjoying our topic ‘London’s Burning’! We have been able to recall lots of key facts about the significant event and explain how it was recorded by Samuel Pepys in his diary. We have been looking at the differences between non-fiction and fictional texts, and have started writing our own features of non-fiction texts e.g. labels and captions. In RE we learnt about what it means to belong to the Islamic community.


What a week! The home learning has been fantastic. In maths, everyone has been using counters, Lego, crayons, drawings or anything they can to support our learning and help explain their answers. Our sentences on The Great Fire of London have developed so well over the week, with different vocabulary and the use of ‘and’ and because to help give more detail to our sentences. In our teams meetings this week, we completed a scavenger hunt on Wednesday and had an exciting quiz on Thursday!


Week 3 - 22nd January


This week the Year 1 and 2 bubble has been working fantastically. In maths, we have been working hard on addition and subtraction with some multiplication too. The children have used counters, pictures, number squares and lines as well as blocks to support their learning.

In English we have continued our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic, building into a story map and an exciting diary entry, which we completed today.

In Science, we looked at the different properties of objects. Are they rough or smooth? Hard or soft? The children had great fun exploring different objects in our Acorn area and comparing them.


All of our wonderful home learners have been super engaged with the online learning and have submitted some wonderful work this week. We have seen some fantastic story maps which helped to sequence the story of ‘Toby and the Great Fire of London’, and today we have been writing out unit outcome; a diary entry. It has been great to draw together all the knowledge we have learnt across the past couple of weeks. In our Teams assembly we discussed the Zones of Regulation and thought about different strategies we can use to help get ourselves into the green zone ready for our home learning.

Week 2 - 15th January


Our topic this term is 'London's Burning', it is all about the Great Fire of London that happened in 1666. We have been looking at how defence against fires has changed over time and have considered why the fire spread so far across the city. The fire spread because the houses were made of wood and build very close together, also there was a strong wind and they didn't have fire engines with powerful water hoses like we have today. They used leather buckets and water to try and stop the blazing fire! 

In science we have bee thinking about different materials.

In maths we have been looking at number bonds and we even wrote thank you letters this week to post to Co-op for our chocolate selection packs.


Queen and Country - Unit 3

Week 7 - 18th December


We have had a very busy week enjoying and finishing off all the festive activities. We have made and painted salt dough ornaments, made our our wrapping paper to wrap them as gifts. We have made Christmas cards and written them to our families. We have also been using Christmas stencils to create art. We have continued learning all about the Victorians and how they changed the way we celebrate Christmas.

We had lots of fun at our class party today!

Week 6 - 11th December


This week we have been learning all about Victorian Christmas traditions, we learnt that the Victorians changed how we celebrate Christmas and made it into the celebration that we know today. On Wednesday we were lucky to have both Mr Bee and Miss Wright teach us at the same time and we also had a lovely time eating our Christmas lunch together! We have been busy making our own Christmas ornaments from salt dough and in RE we have been looking at the nativity story. We have also made paper chains and snow flakes to decorate our classroom.


Week 5 - 4th December


This week we have finished creating our moving pictures that link with the story of The Queen's Hat. We reflected on our work and made suggestions of what we could improve if we made them again.

We have been introduced to our new topic, 'Victorian Christmas' which will be our new learning focus until the end of the term. We will be learning all about Queen Victoria, which links with our previous topic about Queen Elizabeth II. This week we have read the story 'Lost in the Toy Museum' and used adjectives in our writing to describe the main character; Bunting. We also wrote sentences using the conjunction 'and' to join our ideas. 

In Maths, we have been looking at the part part whole method again and embedding our understanding of addition and subtraction.


Week 4 - 27th November


Wow, what a busy week we had!

We have been making our moving pictures of the Queen moving through London (chasing her hat), we certainly have some amazing designers in our class and we will look forward to completing these next week. We have also finished writing our innovated stories of the Queen's hat whooshing all the way through Cadbury Heath Primary School. We are very proud of our writing and Mrs Harris even came down to celebrate some of our work with us!

In Maths we are still working towards mastering addition and subtraction, using our number bonds. Well done to the children who have been practising your 'number bond rap' this is a fun way to help those numbers stick in our minds.


Week 3 - 20th November


We have continued our learning all about The Queen's Hat and have learnt 'Talk for Writing' actions to help us remember the sequence of the story. We have been looking at story language and have begun to write our own stories - we are going to finish these next week with Mr Rogers.

In DT we have been exploring pop up books and moving pictures and we have been designing our own moving pictures linked to our story. Miss Wright was very impressed with our designs! 

In Maths we have been looking at number bonds within 10. We have been splitting counters into 2 groups and finding lots of different ways to make the same number.

We had loads of High 5 readers this week (well done everybody!) and we chose our own reading books this morning! We even ran the Cadbury Heath Challenge "it  was wet but good!". 

Week 2 - 13th November


Our topic is 'Queen and Country', we will be learning all about Queen Elizabeth and our country, embedding previous knowledge about the United Kingdom. Our new focus book is 'The Queen's Hat'. We had a very big shock this week when we discovered a hat had mysterious arrived in our classroom, along with lots of leaves. We had a suspicion that it was the Queen's Hat. We were very excited to receive a letter from the Queen at Buckingham Palace, explaining that she had lost her hat and it may have been seen near Cadbury Heath Primary School! We then learnt to tell the story ourselves with 'Talk for Writing' actions. 

In Maths we have been learning to subtract (or take away), by drawing circles and crossing them out, we have been working really hard on the presentation of our work in our Maths books.

In Art we created our beautiful self portraits for the PTA calendars and finished our Georgia O'Keeffe inspired paintings of poppies.

Week 1 - 6th November


We have had a great first week back at school. Our new topic is called 'We will remember them' and it is all about poppies. We have learnt that we wear poppies to remember the brave soldiers who fought in the wars. As artists, we have been painting poppies and mixing different shades of Orange - we have been inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe. 

Week 7 - 23rd October 


It has been another busy week in Hedgehog class. We have been learning to write addition number sentences and learning how to solve them using different mathematical resources, including numicon and multilink. We have been looking at the different letter families and trying to form our letters correctly with the cursive whoosh. 

This term in Science we have learnt all about the four seasons; Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. We have been thinking about the changes that happen in Autumn.

Today (Friday) we have celebrated Halloween, a celebration that began a very long time ago in Ireland. We even learnt that before carved pumpkins became popular in America, they use to carve turnips instead!


We have had a wonderful term. Well done to everybody for settling in to their new class so well, it has been lovely to be back together to enjoy our learning! We will look forward to an exciting term next term, we hope you all enjoy a well deserved rest.

Week 6 - 16th October 


We have been busy this week learning all about addition in Maths, we have been looking at the 'part-part-whole' method to add numbers together. We have been practising writing number sentences using the + and = symbols. We have also been counting in 2's! In English we have continued looking at 'The Jolly Postman' and have had a go at pretending to be him and writing a diary entry about our busy day delivering letters!

We enjoyed our music lesson this week where we learnt about pitch and beat, we moved our bodies to the beat and learnt the lyrics. We then had a chance to perform to the rest of our class (if we chose to). 

We even had a special visit from Mrs Harris, she read us a story by Julia Donaldson!

Week 5 - 9th October


This week has been a good week in Hedgehog class! It has been Mental Health Awareness week and we have spoken lots about how we can keep our minds healthy as well as our bodies. On Monday we thought about what makes a good listener and we also spoke about how we can use our whole bodies to listen, not just our ears. We have had lots of opportunities to speak up and share our own ideas during circle times and class assembly. In English we have been writing sentences about the Jolly Postman and using adjectives to describe him. In Maths we have been using the language of ‘greatest’ and ‘smallest’ to order and describe numbers. In Topic, we have been looking at maps of our local area and creating our own maps! We also enjoyed having another visit from the guinea pigs!


We have had lots of High 5 Readers this week, well done everybody!

Week 4 - 2nd October


We have been very busy this week learning all about ‘The Jolly Postman’ in English and been making links to familiar fairy tales and had a go at writing an address. In maths we have been sharing out objects and using the language of ‘more than, less than and equal to’ to describe different amounts.

Week 3 - 25th September


We have had a lovely week in Hedgehog class, we were so excited to meet the school guinea pigs - they are so cute!

In Phonics we learnt the digraphs ("that means 2 letters = 1 sound") sh, th, ch, ng

In English we have been writing sentences and trying to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We even learnt what an adjective is! In Maths we have been counting backwards and finding one more or one less than a number.


Week 2 - 18th September


We have enjoyed our learning this week and have spoken in class about it taking time to feel that you ‘belong’ somewhere but we all agreed that we are feeling settled in to our new classroom and we love being in Hedgehog class! This week we had a go at writing independently (“that means without a teacher!!”) and in maths have been counting and ordering objects.


Well done to all our High 5 readers this week! We will be keeping everyone's reading records over the weekend to hand back out on Monday morning with your new reading books, if you read over the weekend please jot it in there when they are returned.

Week 1 - 10th September


We have had a brilliant first week back at school, it has been so much fun to be back together to enjoy our learning! This week we have enjoyed being with our friends again and exploring our new classroom and shared areas. There are lots of new things for us to play with and to help us with our learning. We enjoyed decorating our happy boxes, playing in the role play area and practising all the sounds we know, as well as lots of other games.