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Fox Class - Y4

Class Teacher: Miss Bennett

I will be leading science for our school, where I will be working hard to make sure that lots of practical and engaging science lessons are happening!


PPA day: Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Elliott and our PE coach Mike will be taking the class during this time.


PE days: Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Please send your children into school with their kits on ready. 



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Friday 5th March 2021


We have made it to the end of our lockdown learning whether we are in school or at home! Everyone has persevered and been amazing throughout this period of school - you should all be very proud of yourselves!

This week, we have been focusing on fairy tales as this was our theme for Book Week. Fox and Badger class listened to the traditional tale of The Three Little Pigs and then The True Story of The Three Little Pigs, which tells the story from the wolf's point of view! We had a go at creating story maps and then either writing, drawing or speaking our fractured fairy tales, where we changed characters or told the story from another perspective! At the end of the week, we wrote a character description about the wolf! We even made the three houses from the story and tested which ones would stand strong against the huffing and puffing from Mr Wolf!


Lots of us dressed up for World Book Day and we looked fabulous! We were even part of a live video with an author! To celebrate World Book Day, we completed a range of activities from reading to our pets, to making book marks, to completing a World Book Day quiz!


We are all looking forward to being back together on Monday 8th March for our amazing Arts Week! laugh

Friday 26th February 


The school is buzzing with the excitement of hearing everyone will be returning on the 8th March! laugh We can't wait to have everyone back with us 


Even with this exciting news, we have all managed to concentrate and learn some new and wonderful things! 


This week we looked at the recent trip to Mars! We watched the video of the rover driving on Mars' surface and thought about whether there would be life somewhere else in the universe! 


We were also amazed to have replies from our link school in Nepal! Last term we wrote letters and the children there replied! Have a look at the pictures to see what they said.....

Friday 12th February


What another brilliant week of learning we have had both in school and at home! We have reached the last day of the term and everyone has worked so, so hard over the last few weeks! We are super proud of you all!

In English this week, we have been pulling all of our skills together to write instructions on how to build a den and a treehouse! Some of our treehouse designs are amazing! In maths, we have been doing lots of measuring both in class and at home. We have learnt about cm, mm and m and today we had a go at comparing lengths! Topic learning this week has been very exciting, we created sediment jars to see how the layers of the earth form. Today, we learnt about and celebrated Chinese New Year by making some lanterns!

We wish you all the lovely half term break that you deserve! smiley

Friday 5th February 


Miss Bennett and I have been amazed with all the creativity that has taken place this week! As part of Children's Mental Health Week we have seen dancing, art work, models, fantastic outfits, baking and more! I hope everyone managed to take a moment to chill and have a moment of calm this week amongst all the busyness. I know lots of you enjoyed our zen den and yoga activities. 


As part of our topic we set the challenge of creating a volcano! Attached are some pictures from school and home. They are amazing! Well done everyone :) 

Friday 29th January


We have had yet another week of brilliant learning both in school and at home! Miss Bennett and Miss Russell are so proud of everyone for all of their hard work! 


In English, we have been writing setting descriptions to describe a picture of the wilderness. In topic, we did some outdoor learning where we collected sticks, pine cones and leaves to play noughts and crosses, make a stick man and build a twig tower. Our tallest tower was 178cm! We also made bird feeders to feed all of the lovely birds that come to visit our school grounds! In maths, we have been using our money and times table knowledge to answer lots of problem solving questions!


Friday 22nd January 


What a busy week learning at home for all of us! We've been practising our skills using money in Maths sessions and planning to write the ending to our story 'The Firework-Maker's Daughter'. Over the weekend we have been set a rock cake baking challenge as we are learning about rocks and soils in Science! I am looking forward to seeing your creations and I'm sure you'll have a great time eating them! 


Have a look through some of the fantastic work completed in home learning books this week. 


Well done for all of your resilience and concentration this week. Be kind to yourselves and enjoy your weekend everyone! 

Friday 15th January 


Everyone has been working so hard at home and in school. We are all so proud of you. We have started our new topic 'Natural Disasters' and learnt about earthquakes and tornados. This week we designed and built structures to withstand an earthquake! We also used our sketching skills to create tornado art. Have a look at some brilliant examples from school and from home. Well done everyone! 

Term 2 Knowledge Organiser - Children at War

Week 7 - Friday 18th December


Our last website update of 2020! 


We have had an absolutely brilliant, festive last week of school! We completed our holiday brochures about Christmas in Normandy so please look at the pictures below to have a read!

Today was full of lots of festive fun! We enjoyed a Christmas quiz in teams where we all got to show off our excellent Christmas general knowledge, had a dance and Miss Bennett taught us the Macarena and the Cha Cha Slide and we finished the day watching a pantomime with some delicious pop corn!

Fox Class wish you all an amazing Christmas!

Week 6 - Friday 11th December


What a festive week we have had! 

This week in Fox Class, we have had lots of Christmas fun. We decorated our Christmas tree, which now has lovely baubles on (thank you parents), some lovely golden tinsel and twinkly fairy lights! Also this week, we made Christmas hats to wear for our Christmas dinner day and our nativity performance next week - they are looking very sparkly! In our English and topic lessons, we have been learning about Christmas in Normandy and gathering lots of information ready to write a holiday brochure next week! We found out that nativity scenes are a very important decoration in France so we had a go at making our own, which we shall finish next week too! We learnt some French words for 'Father Christmas' and 'Christmas dinner' so please ask us about them at home!

Week 5 - Friday 4th December


Hello to all the parents! We have had a wonderful week! smiley


In English, we have been working towards writing a non-chronological report about magnets! Today we completed our reports and they are very informative! We are able to share lots of interesting facts about magnets so please ask us about them at home!

In maths, we have been learning lots of times tables. We found out that we can use our 3 times table to help with our 6's and we learnt a catchy song to help us with our 9 times table!


In the afternoons this week, we have continued our experiments with magnets and we made predictions about the strength of different magnets. Fox Class have been working really hard on our Christmas performance song - We Three Kings. Some of us have solos and some of us will be narrating!

We are looking forward to week 6! yes

Week 4 - Friday 27th November


In maths, we have been learning to multiply and divide by 3. We have listened to a 3 times table song to help us remember how to count in 3's. In English, we learnt how to correctly use 'a' and 'an' in sentences, please ask us at home to explain how to use 'a/an'. We also did some brilliant paired editing, where we worked together to improve each other's writing. This week, we started learning about our new topic 'Forces and Magnets' and found out how a newton meter got its name. We also carried out an experiment on how different materials can affect the distance travelled by a car when moving down a ramp. In RE, we learnt about the Hindu festival Diwali, which is the festival of light and they celebrate with lots of lights, candles and fireworks!

Fox Class are looking forward to week 5! smiley

Week 3 - Friday 20th November


This week in maths, we have been learning to divide by sharing and grouping. We have also been learning to divide numbers by themselves. Again, we have worked really hard to apply our knowledge to lots of problem solving. In English, we finished writing our stories based on The Lion and The Unicorn and Miss Bennett is very proud of us all! In topic, we continued learning about evacuation and looked at the different areas in the UK that were either 'Evacuation areas' or 'Reception areas'. Please ask us about these at home! We finished the week with some artwork based on Gustav Klimt - look at the pictures below to see our interpretations.

Week 2 - Friday 13th November


This week has been awesome and we have done some amazing work.


In maths, we have been learning to divide by 10 and 100 and answering even more problem solving questions! Ask us at home about our dividing by 10 and 100 rule!

In English, we have been learning about Lenny being evacuated. We all wrote a character description of Lenny and used some really creative vocabulary in our writing.


Our afternoons have been very creative! On Monday, we found out why children needed to wear gas masks during WW2. They wore them in case poisonous, toxic gas entered their classrooms. To understand how it felt to wear a gas mask, we had a go at making our own out of milk bottles! We really persevered with our creations and by the end of the week, we took a great class photo of us wearing them! One of our brilliant Fox Class members made their own air raid shelter!

Week 1 - Friday 6th November


Good afternoon parents and adults at home! We have had a fabulous first week of Term 2!


We have done some wonderful maths work, where we have been learning to multiply by 10 and 100. Please ask us at home to explain the multiplying rules to you. In our maths lesson this morning, we all worked really hard to answer lots of different problem solving questions! We are sure that our brains have grown stronger!

In English, we started our brand new story book called, 'The Lion and The Unicorn', which is about a boy called Lenny being evacuated to the countryside. 


In topic, some of us made mountains for our Term 1 display and we started painting our fabulous poppy rocks for Remembrance Day. We have also started learning about our new topic, 'Children at war', where we have been finding out about why the war started and the reason children were evacuated.

Term 1 Knowledge Organiser - Normandy

Week 7 - Friday 23rd October


What a fabulous last week of term it has been!

We have done some really amazing work this week and we hope that you enjoy seeing how we have ended our Term 1 learning.


In geography, we looked at the longitude and latitude of Normandy and used oranges to help our understanding of this! We sang a song to remind us of the longitude and latitude of Normandy so please ask us to sing it to you at home!


We have experimented with line, tone and texture, used a stick figure and 'sausage' shapes to help us draw figures both standing still and showing movement and began to experiment with drawing facial expressions.


In English, we wrote our TV news reports about Philippe's daring tightrope walk between the Twin Towers. We worked really hard this week and Miss Bennett was really proud with the writing that we produced! Our handwriting is getting more beautiful as the weeks go on and we worked hard to include the different skills in our final piece.


Have a really lovely half term everyone!!

Week 6 - Friday 16th October


This week has involved even more fabulous learning!

We have worked really hard in maths, where we were learning to subtract 3 and 4 digit numbers but with an exchange! We worked in small groups, with a huge place value chart and used the counters to help us with our calculations - this really helped us picture our subtraction in our minds!


In English, we moved on to writing our eyewitness accounts. We all really enjoyed watching the video clips of Philippe Petit tightrope walking and we were amazed at just how high up he was! All of us were able to gather some great vocabulary to use in our writing.


In topic, we have been learning about the biome of Normandy, which is a deciduous forest. At the start of the week, we sorted information into 'trees', 'plants' and 'animals' and then wrote up our research into our books!

We are looking forward to more great learning next week!

Week 5 - Friday 9th October


We have had yet another brilliant week of learning!

On Monday, we completed our diary entries and have all included lots of different skills throughout our writing. We are now preparing for our next piece of writing, which will be a TV news report about Philippe's daring tightrope walk! We really enjoyed watching a video of what it would be like if news reporters had no news to share! 


In maths, we have focused on addition and have used lots of drawings and counters to help us understand addition with an exchange! Lots of us have been able to strengthen our brains by moving onto problem solving questions!


Our topic lessons have involved taking a deeper look at Normandy's climate and understanding what 'Temperate' means. 

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, we enjoyed spending time talking and connecting with one another sat outside! 

Have a great weekend!

Week 4 - Friday 2nd October


We have had a fabulous week in Fox Class! 


We have all worked very hard in our maths lessons, where we were learning to round to the nearest 10 and 100 before moving onto adding/subtracting 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s! 

Throughout the week, we have been planning for our diary entry, which we started today and will be finishing on Monday! The writing we have done so far is sounding brilliant! 


In our geography lessons, we have sorted pictures of the physical and human characteristics of Normandy and were introduced to the world's climate zones! 


On Wednesday afternoon, we were really lucky and got to spend some time with Oreo, Fudge and Caramel. Everyone was really quiet, calm and careful with our new friends.


Fox Class wish you all a lovely weekend! smiley


Week 3 - Friday 25th September


Fox Class have done more amazing learning this week! 


In English, we used all of the skills and brilliant vocabulary that we have gathered over the last couple of weeks to write a setting description. The setting we described was the part of our story when Philippe tightrope walks between the Twin Towers in rainy New York! Some of our writing can be seen in the pictures below!

In maths, we rounded numbers to the nearest 10 and sang a special rhyme to remind us of our rounding rule.


'5 or more let it soar, 4 or less let it rest!'

In our geography lessons, we began looking at the landscape of Normandy and where in France this region can be found! Fox Class agreed that Normandy looks like a magical and peaceful place. We ended the week by walking around our school field and reminding ourselves of features that are natural or man-made! 


Fox Class are all looking forward to next week!

Week 2 - Friday 18th September


Hello everyone,


We have had a wonderful week and have enjoyed all of our learning!


In English, we have been learning about adverbs and fronted adverbials and have written lots of sentences preparing us for our diary writing next week! All of us have worked so hard and our handwriting is getting better and better each day!


In maths, we have now moved onto Year 4 place value, where we are working with 4 digit numbers. We have been counting in 1000s and solving problems using our strong brains!


In our topic lessons, we worked as a team to label the countries with their names! We thought we had lost Bulgaria and Luxembourg at one point, but luckily we found them a little further down on our map!


We have enjoyed learning how to correctly catch and pass a ball in our PE lessons!


Fox Class are looking forward to another great week on Monday!


Have a lovely weekend, 

Fox Class!

Week 1 - Friday 11th September


Hello everyone,


We have had a brilliant first week in Fox Class! We have enjoyed spending time with our friends, working together and playing with one another at break times.


We have started with place value for maths, where we have been answering a range of questions and really pushing our understanding with some problem solving! In English, we made predictions about our new book and then acted out some scenes from the story to gather some great vocabulary! 


In our topic lessons, we used Google Earth to help us explore the countries of Europe and then we worked together as a class to complete a jigsaw of Europe in our brand new floor book!

We really hope that you enjoy seeing what he have done!