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Deer Class - Y6

Class Teacher: Miss Kearn 

I am in class everyday apart from on a Thursday afternoon when I busy planning for lessons. During this time, Deer Class is taught by Mike, our PE coach and Mrs Elliott.


This year, I am leading PE and PSHE. I am passionate about sports and want to give you lots of opportunities to take part in a range of sporting events throughout the school year to help us keep our bodies and brains healthy. 

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Term 4- Traditional tales

Week 2: Monday 1st March - Friday 5th March 2021


This week we have continued to study the story of Hansel and Gretel.  We have rewritten the dark tale using a range of narrative features and created some wonderful pieces of work.  In maths we have looked at the volume of different cuboids and ways of solving problems involving volume.  Our art work was based on a dark picture from the story; we mixed colours and used a range of techniques to create the mood.  After hearing the story 'Silly Billy' we used twigs and materials to create our own worry dolls.  We really enjoyed making gingerbread from scratch and it tasted scrumptious!  

To end our lockdown time together we chose a treat in school.  Hawk bubble held a 'Hawk Bubble's Got Talent' show with heats and a grand final and Deer bubble chose to have extra sport time.

Week 1 - 22/02/21

This week we have been learning about Hansel and Gretel which is our text for World Book Day. We have been using a variety of targets to write some amazing stories about the children in the woods and at the witch's house. In forest school, we enjoyed making little cottages from the resources in our school grounds. Some of us had to use our perseverance skills because the wind blew down our houses so we had to rebuild it. In art, we used viewfinders to look really closely at a small part of an illustration from Hansel and Gretel. We then used colouring pencils to recreated these. 


Week 6 - 12/02/21


We have had a wonderfully busy last week of term 3.  We have researched, planned and created our own non-chronological reports based on Earth and Space where we have included as many interesting facts as possible.  In maths, we have been trying hard to convert between metric measurements and solve problems involving different units of measure.  We have learnt about star constellations and used spaghetti and mini star stickers to replicate them. As there is an abundance of fruit in school, we made our own fruit salads. We also made chinese lanterns to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Week 5 - 05/02/21


This week we have been busy learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 and we were able to apply these skills to converting units of measure. During English, we enjoyed our oracy lesson especially the um er game where we had to try and talk for a minute without saying um or er. We also practised using watercolour paints and created some fantastic galaxy pictures. Because this week was mental health week, we spent some time thinking about mental health and doing some activities to help with our mental heath. We particularly enjoyed having a go at some yoga. 

Week 4 - 29/01/21


Another amazing week of learning both at home and in school!  Well done everyone.  We have continued to learn lots about earth and space and found out about the famous astronaut Tim Peake.  We watched and interview and wrote down what we thought were the most interesting facts about him. 

As it has been the RSPB Bird Watch Week, we have spent time bird watching in our school grounds.  We made bird feeders using lard and bird seed so that our birds will have food during these cold winter months.  We also made bird maggots by adding flour to lard and seed and rolling the ingredients together. We placed all of our bird treats in the school grounds.  On Thursday, we took part in a live lesson about birds which aired on CBBC.  

In maths we have been continuing to learn about fractions, decimals and percentages.  We are now experts as converting between them!

Week 3 - 22/01/21


This week the children, both in school and at home, have been incredibly busy. We had  fun creating some fantastic solar systems made out of salt dough. As part of our reading and writing lessons, we have been focusing on chapter 9 of the book 'Phoenix' by S.F.Said. We have practised using subordinate clauses and direct speech to retell part of the story.  In maths, we have continued working on decimal numbers and have started to round them to the nearest tenth and whole number.  We have particularly enjoyed our problems solving Fridays where we got to play a game called strike it out. 

Week 1-2 - 05/01/21 - 15/01/21


The past two week years 5 and 6 have started to learn about Earth and Space and all of the children have loved it!  We are reading the book 'Phoenix' by S.F.Said who also wrote 'Varjak Paw'.

On Tuesday, he did a live question and answer session on Twitter so Mrs Hudson sent some tweets and he replied!  We were all so excited.  In English, we have been focusing on narrative and have used fronted adverbials to describe our own alien character.  In maths, we have been working on decimal numbers and have started to convert them into fractions.  We have particularly enjoyed our problems solving Fridays. 

Week 7 - 18/12/20


Merry Christmas! We have had such a busy week but unfortunately we were too busy to take lots of photos! We had lots of fun cooking chocolate brownies and of course had to eat them with hot chocolate and cream! We also finished off our Christmas tree decorations.

During the week, we wrote some brilliant stories using all of the targets we have learnt this term about Mr Scrooge and the ghosts that visited him. We even fitted in some time to learn about improper and mixed numbers in maths.  
On Friday, we had fun at our Christmas party were we played lots of games. We also enjoyed watching a pantomime and playing chess in the afternoon. 

Week 6 - 11/12/20


Wow how is it nearly the end of term already? We have been really busy looking at our new book 'A Christmas Carol' and have been using it to produce some brilliant writing using lots of descriptive techniques. 
In maths, we have been learning how to simplify fractions. We have had to use our knowledge of factors to ensure we found the simplest form. 
During our topic lessons, we learnt about all about how many of our traditions came from the Victorian era. We had fun playing some of their traditional Christmas games. We have also started making some wooden decorations for our Christmas tree. 

Week 5 - 04/12/20


This week we have been incredibly busy. We had a brilliant day on Tuesday creating our own WW2 dishes. Each group had researched and chosen the recipe they wanted to follow from carrot cake to soup. Most of us thought our dishes were delicious. 


In maths, we have worked hard on learning the rules of BODMAS where we had to think carefully about the order in which we solved the number sentence. We have also begun our fractions unit where we looked at equivalent fractions. 


In writing, we used the information we learnt about the holocaust to help us write some stories where we tried to think carefully about our language choices and what we wanted the reader to feel. 


On Friday, we impressed lots of different adults with our singing skills and some of us even auditioned to sing a solo. 

Week 4 - 23/11/20


This week we have been really busy with our assessments which we worked really hard on. We also managed to fit in lots of other learning as well though.


In forest school, we learnt about compasses and that they can help us to read maps. We then looked at a map of our local area and thought about what the different symbols represented. It was fun trying to locate our school and other places we know. 

In computing, we had a go at programming using software called Flowal. It was quite tricky but we were all able to create an algorithm to programme a lighthouse.


In science, we did an experiment where most of us chose to see what happens when we use more cells in our circuit. We found out that the more cells the brighter the bulb. However a few of us discovered that too many cells can also blow the bulb. 

In English, we wrote some non-chronological reports about the Bristol Blitz. We tried really hard to include embedded clauses in them. 

Week 3 - 20/11/20


In science this week, we started to look at creating circuits. We experimented and figured out how to make a complete circuit by ensuring that all the parts went in a loop. We also worked out that if a circuit has a motor and a bulb, a single cell is not enough to power it effectively.


In forest school, we got to use hammers to make natural art by hammering berries and leaves between two pieces of fabric. We also had fun creating our own mud monsters.


In maths, we have been learning all about factors, prime numbers and common multiples. We were able to create prime factor trees and solve some challenging problems involving these three skills.


We had our first lesson of oracy this week. We thought about why talk is such an important part of our learning and the different types of talk. We also focused on what good listening looks like.

Week 2 - 13/11/20


Wow! We have had an incredibly busy week this week. This week we have been creating lots of artwork. We painted our pebbles with poppies for remembrance day. During forest school, we then put all the painted poppies together to create a large poppy. We have also created some brilliant self-portraits for the PTA calendars. Have a look at the photos to see a few examples. 


On Tuesday afternoon, we had a go at making our own bread. We let it rise over night before we cooked it in our brand new school oven! Some of us thought it tasted amazing but others of us weren't so sure. 


In PE, we started to learn some rugby skills. We have to practise different tasks so we can then perform them during the tag rugby virtual competition. 


During the morning sessions, we have worked hard on our short division where lots of us confidently tackled 'Prove it' questions. We have also been writing a variety of different reports using direct and reported speech. 

Week 1 - 06/11/20


This week we have been learning about the Blitz. We used our research skills to find out information and we are going to create fact files to show what we have learnt.


In RE, we learnt about Sewa which means a selfless act. We found out about a charity which raises money to help others.


In netball we learnt a game where we had to try and shoot. The first team to each score five won. We also played Spiderman tag.


In English, we pretend to be reporters reporting on the Blitz. We thought about what the survivors might say and acted out different scenarios.


In forest school, Mrs Davidson showed us a tray with ten things on. We had to memorise them and try to find all of the objects in the school grounds. The closest group managed to find nine of them.

Week 7 - 23/10/20


Wow how is it half term all ready! We have had another busy and productive week this week. We have been working hard to produce our final art pieces linked to the Blitz. Have a look at the pictures to see how brilliant they look. 
In English, we finished writing our chapter about Willie in London using all of the skills we have learnt this term. So we can share them with others, we have begun to publish them. 

In maths, Miss Kearn challenged us to apply our skills in some Prove it questions that tookba long time to solve. She was really proud of our perseverence skills. 
During forest school, we identified some of the trees around our site by using the leaves to help us. We also made our own butternut squash curry. Some of us loved it so much that we kept asking for more. 
On our last day of term, lots of us dressed up and we got to write scary stories and complete a maths challenge. 

Week 6 - 16/10/20


This week we have had an art focus. We were really excited about using our new sketch books. We had a go at drawing a plane from World War 2. We tried really hard to show the different tones by using hatching and cross hatching. We experimented with two different mediums: pencil and charcoal. The following day we tried to replicate drawings using charcoal. Although some of us found this tricky, we used our Growth Mindset to help us persevere.

During forest school, we built our own air-raid shelters using natural resources. Before we started, we researched the different types of shelters people used and thought about how effective they would have been. We also practiced our peeling and chopping skills to make some stewed apple. Some of us thought it was delicious.

In English, we have been working really hard to improve our writing by using fronted adverbials. Have a look at the photos to see some examples of this. We have also been busy planning our own stories that will show what happened before Willie (from Goodnight Mr Tom) got up to before he was evacuated.

In maths, we have begun to look at multiplication and lots of us were able to tackle some tricky Use it and Prove it questions.

Week 5 - 09/10/20


During Forest School, we had a challenge to make planes using natural resources. Have a look at our pictures to show what we created. We also used our knife skills to cut up a variety of vegetables to make some soup. The majority of us thought it was amazing.


In writing, we have been using fronted adverbials at the beginning of our sentences to help show how the character is feeling and to build more suspense in our writing.


To help us raise money for the school we have been designing and making Christmas cards using card to make them We are really pleased with what we have created. 


We have also had chance to have a few guinea pig snuggles and thought about our mental wellbeing on World Mental Heath Day. 

Week 4 - 02/10/20


This week we have been really busy making our WW2 planes. First we made our wings out of cardboard and then we had to paper mache them. Afterwards, we added some wheels, a tail and other parts to make them look like our designs.

During ICT, we created some PowerPoints about the Battle of Britain. We learnt how to make pictures appear at different times and thought about how to make the transitions interesting.

In maths, we learnt about negative number and lots of us challenged ourselves by having a go at Prove it questions.

Miss Kearn was really impressed with our writing about an air-raid during WW2. We thought really carefully about our choices of adjectives when using expanded noun phrases. This helped the reader to imagine that they were there during the raid.

This week we had the opportunity to apply for a variety of roles within our school. We had to create campaign videos so that other members of our school would know who was best suited for each role. We all had a chance to vote and Mrs Harris announced the winners during assembly.

Week 3 - 20/09/20


This week Year 6 have been incredibly busy. We started the week with some role-play where we had to freeze frame scenes about Willie being evacuated. We had some great ides about what might have happened before he left home and when he arrived at the train station.

During ICT, we researched the Battle of Britain and learnt a lot of interesting facts. We also learnt about the different aircraft they used and we are going to have a go at making some models of them next week.

In PE this week we learnt how to jump over some hurdles and had races against one another. 

Week 2 - 18/09/20


This week we have been learning all about the key events of World War 2. We were each given an event and had to put ourselves in order. We also learnt more about why the war started and who was on each side. 

This week we focused on complex sentences. We learnt the difference between compound and complex sentences and had to apply our skills to a setting description. We also tried to include personification and similes in our writing. 

We also really hard in our assessment tests this week and Miss Kearn was impressed with our determination to have a go. 

In cricket, we practised our throwing and catching skills and had lots of different challenges to complete. 

Week 1 - 11/09/20


This week in maths we have been looking at place value of digits including comparing numbers up to 10,000,000! 

To kick off our WW2 topic, we had a look at some real artefacts. Have a look at the pictures to find out what they were. We also learnt a little bit about evacuees through reading the book Goodnight Mr Tom and wrote some brilliant character descriptions of Willie.

During the holidays, some of our class made their own artefacts which they have been sharing with us. Have a look at the photos to see how fantastic these are. 

We really enjoyed making our happy boxes this week. Inside them we have lots of things that make us feel happy. 

In PE, we played a really exciting game during our cricket lesson and learnt how to be a batter and fielder in cricket.