Cadbury Heath Primary

Year 5 (Hawk) Class

Welcome to Hawk Class  

Teacher:                        Mrs May
Teaching Assistant:   Miss T Russell                    

Year 5 will be learning about The Vikings this term.  If you would like to know what we are learning, please have a look at our Topic web.

Thanks to a parent in Year 5, we had a fantastic experience today.  Children had a look at the different Viking artefacts and some even had a chance to put the Viking helmet on.

Music homework for WEEK 2.  



We made some yummy honey, oat and spiced cakes on Thursday (2/5).  Did you know that this was the party food of the Saxons and Vikings?






 You can see more pictures in the Photo Galleries.

On the 7/5, we had an exciting educational trip to We the Curious.  We attended the 'Innoventions Workshop' there.  Thanks so much to all parents and staff who helped us on that day.



There are more pictures in the Photo Galleries.

We made some 3D shapes in Maths today (19/06).  We all had fun although it was not as easy as we thought. 


 More pictures can be found in the Photo Galleries.