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Learning how to use and apply mathematics is an important life skill and something we take very seriously at Cadbury Heath Primary School.  Central to mathematics are the calculation skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  A parent can help their child enormously by supporting the learning of these skills.  To help parents, the school Calculation Strategy is shown below which breaks down the skills according to year group.  

Please see a current draft Maths policy. 

As important to the skills of calculation is the learning that underpins these skills.  A child must be able to quickly calculate number bonds to support addition and subtraction sums.  Also a sound knowledge of times tables up to 12x is essential for children to be able to accurately complete multiplication and division sums.  Parents can help hugely by supporting learning in these areas at home.  

Big Maths

Big Maths is a new way of looking at the Primary Mathematics curriculum which we have introduced in Autumn 2016.  This has happened because whilst we have done well in SATs Maths testing, we recognise that not all children leave school fully numerate and Big Maths is a scheme that strengthens this area of our curriculum.  It is based on 5 simple principles that are just common sense.

1.  Children become numerate through following a natural sequence of progression: e.g. for a child to know double 70, they first need to know double 7.
2.  Children need to have basic skills in order to use basic skills.  Don't focus on applying basic skills until the basic skills themselves have been mastered.
3.  Children acquire the basic skills of Mathematics through a 'CLIC' chronology involving:
- counting,
- learn its (you just need to know it!),
- It's Nothing New (where children then swap 'the thing' to realise that the counting fact or 'learn it' can be applied to any object, unit or measure)
- Calculation which brings the 3 previous strategies together
4.  Children need a structured and basic skills session which takes place daily otherwise these basic skills get forgotten.
5.  A child should come through school on a basic skills journey.  The structured framework provided by CLIC enables all teachers to be following the same teaching of the basics.

More details and parent workshops will be held shortly.

Maths Workshop for Parents 

A big thank you to everybody who came to the Maths Parent Workshops . They were really well attended, something that highlights the excellent links that the Cadbury Heath Primary School community places in working together in partnership to help improve our children’s learning.  For those who were unable to come to the morning, all of the information, presentations and guidance can be found posted below.  Please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher if you would like any advice on how to support your child’s learning in Maths.
The main principle of the morning was to introduce parents and carers to strategies and resources to help support their children’s learning in Mathematics, whilst giving an overview of the New Mathematics Curriculum and end of Key Stage testing arrangements.
The use of games, websites and equipment such as playing cards, dominoes and maths puzzles were all highlighted as engaging ways to help children develop their mental arithmetic knowledge, reasoning and problem solving skills.
An overriding theme of the feedback that we have received was the continued development of the Maths Page on the School website to share strategies, activities, games and websites for parents to use at home.
The school’s Calculation Policy and Maths Glossary are excellent starting points to give an idea of how learning might look in a given year group and the vocabulary used.

Please click on the links below to download:
Glossary of Maths Vocabulary
Parent Presentation Power Point
Useful Websites and Apps
Ways to help at home Power Point