Cadbury Heath Primary


Welcome to Reception class.
Class teachers: Mrs Catharine Turner and Mrs.Sharon Lepak
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Maureen McDonough, Mrs. Lisa Wootten

We would like to share some of the activities the children experience in Reception.

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Summer 2

Write Dance

Write Dance helps develops the children's gross and fine motor skills and has a particular impact on their writing skills. The children learn to do dances and drawings on different themes. In the photographs below you will see the children doing the dance and drawing for the Volcano theme.

Disco Dough
The children use a ball of play-dough to do different motions to music, which strengthens their fingers. They have to squeeze the dough, ball it, smack and press each finger into it.

Development Matters document

 Physical Development

The children develop their physical skills through directed or free play, both indoors and outdoors.

We use the hall for PE covering a range of physical skills – large climbing apparatus, dance, parachute games and small equipment such as bats and balls.

Outside the children can use a range of wheeled vehicles – some of the vehicles, the chariots, are for two children which encourage paired learning. 

The children made bird feeders





 David visited the class with his Barn owl, Lockie