Cadbury Heath Primary

Values and Ethos


Our school Values and Ethos are enshrined in our motto:

Enjoy              Respect           Achieve

As a school we value each pupil and their unique contribution to the school. We agree that pupils learn best when they enjoy school and feel safe. We also believe that respect needs to underpin all our relationships within school and our relationship with the outside world.  Within this environment of enjoyment and respect, we can ensure that all pupils will achieve their potential and be fully prepared for the next stage of learning and life.

We Aim To:

Provide a world class education for our pupils in a changing future.

Create a safe and inspiring school which is attractive to pupils and parents alike.

We Will:

  • Develop in our pupils the essential qualities included in our ‘Three ‘R’s’. These are:




  • Develop positive relationships and attitudes, towards and with parents and members of the local community
  • Have ambitious standards for all pupils
  • Overcome disadvantage and inequality
  • Ensure the school is accountable for pupil outcomes
  • Ensure that both teaching and professional conduct are excellent
  • Put the safety, education and wellbeing of our pupils at the heart of all that we do
  • Offer rich curriculum opportunity for all our pupils both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Be outward facing and have strong partnerships with other schools and organisations
  • Build and sustain strong governance
  • Maintain financial security, ensuring that spending and resource deployment is always in the best interest of our pupils